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Kickstart your learning of Python with this beginner-friendly self-paced course taught by an expert. Python is one of the most popular languages in the programming and data science world and demand for individuals who have the ability to apply Python has never been higher. This introduction to Python course will take you from zero to programming in Python in a matter of hours—no prior programming experience necessary! You will learn about Python basics and the different data types. You will familiarize yourself with Python Data structures like List and Tuples, as well as logic concepts like conditions and branching. You will use Python libraries such as Pandas, Numpy & Beautiful Soup. You’ll also use Python to perform tasks such as data collection and web scraping with APIs. You will practice and apply what you learn through hands-on labs using Jupyter Notebooks. By the end of this course, you’ll feel comfortable creating basic programs, working with data, and automating real-world tasks using Python. This course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn Data Science, Data Analytics, Software Development, Data Engineering, AI, and DevOps as well as a number of other job roles....

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Nov 17, 2019

it becomes easier wand clearer when one gets to complete the assignments as to how to utilize what has been learned. Practical work is a great way to learn, which was a fundamental part of the course.


May 16, 2020

The syllabus of the course takes you in a roller-coaster ride.

From basic level to advance level and you won't feel any trouble nor hesitate a bit.

It's easy, it's vast, and it's really usefull.

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By Vimal O

Nov 9, 2021

On overall IBM data science professional certificate track: Pros: Content is just good enough, instructors are good. Cons: IBM watson and the platform given to practise on is awful and has terrible performance and reliability issues, most often doesnt work and had an impact on my test deliverables. I personally overcame those issues to some extent with kaggle's and google colab jupyter notebook environments.

By Maria P

May 9, 2019

Weeks one to four are good. Week 5 is full of mistakes. You lose a lot of time for correcting stuff instead of actually learning them. The assignment takes double time just because of the corrections in the given instructions. The data that you have to load in order to complete the assignment are in the wrong address! More examples and coding should be included in week 5.

By Pankaj K S

Sep 2, 2022

According to me the way of explaining can be much simpler. Examples taken in this course are pretty much difficult to understand. And in the Week 5, everything is going to bounce overhead for non programmers.

This is a good program for those who know programming. In week 5 she doesn't explain from where such complex syntax are comming while explain API's and webscraping.

By Saubhagya S

Nov 10, 2021

It was said that the course will cover python from the basics. Yes basics were covered but they just flew through the basics without giving much in depth knowledge about it. Did not understand the basics much. python is an important language for data science and before we go on to the hard part we must clear the basics to build a strong base.

By Rebecca L

Nov 6, 2021

The course has so much content that is not well-organized, especially for newbies. I hope the lecturer can prepare better for the coding part and get more useful practice for us. Also, please just upload the jupyter file for us to download. That is a much more comfortable way to learn on our own devices.

By Carl-Michael E

Mar 4, 2021

This course wasn't bad exactly. The videos are very good, but the tutorials are a waste of time. One doesn't practice any of the skills learnt so it isn't reinforced.

It would be FAR more effective to have it as a semi-interactive course, where you learn something, then apply it immediately.

By Sivachandra V

Mar 9, 2019

The assignment is so bad that I had to waste at least 1 hour of time just to figure out why the picture was not changing despite me saving it correctly. I restarted the machine after an hour of research and then it got resolved. THe notebook also behaves weird.

By Kirran R M R

May 25, 2021

Course is not very well structured.

Using IBM cloud and Watson is a waste does not pertain to this course

You learn very little and its half baked.

Last week seems so rushed feels like a cut and paste. Missing a lot of details

Would not recommend this course

By Waldo H

Sep 2, 2022

Complex course for a beginner. Before starting the course it is an OBLIGATION to study from other sources. Also, some questions and labs have bugs in the code. In my case I understood everything but I already had knowledge of Java and HTML. Rating 5/10.

By Olivia V

Dec 3, 2020

Content is very uneven. Courses range from way too shallow to way too complicated, mistakes in the labs, quizzes questions about subjects that are part of the next chapter... A bit surprising coming from IBM.

By Brett O

Feb 18, 2021

Feel like this is beyond an intro course. A little disappointed, but some material was very helpful in learning about Python, but still thought it was at least a mid-level course.

By Juan F

Apr 3, 2021

The first part of the course is useful and well explained, the last one does not explain enough the contents and, although you will easily pass it, you will not learn much.

By Matt D

Dec 6, 2020

The tutorial videos don't go as much into detail, I think you should watch/read some additional tutorials and materials to deepen your understanding

By Nathan D C

Dec 2, 2020

While I enjoyed the labs, the videos do not explain the concepts well. They assume you know certain aspects of python, such as syntax and structure.

By Craig S M

Dec 21, 2021

This course is a useful tool to start with the basics of python. It goes off the rails for the last week though.

By Devansh M

Jan 9, 2022

Very Limited topics covered and difficult for new learners to understand concepts. Course lacked examples.

