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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Precalculus: Relations and Functions by Johns Hopkins University

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This course helps to build the foundational material to use mathematics as a tool to model, understand, and interpret the world around us. This is done through studying functions, their properties, and applications to data analysis. Concepts of precalculus provide the set of tools for the beginning student to begin their scientific career, preparing them for future science and calculus courses. This course is designed for all students, not just those interested in further mathematics courses. Students interested in the natural sciences, computer sciences, psychology, sociology, or similar will genuinely benefit from this introductory course, applying the skills learned to their discipline to analyze and interpret their subject material. Students will be presented with not only new ideas, but also new applications of an old subject. Real-life data, exercise sets, and regular assessments help to motivate and reinforce the content in this course, leading to learning and mastery....

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Nov 23, 2020

The course content is great, but despite dozens of moderators, they never answer any questions in the discussion, so you better be able to pass completely on your own.


Mar 23, 2021





t course!The explanations are really very clear and the exercises very useful! Loved the lecturer's style of teaching

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By Farruh H

Apr 29, 2021

Good, very useful materials for precalculus.

By Juan A F S

Jan 31, 2022

Excellent set of problems, well explained

By Jason P

Apr 18, 2021

Overall, pretty good and helpfull.

By Brenda M

Jan 14, 2021

very challenging-loved it

By Mohamed H A A Q

Jul 1, 2021

Nice and easy.

By Maha J

Jun 28, 2021

great course


Aug 27, 2021

Very good.


Aug 20, 2021

muy util

By Richard C

Dec 27, 2022

The course is good. It is a continuation of the algebra courses that were awesome. The lectures are clearer than any math teacher I ever had in school. A few of the exercises are a bit frustrating in this course, though. In the algebra courses, we were given feedback on incorrect answers. In this course, all of that feedback is missing. When you get an answer wrong on a quiz, you don't see a solution worked out to help you figure out why you got it wrong. A lot of the questions involve entering the answer as a rounded decimal. When I get those wrong on occasion, I would love to know if I got the answer incorrect because I screwed up the math or because of an issue with a silly rounding mistake.

If there were adequate feedback, I'd give this course 5 stars without hesitation.

By Russell L M

May 6, 2022

I thought it was a good course. It could be quite challenging at times, though, and I would recommend anyone taking it have either a solid grounding in Algebra or have taken the perequisite Algebra course from the same professor.

By Aahaan C

Jun 19, 2021

Great course explained everything concisely. However the sample problems and test of week 1 had certain sums which were not covered in the video

By Lesaffre A

Jul 16, 2021

Great course if you have forgtten the basic functions such as log starts here !!!s


Mar 5, 2023

The first part of this specialization series was great. But I felt a drop in this second part, so much so, I was forced to look by other means to complete the course. Some content is not satisfactoriley explained to pass the first quiz.

By Robert P

Sep 12, 2022

The professor's style is cordial, but I often had to turn to YouTube for extra clarity.

By Ju M

Sep 4, 2021

No feedback on assignments is given

By Alistair L

Mar 5, 2023

Feels much more rushed when compared to the algebra beginner-advanced course. Some of the videos are direct copy/paste from that course and the tests barely have any feedback.

By Grant B

Nov 29, 2020

In the first lesson you hardly cover any of the material on the test any any meaningful and practical ways. I was able to glean more from 10 minutes on youtube than that whole section

By Deleted A

Mar 24, 2021

I want to unenroll from this course but you stupid platform doesn't give me the option!