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Biostatistics is the application of statistical reasoning to the life sciences, and it is the key to unlocking the data gathered by researchers and the evidence presented in the scientific literature. In this course, we'll focus on the use of statistical measurement methods within the world of public health research. Along the way, you'll be introduced to a variety of methods and measures, and you'll practice interpreting data and performing calculations on real data from published studies. Topics include summary measures, visual displays, continuous data, sample size, the normal distribution, binary data, the element of time, and the Kaplan-Meir curve....

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Jan 10, 2021

This is a good and enticing introduction for the rest of the Coursera Specialization where it belongs. For added value, consider taking this course with a biostatistics textbook for better retention.

Apr 23, 2020

I am glad to learn a lot of terms in statistics and how to use and interpret them in the context of Public Health researches. The Instructor provided enough examples to understand the lessons better.

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By Shamalasri

Jun 23, 2020

Very wholesome and step by step teaching, however the technicalities (video volume, voice modulation, and other noises from background) hampers concentration. Very enthusiastic lecturer, could experiment with better modes of teaching/writing.

By cbuizza

Apr 20, 2020

interesting but you should add explication related with interval confidence also for K-M analysis

By Anubhav S

Jul 10, 2021

I am forced to give a 3 star rating to this course even with its quality content because of the poor execution.

Main problem with this course is the execution. There are many videos going over 20 minute mark. Not a single quiz, graded or practice, will give you the explanation, I have taken other courses from John Hopkins too, this was the first time I was having this issue. Many times the faculty will move the mic leading to a distorted voice. Many times the slides will be just plain and boring. Many times I wondered should I continue the course or not. But disregarding the execution, its 5 star content helped me a lot.

On a side note, take another statistics course before coming here. Faculty is one of PHDs who will keep on saying jargons to make him sound smart, even if it was not his intention, leading to the confusion many times. He even said about statistical inference and other high level topics in the first week. I highly doubt that a beginner can properly understand what he even meant to say as there is not even a glossary for this course.

In summary: 5 Star Content, 2 Star execution. Final score: 3 Star, a great course marred by poor execution.

By Jawharah A

Mar 6, 2020

it's great for people with no prior knowledge of public health and biostatistics, which isn't my case. I think the course needs more examples for practice and trials. Moreover, I couldn't find the boxplot lecture (it was mentioned in combination with other subject although it deserves its own lecture) and I had to watch youtube videos for the final project.

By Truc T N

Feb 2, 2020

The course covers the very basic understanding of summary statistics. Don't expect this to be rigorous. If you take this as a refresher, double the playback speed, don't skip the additional videos and read the quiz questions carefully. Should earn you a 90 or higher.

By Jenny M

Jul 4, 2020

To my surprise I really enjoyed this course. I am not a "math person" and I hated taking a statistics course in college, but I signed up for this course because I am planning to enter an MPH program in the fall and I wanted to get a head start on what I knew would be challenging material for me.

Dr. McCready's lectures were easy to follow and he gave so many examples that it helped me absorb the information. The format of being able to stop the videos, rewind, and listen again was a great help as well. I found the quizzes challenging, but not tricky or underhanded and felt that Dr. McCready is really interested in helping students learn and understand the material.

Thank you!

By Jeani F S

Feb 1, 2021

The course combines the technical but still basic elements of statistical analysis with timely, relatable examples of how the knowledge can be immediately applied to public policy research and analysis. I have felt captive by the abbreviated conclusions published in peer-review journals, unable to take advantage of the nuances and complexities that appear in the form of histograms and statistical analysis summaries or abstracts. Excellent pacing and prolific use of real-world clinical and population health statistics - well done!


Jun 15, 2021

E​xcelentes explicaciones del Dr. McGready. Considero que la mejor forma de aprender estadistica es con ejemplos y siendo reiterativo con los conceptos importantes y este curso cumple con ambos requisitos perfectamente. Supero mis expectativas y me ayudo mucho a comprender mejor los conceptos estudiados en las clases en mi Universidad. Sugeriria agregar un modulo practico adicional al final como parte de la evaluacion formativa para integrar la mayor cantidad de conceptos posibles en los ejercicios.

