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Finding and hiring the right people is often cited as the number one concern of businesses today. It seems we are all competing for the best and brightest workers. As you will see in our time together in the second course, a critical component of the People Manager Value Proposition is to hire talented people who enable the organization to achieve its strategic goals. This course is an introduction into the topic of recruitment, selection and onboarding. At the outset of the course we will explore the importance of linking recruitment goals with overall company strategy. We then look at a number of options to recruit and select employees both effectively and legally. Throughout the course we will examine current issues in talent acquisition, such as how companies are now leveraging social media and hiring analytics to ensure better quality hires. At the conclusion of the course, we look at how to onboard employees to promote employee commitment and engagement....

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I learnt a whole lot of stuff here with this course. I had no knowledge about HR in the first place but with this, I got an in-depth knowledge. I intend to do more and more courses online


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A solid course to introduce recruiting, hiring, and onboarding. While the facts were all well and good, the presentation style was lacking as opposed to the first course in this specialization.

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By Olga M

Nov 23, 2017

I liked this course, I received a lot of important and useful information. But i want to add that the peer assignments were quite unclear, i would like them to be more detailed and with examples what we need to do, in such case the first course " Preparing to Manage Human Resources" should be as an example how it needs to be done. Thanks.

By Junaid A K

Jun 14, 2022

Peer reviews were very hard to find.


Feb 7, 2023

I don't like the peer assignments, i finished all the classes now i have to wait for them to get graded so that i'll receive my certificate!

By Farid R

Aug 22, 2016

WoW awful presentation but great instructor. I expected much more than this but :(

Leveraging employer brand is not compelete :\

By Ayah H A

Dec 8, 2016

I can't pass because you don't allow me submit my assignment and asked me to subscribe although this course is paid !!!

By Nishi T

Jul 15, 2023

I recently had the opportunity to take a course on "Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding Employees," and I must say it was an incredibly valuable experience. The course provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the entire process, from sourcing candidates to successfully integrating them into the organization. Not only did I gain practical skills and knowledge, but the professor's teaching style made the learning process engaging and enjoyable.

The course covered various topics, including effective recruitment strategies, candidate assessment techniques, interview methods, and the importance of a structured onboarding process. Each topic was presented in a clear and organized manner, with real-world examples and case studies that enhanced my understanding and application of the concepts.

One aspect I particularly appreciated was the professor's emphasis on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the recruitment and hiring process. The course highlighted the benefits of a diverse workforce and provided insights into implementing inclusive practices that foster a sense of belonging for all employees. This focus on diversity not only aligns with current trends in the industry but also reflects the professor's commitment to providing up-to-date and relevant content.

The professor's expertise and industry experience were evident throughout the course. They shared their own insights and practical tips, drawing from their extensive background in recruitment and human resources. This real-world perspective was invaluable, as it provided a bridge between theory and practice, allowing me to apply the concepts I learned to real-life scenarios.

Furthermore, the professor's teaching style was engaging and interactive. They encouraged class participation and fostered a collaborative learning environment. Through group discussions, case studies, and role-playing exercises, I had the opportunity to apply the concepts learned and exchange ideas with my classmates. This active learning approach made the course dynamic and helped solidify my understanding of the material.

The course materials, including lecture slides, readings, and additional resources, were well-structured and comprehensive. The professor made an effort to curate relevant and up-to-date content, ensuring that we had access to the latest research and best practices in the field. Additionally, the professor was responsive to questions and provided timely feedback, which further enhanced the learning experience.

Overall, I highly recommend the course on "Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding Employees." The professor's expertise, engaging teaching style, and comprehensive content make it a valuable learning opportunity for anyone interested in improving their recruitment and onboarding practices. Whether you're a human resources professional, a manager, or an entrepreneur, this course will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to build a high-performing and diverse workforce.

By Abdul R

Aug 14, 2023

Thanks from the great and much professional team of the respected Coursera and The university of Minnesota for providing such a wonderful course "Recruiting, Hiring and Onboarding Employees" for me and for hundred and thousands of others all over the globe for those who were really would like to be the most useful and professional people in the field of HR to facilitate best grooming, equity, fairness among all employee's of an organization.

If there were satisfaction among staff for sure the productivity, team working, company moving forward were would be the best achievement's to overcome strategic plans/results.

That is not the end we wish success and all the best output to all colleagues and those who completed aforementioned course, from the present they would like to develop the best HR, Labour wages, polices that protect all workers "employees" from harassments, intimidation, discrimination of cast, race, tribe and injustice of allowance or bias payment threat of other individual to have a safe and clean environment of workplace etc.

Thanks and Regards

Abdul Rahim Ilham

By shahzeb a

Sep 18, 2023

I wanted to express my gratitude for providing such an insightful and well-structured course. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it. The content was engaging and informative, and I particularly appreciated the practical examples that helped me apply the concepts in real-life scenarios.

The instructors were fantastic, and their passion for the subject matter was evident in their teaching. The course structure was logical, and the quizzes and assignments were challenging yet rewarding. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone interested in recruitment and onboarding. It's a valuable learning resource that has already made a positive impact on my career.

Once again, thank you for this wonderful learning opportunity.

