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This course aims to teach everyone the basics of programming computers using Python. We cover the basics of how one constructs a program from a series of simple instructions in Python. The course has no pre-requisites and avoids all but the simplest mathematics. Anyone with moderate computer experience should be able to master the materials in this course. This course will cover Chapters 1-5 of the textbook “Python for Everybody”. Once a student completes this course, they will be ready to take more advanced programming courses. This course covers Python 3....
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Oct 20, 2017

Dr. Chuck has a special ability to teach programming to people who doesn't necessarily have programming background. This is rare among programming teachers, and shows that he is an excellent educator.


Jan 26, 2016

A really simple and what is the most important a clear course.\n\nReally hope that next sessions are created in the same manner.\n\nWill highly recommend to anyone who decides to start studying Python

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By Waqas U R

May 21, 2018

Before this course I always thought of programming as a frightening monster. But enrolling in this course was on of the best things to happen as the instructor taught and carried out this course in a very elegant way. The course was well paced and I never felt throughout this course that It couldn't be completed successfully as it happened before in other programming courses at my institute. Thank you Charles and thank you coursera

By Sherry A

Sep 14, 2017

Great course. For me it was a refresher of the basic programming skills that I learned in undergrad but have rarely put to use. I needed to know very basic things like what editor to use, how to run python files, and the syntax / structure of loops, etc. I got all that and more! I appreciate the instructors enthusiasm, and I think this course could be a good introduction to programming for students who have never programmed before.

By Gregorio A A P

Jul 09, 2017

Excelente, un gran curso con un enfoque de calidad al 100%, solo que es lamentable no poder disfrutar el curso al 100% en el idioma español ya que no todo el contenido esta traducido, si fuera posible seria muy bueno que lo traduzcan todo al español ya que existe gran demanda por parte de los estudiantes de latino america el querer aprender cursos de gran calidad como este.

Nuevamente felicitaciones por la calidad del curso. Saludos

By Wilman M R C

Feb 10, 2016

I have see many courses of computer programing in courser, some are not really good and some are not really for beginners (even if they say it). So I follow this course ones before and I din not finish but I really like it, because is for beginners, is clear and slow in the way to show the topic, is fun, but also and most importan I feel like I'm learning a lot. Almost finish course 1 and really optimistic to do all specialization.

By B V R

May 06, 2020

i am sure about my research in "structural optimization of high rise buildings" it is helpful to write some sub programmes to find maximum displacements, story stiffness, fundamental frequencies, story drift, time period etc. from software (like ETABS, STAAD, etc.,) output. i observed while learning my courses all the speakers are given very inspired sessions. i thank to god give me opportunity to learn in this online coursera.

By Wesley P

Jan 25, 2020

This course is an excellent and detailed introduction into how to code the basics of python. The examples in the free book provided are a very helpful companion to the assignments in the course. They don't give the whole answer, which makes you think critically and logically about the code you need to write. Stick with it and you will get the rewards, I've already started the 2nd course in this specialization. Thank you Dr. Chuck!

By Anmol P

Sep 06, 2017

This course is really helpful for people who are planning to try hands in the field of computation. Python I feel is a good platform to gain some coding experience because:

a) It is easy to comprehend with simple syntax.

b) It is very flexible.

c)It adds good value to your CV.

And I feel Professor Charles Severance has done a good job. I think maybe it will be better for the beginners to use the book along as they progress.

Thank you.

By Yusuf N S

Jul 06, 2020

For me this course with very easy as I had previous knowledge of Computer programming with C++, The course instructor is more than awesome, he makes it seem so simple and force you to love the course. Python is a very important language that is interfering with almost every field in the tech industry. This course gives you a great introduction to a language of a great importance and also introduce the computer science through it.

By Janet P d R

Oct 04, 2019

I recommend this course for all those who have not been previously linked to the programming as it shows you the basics to get started. It is made for the public in general.

For those who speak Spanish as mother tongue, I recommend to use the English subtitles option so you can more easily follow the teacher and notice small details, which are often necessary in programming.

Thanks to the teacher for his pleasant way of teaching.

By Yurshanva K

Sep 03, 2019

As the name itself says " Programming for Everybody" is indeed for all, i thought i would lose interest from week 1 but i did not and here I am, finally i have completed course 1. Now I'am definitely going to continue course 2, and thank you so much for the understandable teaching, it was like a story, not confusing at all. Also, because of this course, I'am going to pursue a career in programming. Really inspired by this course.

By Manasa C

Jul 05, 2020

It is the best course for the python beginner to learn the syntax...

If the student is aware of other programming languages like c, c++ and java. you can complete this course in 2 days.

if you are not aware of other courses then you need to see the textbook that was suggested and I would suggest another text book for python that is Python crash course by Eric Matthes. This is one of the good book for python to learn......basics...