By Mustafa A

Mar 18, 2021

I am very excited to complete this Course I learn a lot. Even I was study statistics during my bachelor's degree and master's degree I discover a lot of misunderstandings and false representations of data. This course summarizes to you a lot of important facts about the data summarizing and comparing whatever the kind of types. Thanks, Syrian youth Assembly for providing me this opportunity. Now I can complete my thesis confidently.#statistics #learning #education #research #data


Apr 12, 2021

I must thank the teacher, I was really afraid about statistic and maths, even I was thinking months before take this course! but now I understand I was wrong, my experience was amazing!, I am sorprised how easy the teacher could teach us all concepts and explain us so clearly with his red pen. I feel more confident with my statistical analysis skills and I want to finish this specialized program. Thank Mr. McGready!

By Earl L

Apr 18, 2021

Dr. John is an excellent teacher. He has passion for his subject and the course layout is very well organized to help online students learn abstract Biostats concepts. I've taken many online courses and his is the best by far. I highly recommend Dr. John's classes to anyone interested in learning Biostats for either personal interest, supplementing college courses, or professional growth.

By Sruthi S

Dec 17, 2019

The course was very interesting and enlightening. The foundation of the statistics was made so easy and clear by the instructor. I was handling the basic statistical analysis of few projects in public health eye-care. Now that i have a good knowledge about the risk ratios, time to event analysis, the odds of publishing a good scientific paper is 3 or 4 times more! Thanks to Coursera!

By João E P

May 26, 2020

I'd like to thank to JHU for the chance to made this course, costless. The course is great, I did the Part I of Summary Statistics and I loved. Brief e rightly and with a great professor I have learned more in this weeks than 5 periods of epidemiology at my University. I did this course aind I recommended. I hope continue and will do more courses from JHU . Thanks

By Adele V

Jul 8, 2020

Dr. McGready is an excellent teacher. The lectures are easy to follow and contain relevant real-world examples. The MCQs also require you to think critically. I have learned some of the concepts from my university courses, but after taking this Coursera course, I discovered some points that I missed and I'm glad that my understanding has been enhanced.

By Darwin F

Jan 11, 2021

Excellent course, the lecturer presents information, definitions and practical uses of summary statistics with real life examples. Although the content can be somewhat confusing, Dr McGready has achieved to make it clear and easier to understand. Thanks Coursera, JHU and Dr McGready for this awesome course. Keep moving forward!

By Vamini R

Nov 15, 2020

This is an excellent course. I was looking for a review of materials I learned almost a decade ago and I found it helpful and very well taught. The average time spent on assignments and studying is about 2 hours per week. I took notes, stopped to do calculations, etc. and thoroughly understood what was taught. Thank you!

By Shane Y

Jun 6, 2020

I really enjoyed this course. I thought the instructor did a great job in explaining the more abstract terms in a clear and concise manner. I thought he was very thorough and systematic in his methodology. I would definitely take this course again and also recommend this to anyone wanting to learn biostatistics.

By Joy K

Sep 8, 2019

Instructor did an excellent job of summarizing and communicating complex concepts! Thank you!

It would have been great to have a recommended source for practice exercises with solutions to give students and opportunity to practice and solidify the learning and understand some of the nuances of interpretation.

By Ammanie A

May 22, 2020

Really great introductory course for those with some biostatistical knowledge! Lectures were well organized and provided many different examples to solidify learning process. My one suggestion would be to provide exercise worksheet problem sets for further practice of material.

By Diana A M F

Sep 21, 2021

This is great to refresh Descriptive Statistics and its focus on interpretation of data of real trials is refreshing and trains scientific "intuition". It is taught via examples and counterexamples (instead of mathematical demonstrations), and it repeats important concepts.

By Kamran I

May 30, 2020

Overall a great experience. He is the best instructor. Also, I suggest there's a need for Q&A after each video session (and not just at the end of the week). This would help students with better understanding, active participation, and improved memorization of subject.

By Tammy P

Jun 10, 2019

This was an AMAZING course, largely due to Dr. McGready! You made a sometimes difficult subject make perfect sense. I actually loved learning how to interpret different statistical measures. Thank you for the awesome instructional lectures and examples.

By munaza r

Feb 16, 2021

Absolutely amazing course. I am an MD with a completed 3-year fellowship from the USA (a total of 11 years of medical training), and to this day, learning statistics has never been this easy and fun!! I cannot wait to complete my specialization

By Raul R C L

Aug 24, 2020

One of the best teachings I've ever received. The teacher masters all the knowledge he shares and the examples are well chosen in order to comprehend each of the topics.

I really hope to receive more classes from John McGready in future lessons.