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This course aims to teach everyone the basics of programming computers using Python. We cover the basics of how one constructs a program from a series of simple instructions in Python. The course has no pre-requisites and avoids all but the simplest mathematics. Anyone with moderate computer experience should be able to master the materials in this course. This course will cover Chapters 1-5 of the textbook “Python for Everybody”. Once a student completes this course, they will be ready to take more advanced programming courses. This course covers Python 3....
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Aug 22, 2020

It was an awesome course , the instructor was very good at explaining it in a (hogward) like way .It was fun, i feel like anyone who doesn't have prior knowledge on programming can learn it with ease.

Sep 10, 2020

I really liked the course. I just wish it was more practice heavy and the lectures were broken up more and there were quizzes during the lectures to keep you engaged more and make it more interactive.

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By Jan H H

Jul 26, 2019

Good systematic course for beginners - although for real beginners some parts may be quite a bit too geeky, the promise that even if you don't know much about computers you will still be able to follow the course doesn't convince me. If you had some experience with programming, go at your own speed with the course materials and you will be able to finish within a couple of hours - I finished the whole seven weeks in two days, not working on it full time and watching all the videos, which is not really necessary. Some of the examples don't seem to make much practical sense, which would be good for motivation, but they serve their purpose to understand syntax and structure. Some have errors, which is surprising given the huge audience that can help to correct them. There are extra materials about hard- and software developers that are not really connected.

By Leonard W

Aug 18, 2020

If I were to compare the quality of this class to something I would say that this class is like a Chess class that spends 30 minutes explaining how pawns work and then asks you to move Knight to C3. "Wait, what piece is the Knight? How does the Knight move again? What's C3? Help!" That's basically what you will get out of this course.

This class is not a good choice for someone starting from the ground up. It's no so much that it doesn't cover entry-level concepts, rather it fails to elaborate on these concepts. The feedback from the quizzes doesn't point you in the direction where you can learn from your mistakes.

Likewise the assignments are often two steps ahead of the video, meaning that when error messages pop up in the auto-grader there is no way to figure out where you can learn what you did wrong. the videos will cover steps a, b, and c but the assignments expect you to know steps d, e, and f. This leaves students to discuss the answers in the forums or on other sites which I understand is frowned upon. However for "green as grass" students this is the only way to get anything done. And when students try to explain how the code actually works to each other their threads get locked down, only cryptic and vague responses to issues will remain. That is abysmal.

When I seem to get more help from other students in the comments than from the moderators in the forum, that is an issue. And lets talk about the moderator, there is only one. One for how many students? One for how many questions? Even if there was just 5 more people answering in the forums it would greatly improve the quality of this class. And those moderators should do more than just refer students back to the book which often provides insufficient information to tackle a problem.

This class needs to be reviewed extensively. I wouldn't recommend this course to anyone fresh that wants to try to learn code.

By Kanei P

Jan 13, 2019

Most vague info, assignments don't even have anything to do with the videos, and the videos are not helpful because they don't give any examples. Terrible, and extremely hard. I do not recommend this course to beginners, or to anyone for that fact.

By Lorenz W

Oct 8, 2015

I am very disappointed with this programming course. The course lacks detail and deepth and could be taught in 45 to 60 minutes instead of 7 weeks. The quizzes and assignments were to easy and basic (solved in less than 5 minutes) and definitely not enough. Annoying was the overuse of colours in almost every video (almost everything was coloured - highlighting everything is just as usefull as highlighting nothing, green box with white text inside - did you try to read that on a different monitor than yours?), the pointless and useless doodles, smilies and whatsoever, wasting my time by watching you dispose your teabag/drinking tea or coffee/talking about your mug/etc., why do you even need to drink in a 20 minute-or-less video. The Tutor tried to loosen a dry topic. Mostly it wasn't my humor but I can live with that. I had hoped for more :(


Aug 23, 2020

Great introduction to Python and programming as a whole. Everything is broken down making it easy to understand. Had zero programming experience before and this class made it easy and fun to get into.

By Hrishikesh U B

Aug 22, 2020

I love Coursera , it's so helpful for me . I hope that other lessons and courses are also cool like this and the Dr. Chuck ia the coolest ever teacher i have ever seen so thank you very much Coursera.

