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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Teamwork Skills: Communicating Effectively in Groups by University of Colorado Boulder

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About the Course

Effective teamwork and group communication are essential for your professional and personal success. In this course you will learn to: make better decisions, be more creative and innovative, manage conflict and work with difficult group members, negotiate for preferred outcomes, improve group communication in virtual environments, develop a better overall understanding of human interaction, and work more effectively as a team. Our goal is to help you understand these important dynamics of group communication and learn how to put them into practice to improve your overall teamwork....

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Apr 27, 2020

Amazing course! I've learned a lot of new theories & ideas of Group Communication! in a simple yet interesting way. I will definitely make use of knowledge gain from this course in my practical life !

Aug 27, 2020

Amazing course! I've learned a lot of new theories & ideas of Group Communication! in a simple yet interesting way. I will definitely make use of knowledge gain from this course in my practical life !

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By Maria D A

Sep 30, 2020

I like this online course because the content is very informative, insightful, and relate with our daily communication in work also community. The video also quite engaging, and able to clearly explain with some examples. I also like with the peer review assignment because it enable us to read and learn from our peer's paper. One thing that challenging for me when I have to make a case study related to the topic, This task actually interesting and I love it, but It quite challenging because it took more time for me while at the same time I also have to manage my work load at the office and in my home. In overall I really enjoyed this course and hopefully I can apply it in real life. Thank you!

By John R A

Jan 26, 2021

Videos are good. Course content good. Engaging and clear

Refererences are useful albeit HBR subscription needed to access all.

A creation date for the course is not visible and this would be useful. I suspect a short end section would be useful to allow any new concepts or literature to be mentioned.

Peer graded assessment is more an exercise in game theory than a reflection of quality of submission and getting a fair assessment from 3 peers simultaneously can be frustrating when 9n a tight timeline.

Overall, thank you I am glad I did this as much better than the mushy thinking of such material in my world of clinical medicine

By Klaudine G

Apr 20, 2020

It was a good course, though a bit difficult on the quizzes and assignment part. Also, how can you be sure that peers do not take revenge on their grades from peer reviews? and that peers are honest and diligent in their scoring? For example, even if I cited and followed all the rules in the case study, someone still gave me a "somewhat incorrect" rating. They could rate me low scores just because they had a wrong assignment and I didn't give them perfect scores.

By Florian G

May 22, 2020

The course materials are very informative and the professor is great to follow. The only downside Coursera should try to fix is the method the assignments are graded by peers. You cannot have someone give you 0 points with no feedback... while others give you 8-10 points. It shows either ignorance, language barrier or viciousness... I suggest a "report grade" button be added so the fairness of grading can be disputed in extreme low and unjustified grading.

By Md S L

Oct 23, 2020

a great course to boast ur communication skill with great visual and understanding tone

but there is a catch Buddy


that means that the certificate provided will have that written on it

Example "an online non-credit course authorized by University of Colorado Boulder and offered through Coursera"

By Rauda M M A A A B

Jun 6, 2020

The course was insightful and helped us identify a lot of the issues that we face when working in teams and provided us with tools to help us address this issues so that it don't turn into problems and effect the group but it was difficult to access the move since its very old and not on all platforms

By Kandis P

May 3, 2020

This course has very valuable information about communication and working in teams. Concepts learned will undoubtedly be helpful in my future working relationships.

My only bit of feedback - the videos have long introductions that are often unnecessary and ultimately make the videos drag on.

By Alan

May 4, 2020

Excellent high level overview of team communication and development. The assignments were interesting and not everyone in the cohort followed instructions, making it difficult to believe the true legitimacy of a certificate signifying completing the course and understanding the material.

By Rohit J

May 12, 2020

It is an excellent course that really focuses on discussions and decision making and is really helpful if you are targeting the position of a head. The Professor gives us real life examples and explain it briefly. It was a honor to learn with Prof. Matthew Koschmann.

By Victor N D

Aug 27, 2020

Essential communication skills we make use of a lot without being aware, and others that we need to make use of. I have learnt a lot about some of what i already know, and how to now use it positively for the achievement of overall goals and objectives.

By Ehi O E

Jun 15, 2020

I learned so much about what actual communication is. The common misconceptions about group communication has plagued me for years. This course has enlightened me and given me the opportunity to be aware of every detail when communicating with others

By Rose M S

Oct 21, 2020

I like the course but the quiz is so challenging. I finished the course the second of two and is swimming in my victory. It was difficult, challenging but achievable. I keep going wanting to dive deeper and I did it after working, victoriously.

By Shrey A

May 17, 2020

Great course to learn Team management skills. This course will help you in GDs, to understand group related conflicts in a better way, optimum use of technology for the betterment of the group and all other group-related stuff... Thank you

By Rithvik S

Oct 30, 2020

It was just Great! I highly recommend you take this course, The way Mr. Matthew taught us this course was just amazing! Although Week 3 was a little bit Boring, But the projects given to us where just fantastic, Thank you Mr.Matthew.


Jun 30, 2020

It was a good course , I've learn a lot of new theory & perspective of effective group communication. However I hope in the future this course can be completed with a lot of two way communication & course dialogue. Thanks

By Eilder

Jun 6, 2020

Peer graded assignment are kind of troublesome to say the least, but the course content itself and the videos are very well made, I would really recommend anyone planning to ever lead a team to take this course.

By Elaine C

Jan 2, 2021

I learned and refreshed myself on several topics that were very helpful to take back and incorporate in my daily activities with my team. It made your more aware of your own behavior when in a team setting

By Nesreen A

Dec 22, 2020

I enjoyed watching and studying every concept, the way of the teacher and the information was really helpful. I would ask for more real examples during the course for every situation. Thank you so much.

By Jeanette F

Oct 12, 2020

The assignments took much longer than the suggested one hour but the essay topics were relevant to the learning in the course. Really useful material, well laid out and presented in an interesting way.

By Lee S p

Jun 11, 2020

I found this course to be very interesting . I certainly gained a better understanding of communication effectively in group, my own shortcomings and steps I can take to improve and put into pratice.

By Niliarys S

Jul 12, 2020

If you're a leader or part of decision making groups, this is a course for you! I'm a STEM major and this was still helpful and the supplemental movie analysis was my favorite task to do.

By Bahareh K D

Jul 15, 2020

The professor was great.

I really liked the video clips (discussion about movies)

animated visions were also interesting

Thanks for your time and consideration for teaching these materials.

By Luke

Aug 29, 2020

It's very useful. However, I prefer it if you break the course into shorter videos because it feels exhausting to follow 10-15 mins video with a lot of information there.

By Fernanda F

Jun 17, 2020

I found this course to be very helpful. I enjoyed doing it at my own pace. I was disappointed that none of my reviewers gave me any feedback on what I wrote though.

By Rohan K

May 17, 2020

It was a great experience for me to understand the key concepts of communication and teamwork skills.

I will definitely recommend this course to my friends.

thank you!!