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This course will introduce the learner to the basics of the python programming environment, including fundamental python programming techniques such as lambdas, reading and manipulating csv files, and the numpy library. The course will introduce data manipulation and cleaning techniques using the popular python pandas data science library and introduce the abstraction of the Series and DataFrame as the central data structures for data analysis, along with tutorials on how to use functions such as groupby, merge, and pivot tables effectively. By the end of this course, students will be able to take tabular data, clean it, manipulate it, and run basic inferential statistical analyses. This course should be taken before any of the other Applied Data Science with Python courses: Applied Plotting, Charting & Data Representation in Python, Applied Machine Learning in Python, Applied Text Mining in Python, Applied Social Network Analysis in Python....

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Sep 28, 2021

This is the practical course.There is some concepts and assignments like: pandas, data-frame, merge and time. The asg 3 and asg4 are difficult but I think that it's very useful and improve my ability.


May 9, 2020

The course had helped in understanding the concepts of NumPy and pandas. The assignments were so helpful to apply these concepts which provide an in-depth understanding of the Numpy as well as pandans

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By Donal O

Sep 30, 2020

Worthwhile course. Tougher than I expected and a good start for my Python learning. This course focuses on assignments which challenge your understanding with real world data.

Would definitely recommend to someone who is beginning their education in Python and Data Science, but has a general understanding of both before they begin.

By Yann O

Dec 27, 2016

Thank you very much for this course. I really enjoyed the level of the course. In particular the fact that a decent amount of research was needed to work on the assignment.

A few issues with the programming assignment. Especially at the beginning. I am assuming this is because this is the first version that uses jupyter notebooks.

By Ardiansyah

Aug 16, 2020

The course is very useful and really brought me into the practical use of pandas. While following this course, I do my office work and research work using pandas, and it helped a lot. Knowing that I could use some pandas' feature (informed in the course) and extend the feature's knowledge by reading online forum is really excited

By Tomás U

Mar 7, 2022

Great content selection for an introduction to data science for people with some technical background, and most of it very well-taught. My only complaint is that the last two assignments take much longer than 3h to get 100% completion, which made it hard to combine the course with my university studies during the last two weeks.

By Pierre C

Nov 26, 2016

I learned A LOT during this course. I was even able to apply some of this knowledge at work after week 2 (and I do not have a technical job - I do this on my own time).

It did feel a little complicated at some times. Some more detailed explanations in the assignments could help. We don't always know what the autograder expects...

By Michał S

Apr 10, 2020

I strongly recommend this course to people with zero knowledge of Data Science, but also to people with some experience that want to switch from R to Python or to freshen up their knowledge. Also I really liked the assessments, they were challenging enough to really learn something. I think they are the courses main strength.

By Lokshyn O

Nov 21, 2018

Great hands-on course on Python pandas. The assignments are from intermediate to hard and instructions are not rather clear, but everything could be solved using pandas documentation and discussions forum.

The biggest advantage of the course is that it makes one think, dig documentation and practice pandas real-world examples.

By Guanghua S

Jan 23, 2017

This is a very well organized course with a great introduction to data science. In a short time of 4 weeks, it covers Python basics, Padans library, and some very basic introduction to statistics in data science. The assignments are well desgined, and the mentors are very helpful in the forums. I highly recommend this course.


Oct 9, 2019

Excellent course with learns you the basics of python for data science. Prof. Brooks has a very clear way of explaining things. Some experience with programming in for example R or Matlab comes in handy, especially for the assignments, so I would opt for a more introductory course to Python if you don't have that experience.

By Sandra D

Jan 10, 2019

Many of the questions in the Assignments were written in a confusing manner thus requiring a LOT of time to figure out what the request was. However, the WHOLE course and the learning was absolutely outstanding. Thank you for putting this course together and the Forum information that helped to figure out the Assignments.

By Tanuj S

Sep 1, 2020

This is an excellent starting point for people broadly familiar with data analysis and programming but unfamiliar with pandas/python. The only minor complaint I would have is that sometimes the questions for assignments are a little vague. Overall, for me, this course was perfectly paced and the lectures are staggered well.