By Luca

Mar 7, 2018

The course states it is meant to be for everybody but the frequent mention of error messages and how they are not meant to judge the student makes me thing it is meant for teenagers or a generally young audience.

Some concepts are introduced very quickly and without the proper background. The exercises are mostly on the easy side and they do not build on each other (example: functions are introduced in a class but not used in the following exercises). This ends giving the impression that the course is not well structured and does not try to make the student find synergies between concepts.

While this can work somehow for most of the course, the last week sees the introduction of some very advanced concepts (None and IS) which are just barely touched, leaving the student to have to search for information outside of the course. This is made worse by the overtly restrictive requirements of the assignments that use the autograder. The autograder does not let you explore potential pitfalls in your code, which are much better clarified by using the debugger (not introduced) or the python online visualizer (not introduced). I strongly advise to introduce one of these two tools in the course.


Jul 15, 2020

i feel this isn't a course for beginners it should be for intermediates as i found the exercises very hard and moreover the instructor teaches basic stuff and the graded assignments are tough before some assignments he doesn't even discusses those type of problems. All i'm saying is anybody taking this course as a beginner without any prior knowledge in programming ,he/she would be discouraged.

By Stephen Z

Dec 20, 2015

This course has been dumbed down so much that no moderately intelligent person should be subjected to it. Coursera really needs to rethink its approach to teaching. I can only express my sympathy for those were seduced into actually paying for this course.

By Tofayel K

Nov 22, 2020

This course is very useful and the way Dr. Charles Severance teaches is outstanding. It's gonna be a perfect course for those who are looking for a programming course specially designed for beginners.

By Jeff W

Sep 7, 2017

Coming at this with no experience in coding at all, this course was extremely difficult. I think the most difficult part of this class was following the videos. The reason is because real world uses weren't given very often. I struggled with motivation nearing the end of this course because the examples in the videos focused on the "what" the code does and not so much the "why." Because of this, the usefulness of some of the discussed functionalities in python are still unknown to me. To remedy that, I would recommend the exercises in the videos reflect what will be done in the assignments, at least to some degree. I couldn't help but get hung up on what "zork" had to do with anything (among a few other examples), or why I would ever need to find the largest letter in a phrase like "hello world." In fact, I think my biggest struggle going through this course was fighting thoughts like, "what am I going to use this for?" I would like to see more content related to solving real world problems, even if it's just in the bonus content.

Overall, while it was very difficult, I really do recommend this course to others, and in fact I already have recommend it to two of my friends. The instructor seems like a really awesome guy, he's easy to listen to, and overall he's the kind of teacher than any student would love to have.

By Maaike G

Jan 28, 2017

Although the course pace was very well suited for a total beginner, I found the didactics of this course not so well-structured. The examples and starter codes caused quite some confusion, and the underlying coding principles were not made very explicit. I've finished an introductory Python course from the University of Toronto, and found that course much better structured. It gave me a level of understanding that I would probably not have reached by following the UMich course alone.

By Tony F

Mar 22, 2019

This class served as not only my introduction to Python, but to programming in general. For whatever reason, programming can seem like a daunting task to people, including me. However, Professor Severance had a casual, yet confident attitude that made each week feel like an approachable game that happens to be very useful. I didn't expect to have a great time watching the lectures, but I did. Obviously, I'm not very advanced yet with programming, but it seemed to me Professor Severance was great at anticipating faulty habits or inclinations and nipping those in the bud for us beginners. He has well-constructed examples to explain his points without making them overly complex. In short, I think the title of the course is apt; it does a good job at making Python understood by everybody who is interested to learn. Thanks for the solid foundation!

By Mary A

Sep 30, 2020

Very beautifully taught. I gained basic python programming knowledge quite easily. The lecturer is fun and encourages students to want to learn more. In general, it was an awesome learning experience.

By Abid S

Sep 29, 2020

Very good introduction to basic programming. Very easy for beginners in python who have already some programming background - but still extremely useful to quickly and efficiently learn python basics.