By Jesús A M G

Jun 19, 2020

Este curso es una excelente herramienta para comprender las bases de la programación en Python. La forma en la que se presentan los contenidos en muy buena y fácil de seguir, y los ejercicios realmente te hacen comprender este lenguaje de programación. Recomiendo a los que lleven este curso que utilicen la herramienta Atom, así como el Command Prompt (mencionados en el curso) para la programación y las pruebas de los ejercicios.

By Deleted A

Oct 03, 2017

In my opinion this was an excellent course. All the information was available, and well explained. The professor Dr. Chuck it's a great teacher, he made me laugh a couple of times, so I really enjoy all the videos and excercises. I found very interesting all the interviews to famous people, such as Guido Van Rossum, Massimo Banzi and Daphne Koller. Thanks so much to everyone who makes this course possible and thanks to Coursera.

By Miska J

Aug 17, 2017

Like the title states, 'Getting started..'. So if you have prior programming experience this might feel a bit elementary, but if you're completely new to Python there's still plenty of things to get you going faster with Python. And if you're completely new to programming... This course is definitely bang for the buck! Very easy to follow, great examples to get things sinking in fast and in overall, very well constructed course.

By Alif A

Apr 30, 2020

This course was a lot of fun. If you're completely new to programming, this is a very basic and easy course so you won't likely have any trouble understanding. However, if you have prior knowledge in programming in a different language and taking this course just to learn Python syntax, you should complete the course very fast and move to the next one to get more in depth knowledge in Python because this will be a bit too easy.

By Aaron L

Apr 12, 2020

This course is helpful for being introduced to Python. The only comments I have is to maybe increase the amount of exercises to really drill the concepts in. Also, to include all current chapter components learned into the current chapter exercise. For example, try and except wasn't applied until the next chapter or two. Not a real problem, but would be helpful while it is still fresh and able to work a few different exercises.

By Thiago R

Feb 08, 2019

I'm studying programming to change my career. I always thought programming was very difficult, a job for a few brilliant minds only, but Dr. Chuck made me believe it is doable. Don´t get me wrong! Programming takes A LOT of work, but it is far from impossible... Also, learning only the basics in programming already gives you a totally different view of the world. Thank you Dr. Chuck and Coursera, you literally changed my life.

By Rajneesh K G

Sep 08, 2018

I have completed this course,in a weekend spending 3-4 hours a days and found the course difficulty to be easy.

The course is really easy to understand and the assignments and quiz makes it easy to build the concepts. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to start Python programming. The way Dr. Charles teaches the concepts is a very interactive fashion and this keeps you motivated to complete the course. Thank you.

By Hamad A

May 21, 2018

I was already familiar with programing basics (if statements, while loop, for loop, etc.), and I took this course to familiarize myself with python syntax. If this is your first time programming, I highly recommend this course. Lectures provide great explanations of python basics and Prof. Severance is an entertaining lecturer. However, while lectures are great, I wish the course had more practice problems for each assignment.

By Vipin P

Aug 08, 2017

A very creative, simple and clear way to explain a language you might have no idea about. Hats off to Dr Charles Severance for his great work to move from one point to another. I really appreciate it. The method of teaching is simple and increases your rate to learn. I will not hide the fact that it was my first time I wanted to learn more and more. Thank you Coursera and Dr Charles Severance for making it memorable. Loved it!

By Mario M

Oct 30, 2016

I'm studding Journalism and I didn't know nothing about programming. I found this course very interesting, when I finished the degree, I will need to collect and analyze tons of data, I think and this course gave me a little introduction in this fascinating world of Python! All the material is well explained, and you can see him programming too so you can copy his code to check and study it. A really good course, thanks!

By Bibiana E R

May 18, 2020

El curso fue excelente, abordó de una manera muy clara, los temas que se encuentran en el libro de estudio, los ejercicios y los cuestionarios contribuyeron enormemente con mi aprendizaje; pero no olvidemos que lo más importante, es la práctica, si efectuamos cada uno de los ejercicios del curso por nuestra cuenta, nuestro aprendizaje va a ser mucho mayor; y no se olviden de revisar todo el material del curso. Muchas gracias!

By Dmytri

May 02, 2016

Great course for those who have zero programming experience. The course is very well structured and designed to walk you through the learning process to more advanced material in the future courses. The assessment is done through interactive assignments and quizzes.

I'm glad to have a privilege of taking this course and would like to thank Dr. Chuck, University of Michigan and Coursera for this wonderful opportunity!

Thank you!

By Vignesh S R

Jul 05, 2020

This course not only help me to learn python but also helped me to put my hands on c language and I started implementing the same in arduino programming as well. learning from dr,Charles Severance is very awesome experince because his teaching techniques are awesome ,I am 100% sure that at the end of the course you will start writing code like pro. But it can only happen if you are willing to pay attention from the start.

By Raghavasai k

Jun 23, 2020

I feel this is the best python basic course for beginners and the best part is prof. Charles Severance from the University of Michigan is teaching us. he is the author of the book "Python for everybody" and for every week's assignments, we have a bonus video where he interacts with top inventors of the industry.which is awesome !! thank you so much Coursera and the University of Michigan for the opportunity to learn online.