Jul 5, 2020

Excelente curso para reforzar los conocimientos en Python y poder analizar distintas bases de datos. He descubierto nuevos enfoques para el tratamiento de la data , y sobre todo, contar con distintas formas de escribir el código para ser más eficiente. El profesor que nos acompañó durante el curso es muy claro y didáctico.

By Elif

Apr 7, 2020

This course is an overwiew of the data science tools in Python 3, very good place to start for beginners. I did not have any prior python lang experience before i started this course, but now i feel much comfortable importing, manipulating data and draw conclusions about it. Thanks for making it happen TA's and Mr. Brooks!

By Bruno Y

Feb 5, 2019

Very comprehensive introduction to Pandas. However, assignments could have been more clear and there are certain questions on the coding assignments that are problematic. For example, one question on Assignment 3 is (according to the discussion forums) subject to a bug that causes the autograder to incorrectly dock points.

By Hatim

Mar 4, 2019

Wonderful, wonderful course!

I had been very familiar SQL before I started the course. But now I can do everything I used to do in SQL (data cleansing, data manipulation, aggregation, ranking etc.), and a lot more, with Python.

I now feel very comfortable with Python and looking forward to do more with this knowledge.

By Alan J

Jan 27, 2018

What a fantastic course to get you into data science. Real world examples, relevant discussion articles on ethics and privacy. Just make sure you know some Python, or are an experienced programmer as there is a lot of "applied" work to make you really learn things, and you need a good structured problem-solving mindset.

By Abdul B M

Apr 8, 2017

I got the opportunity of learning Python Basics through Dr Chunk's Python for Every Body, Now through this course I got the hands on experience of working with Data in Python using NumPy and Pandas, ya Its awsome journey overall. Thanks Coursera and University of Michigan for bringing us such a great Learning opportunity.

By Zhang T

Nov 26, 2016

Really handy and useful materials. However, if we can share our codes online after receiving the certificate will be really helpful. Cause although I finished the course, I still find some of my code is repetitive and not pandorable, and I would like to learn from other talents. Thanks Coursera and University of Michigan.

By Lucas C

Dec 25, 2016

The project that is the end assignment is a very interesting exercise with real life application of information that is readly available to the public for real-world decisions.

Aside from that, it is a great course that scratchs the surface of what Pandas can do and open wide open all the possibilities it can give you :D

By Vincenzo P B V

May 31, 2019

Un curso con un gran enfoque para comprender las bases de la data science y empezar a desarrollar la forma de pensar de un científico de los datos, aportando no sólo las herramientas técnicas necesarias sino también éticas y morales para ser profesionales integrales en nombre de las ciencias, la conciencia y la virtud.

By Anupam D

Sep 2, 2020

During the course duration, many times I felt that there are lot of ambiguities in the assignments and they really tested my nerves and patience. Often due to version change, I got errors in my assignment but like everyone says "All's well that end's well". Happy to receive the certificate from University of Michigan.

By Md S H C

Aug 26, 2020

I loved this course module and resources. More specifically Christopher Brooks's references helped me a lot to strengthen my Python panda knowledge and statistics knowledge. To me, assignment 3 and 4 was challenging but while I started to solved it I learned something extra form python documentation and StackOverflow.

By Sameer G

Mar 23, 2019

excellent course! learned a great deal of things. before-hand knowledge and basic python and basic stats helped. Perfect course for a beginner wanting to learn data science. The assignments were slightly more difficult than what i expected but the discussion forums helped a lot when i was stuck. Highly recommend it.

By Kalle H

Jul 10, 2018

Excellent course! Some experience of using Python is required beforehand and the recommended course at UM on coursera is an excellent start. This course give you a short but effective introduction to to overall structure of Python, how to use the pandas library and associated data types as well as some use of numpy.

By Illia K

Nov 24, 2017

It was my first python experience ever, so it was hard. But the course materials are very well described and detailed, so if you are motivated enough - you definitely can do it and enjoy it. Also all knowleges are applicable to real life since the very first week, so this course is really helpfull. Highly recommend!