By My D H

Mar 10, 2020

After working in Human Resources for nearly 3 years, this course helps me to organize all the knowledge with very detail factors as internal and external. Furthermore, I would like to say thank you so, Amy, Recruitment Lecture for all of her experiences and knowledge to sharing with classmate real cases. I'm not only gaining recruitment skills but also onboarding, which may affect to employee satisfaction and engagement. I love to join more courses on Coursera.

By Perisha P

Nov 21, 2021

I would say, Completely Great! Firstly I decided to took only one course(Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding Employees) however now I take whole course for HR because of education quality they provide

We all know online education is quite difficult because we can't find practical knowledge however In the beginning theoretical knowledge is also important and coursera provides the best way to share education to anyone, anywhere

Thank you!

By Gergana B

Jan 21, 2021

I was really impressed with the course. In addition to the clearly presented theoretical part, the lectures give many examples from real business and practice for Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding.

Tests and exams ask questions requiring not only information from lectures, but also critical thinking. The lecturers are wonderful professionals. Thank you for the opportunity not only to learn, but also to apply the processes fairly.

By N K

Mar 12, 2021

I was about to take over the Human Resource manager role to replace the current one. I did not want to start the role without any knowledge; I decided to take the specialization. I realized the satisfaction is not enough for employees to engage. I am about to hire one more employee under me. All parts will help me hire, but the onboarding process will help me prepare for the new employee. Thank you so much for the great course!

By Erick Y

Jul 26, 2021

This se really help me understanding the recruitment, selection, and onboarding process of HR. Especially when explaining about how important a structured interview is. This help me to know which criteria is important and which less important to consider during the selection process. What should and shouldn't asked during an interview are both also important. So that we could get the information that related with the job.

By Yheizzi U

Oct 13, 2021

It was very complete, highlighted the fact you can't lose the human in human resources and the importance of paying attention to those details that might make the difference during the recruitment process until they become new hires. Also, you want to make sure you truly understand why you are hiring that role and how having a plan established for those first 90days is crucial to ensure the success of the new hire.

By Samuel A

Apr 9, 2022

This course exposed me to so many things i did not know about recruiting, hiring and onboarding. It presents these topics as practical as possible so that transferring the knowledge and skills gained from this course into real life application is not difficult. I would recommend this course to anybody looking to start out in HR or any manager looking for better ways to handle recruitment, hiring and onboarding

By Daniela P

Nov 5, 2020

The material covered was good and the professor was very pleasant.

However the technical quality of the videos was not very good. The sound volume had variation from one clip to other, making it annoying to follow, especially with a head set ( either too low followed by too loud ). Also there are few videos that skip, the idea / phrase is cut in the middle before is finished and the other one starts.

By Anna L H C C

Jul 16, 2021

Very good course with very good teatchers, I loved the opportunity to interact with so many people around the world! It is a great course, very complete for people who are already in the HR area, but very understandble for people who are not in the area too! Very didatic and very good classes, I loved the teachers methods for teaching. I even think I want to work for Google now thanks to Amy hahaha!

By Rajes S

Oct 31, 2020

This course is really fantastic, no doubt. Enjoyed in a genuine sense. One thing would like to mention that voice quality of the video lectures should be improved. Sound level need to be equal at all stages of a single video lecture. It observed that at the beginning of each video lecture sound remains low for a few seconds or minutes then it increases suddenly and it happens with every lecture!

By Wonseon L

Aug 13, 2019

This is my first coursera class I completed. Even if I have never gone abroad to study my major or other job related fields. But i feel like going abroad and being a university student which is very very famous.I enjoyed and wil go on a sail for another career chance. it's very helpful even if I already have over 10 yrs of HR experiences in diverse indus

By Vishnu T P

Dec 27, 2022

Very useful , here and there some outdated things. Like some percentages of Mobile users using the mobile for hiring, Its included in the quiz ,its false, don't false wrong vision as a part of getting certificate. Even after typing some on screen prompt its showing like wrong, some outdated one side aspects should be removed.

By Marina B

Jan 12, 2018

Very interesting programm of studies. Professors provide a wide understanding of Recruiting, Hiring and Onboarding area, they also give usefull advices and share their professional experience. Individual writing tasks help to learn even deeply every week's course. Absolutely recommend this course to everyone who is interested in HR Management.

By Mario V

Jun 24, 2018

Its a great starting point for any recruiter, and its also good for those looking to refresh core concepts. I wholeheartedly recommend this to future or now active recruiters. For those of you with ample experience, this is not a deep dive as some might expect, but I still found useful tips within the lessons that made it worth it.

By Muhammad W K

Dec 1, 2018

Well i am here to complete the all courses which are included in specification. I must say every teacher has his/her own style which i liked. I learn many things from this course which surely help me in Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding Employees. Special thanks to course instructors and all those who make this possible.


Dec 9, 2018

Excellent content, and explanation. This course makes the student much more confident to the HR in genneral. Even there are some different issues thata changes from a country to other, the content is very good. Thank you Mrs. Amy, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota and Coursera for this opportunity.

By Ana L A U

Aug 9, 2020

As a recently graduated student I really liked this course, learned a lot about the importance of having a good onboarding program for new employees. Teachers are great and have lots of experience. However, I do believe this course is for people who don't have much experience in the area, such as me! Loved it!