By Nimit R

Aug 19, 2018

Very well explained the concepts of programming in the context of Python and that too with good fun. Love you Chuck

By Annachiara K

Aug 15, 2017

If you have taken a C++ course in your life, it will take a 4-5 hors to finish this class. More exercises would compensate the low path of the course.

By Serova R

Mar 9, 2021

Очень маленький курс для своей цены, задания практически полностью копируют то, что было сказано в видео и делаются очень быстро, курс проходится за один вечер, хотелось бы более интересных задач и больше задач

By Samin Y H

Apr 19, 2020

I just loved the instructor!!!

I loved the way he teaches, he taught some deep topics very easily. It was very simplified and examples were so relatable and the way he made me understand the codes, I just started to fall in love with programming !

After this course, I am not only clear with the algorithms and control flow but also I have learned many techniques to easily code.

I have got a free book, with this course, which is the easiest programming book I have ever read!!!

I tried to code by my self after learning a topic, I gave myself some problems and solved by myself which gave me confidence.

In this course I have learned about basic programming, overview of python, hardware and software relations,hardwere overview,variables,conditionals,function,user defined function,loop and control statement and so on.

By Sartaj J C

Apr 2, 2020

Well Python, though was the first programming language that I ever picked up to learn when I was in my high school, I didn't continue coding in python(regretfully) after finishing cover to cover two books 1) Head First Python by O'Reilly Publications ; 2) How to think like a computer scientist: using python. After a long break I started learning Java when I started studying Computer Science at university and after coding in Java for almost two years and learning a lot of data structures and algorithms and implementing them using Java, I totally forgot how to write Python codes so this was a very good quick, informative and adequate revision. I feel like a Pythonista already. Going to continue the second part of this course too. Thank you !!

By Lisa S

Mar 6, 2020

Excellent starting point course. Very easy to follow and understand. Terrific instructor who explains things well, is never dull and is easy to listen to. The "office hours" videos seemed a little unnecessary. I'm not sure what the point of those was. I found this course quite easy, probably because I have a B. Sc. in Computer Science, although that was a while ago. I really liked learning how to install and use Atom (Atom Nightly for Mac was the one that worked... search for Apple support note about that -- regular Atom will not download), Python and Terminal, none of which I was familiar with before. Great job! I will take more courses in this specialization for sure !

By Michelle B

Oct 19, 2020

Dr. Charles was a really great professor! He is sooo good at teaching. Truly remarkable! I'm an aspiring programmer and have a very little knowledge in programming, but I learned a lot from this course. His material are easy to understand and he knows the topic in depth. He presents it in a clear, plain language that's technical.

In terms of accessibility: The lectures have subtitles and interactive transcripts in the feature. The audio is clear and doesn't have any noise background. Great job!

I totally recommended this course to those who want to learn python with no programming experience and technical background. Very thoroughly discussed at your own pace.

By Sohel S

Apr 8, 2020

This course is really simple and does what it says. It gets you started with Python and basic programming. If you are not introduced to Python at all and would like to learn, this should be your go-to option. The instructor is really knowledgeable and really fun at the same time. I would like to advise on completing the next course "Python: Data Structures" as well to get acquainted with lists, dictionaries, tuples, etc. and programs utilizing these concepts. This would really round up the introductory concepts in Python.

By Wilson W

Apr 6, 2020

This course is hands down my favourite programming course (And I've taken a lot of programming courses).

Dr. Chuck (the instructor) teaches so well. He makes the class fun and even tells stories during lessons. He also tries to be as friendly as possible. That makes the learning experience so much better.

The concepts are clear and they're explained properly too. And the assignments in the middle make sure that you really pay attention to the course.

If you are looking for a course to start learning Python, this is the one.

By Derek R

Mar 26, 2020

This course is fantastic! I always looked at coding as some dark magic that I would never understand. Now, after this course, I want to continue mastering this skill set and understand how else I can use to to manipulate, interpret, and display data. The instructor is wonderful, and I am now actively looking for his other courses to take next. My only suggestion is for some of the exercises to be displayed via Windows and not just Mac, but that's an extremely minor issue. I highly recommend this instructor. Great course.