By Mateus F

Mar 14, 2019

Really basic course.

In my opinion it should have more programming assignments and they should be harder.

By Karel H

Apr 11, 2019

The final exam had nothing to do with the course at all. Very poorly thought out.

By Divya m

Feb 17, 2019

very basic .could be little advanced

By Nicole C

Dec 3, 2020

In general, the material is well presented in this course. If you already know Python programming, probably most notions and examples will seem trivial. The labs are really important to gain a deep understanding of the course material. But you won't get to actually write your own code with a very few exceptions (e.g. the urn problem). The multiple choice graded questions most of the time aren't multiple, aren't randomized (thing peculiar for instructors to omit, in an allegedly data science course), are trivial and don't get deep on the programming aspect. The instructors are almost absent with minimal presence in the forums & discussions. Last week's graded assignment is about compiling an already existing code in the jupyter notebook and you will waste a considerable amount of time trying to submit your work via IBM's cloud rather than actually working on the code itself or on understanding the underlying notions and concepts. In summary, this course certainly has a potential and can be improved on various levels (instructors availability, problem solving, etc.), but if you already know programming I believe this course will be of little to no use for you, except if you want to spend some time and money during lockdowns. If you do not, you will probably get a grasp of the basics of Python programming but, in any case, do not expect to improve your problem solving skills. Nevertheless, if you combine this course with a personal involvement in solving programming problems via Python it will could be beneficial, however I am not sure if it's worth the money.

By Matteo D M

Dec 11, 2021

The course is not well structured for its intent. They condensed so many arguments that at the end I have the impression not being able to do at least half of the arguments I studied. The big problem is the gap between the code showed in videos and the one proposed inside LAB. Starting from week 2 we are going to face so complex code that you waist a lot of tyme trying at least to understand it. Being a paying subscriber I expected much more. Just for curiosity I found out on internet the DataCamp site and I ended to subscribe also their courses. I want IBM certification, but I'll use DataCamp Courses to better understand the arguments faced on Coursera. My suggestion for Coursera and for the ones created this course is to review entirely its structure and provide better examples and use of code inside lab notebooks. Anybody is able to click the "run" button to see the output the code, writing code is a different thing and it requires going throug steps and not jups frome too easy to impossible.

By Thierry C

Mar 3, 2021

Let's be honest, no one without any experience of programming is going to be an expert by the end of this course. I have learned a lot, yes, but I am far to be a Python programmer even less specialized in Data Science at the end of this. The lessons are very basics with a consistent frustrating exercise at the end of each and every lesson: for some reason, the author assumes that you already know how to program with Python, so the exercise is about something which never ever was even mentioned during the lesson. Some lab exercises are largely outdated as mentioned in one of them: "This lab describes the current version of Language Translator, 2018-05-01" in March 2021... Now, the final assignment was actually the most interesting part of the whole course as data science was actually involved with interesting data even though there was still that frustrating question about something never spoken during the course: finding a value greater than the other in a column.

By Dunya A

Jul 16, 2022

Some of the code doesn't work, is wrong and outdated! so spent too long trying to unpick why e.g. !wget

The labs are not good for practicing its often a repeat of the material in the video - you need to build some exercises into this to help students write the code than be spoonfed in places.

Some of the code e.g. where you're importing a library. doesnt have a comment - this is bad practice, so without googling it no idea what it's doing.

The quizz embedding in the video is just annoying especially that they are the same questions at the end.

Can no longer sign up for free to IBM cloud account and the instuctions from 2020 when this was possible. you now need a credit card to do this where you get a limited time on the trial. UPDATE YOUR COURSE!! Do not use this as an oppertunity to sell me IBM products i already pay for this course - have discounts or something for paying students!

Waste of time and energy!

By Anthony V

Dec 28, 2018

In my opinion, this course goes all over the place. The video lessons are thrown at you too fast, it's hard to grasp anything really, It's not well structured at all..

I was fortunate enough to have some basic Python knowledge before this, so I could get a thing or two.

The final assignment should be greatly rethought, even scrapped for something that actually lets people put their lessons to good use. The last two weeks are spent on methods and some basic data analysis functions, which is good and all of a sudden we are tasked with making faks album covers...

A good improvement would be to create an assignment which lets people practice a lot of things shown in the course, not copy pasting some code and rewriting a function...

By Deanna B

Apr 21, 2021

Disappointed. I started off enjoying this course and was taking the time to fully understand all the concepts of Python. By the second week, JupyterLab was not working and for 3 days I was trying to connect to it, to do my labs. Although I was continuing on the course work, not being able to do the labs was keeping me behind. Others in the discussion forum were concerned about the same issue but I do feel at this stage that someone should be able to notify the group of these issues instead of people wasting time trying to log onto something that has a technical problem. I eventually unsubscribed from my certification as this was not an efficient way for me to study, and was using up too much wasted time!