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About the Course

Typography is the art of manipulating the visual form of language to enrich and control its meaning. It’s an essential area of skill and knowledge for graphic designers. Typography predates modern graphic design by around 500 years; it is rich in rules, conventions, and esoteric terminology—but it remains an exciting space for invention and expression. In this rigorous introductory course, we will study, name, and measure the characteristics of letterforms. We’ll consider the pragmatic concerns involved in selecting and combining type. We’ll peek into the 
rich historical, cultural, and aesthetic histories of familiar typefaces. We’ll discuss time-tested conventions and best practices in setting type, as governed by principles of hierarchy and spatial organization. And we’ll explore the expressive, meaning-making potential of type. Informative lectures will be complemented by a series of three peer-assessed assignments, culminating 
in an opportunity to design a full-scale typographic poster. Please note that this is not a software course; a basic working knowledge of Adobe InDesign or other 
page layout software will be assumed. You will need access to a computer and page layout software, such as InDesign, to complete the assignments....

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Aug 3, 2020

I thought the assignments worked really cohesively with one another. It helped to keep terms and skills in mind from one assignment to the next. The lecture videos were great, short, and to the point.


Apr 12, 2021

This was an excellent course. I learned a whole lot about typography. The videos and assignments were interesting and challenging. I'm happy I was able to complete this course and highly recommend it!

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By Jay M

Sep 18, 2020

I found both the courses so far to the point videos precise and interesting and though (before I joined this course) I had worked with typefaces/ graphic designing yet gained a whole lot of confidence so feel thankful. The assignments were interesting and kept my brain on it's proverbial toes :)

By Marcia A

Mar 30, 2022

Es un curso que da muy buena introducción. Tuve algunos problemas de entendimiento con los subtítulos que estaban mal escritos, o la palabra no era la adecuada para el tema que se trata. Pero en líneas generales fue intenso, me hizo pensar mucho, buscar información y aprender. Estoy conforme.

By EminOj

Nov 17, 2018

It was one of the best online courses I have attended before. I liked syllabus and teacher. I boosted my knowledge about typography in English and knew good information about some specific typefaces as well. I recommend this course for everyone is interested in typography in English letters.

By Jason

Jan 8, 2023

Great course. Researching the history of a typeface did not strike me at first as being super interesting. But, I ended up really enjoying it. I introduced myself to Scribus, and that was fun and worthwhile. It opened up a whole new world of endeavor that I was completely unaware of.

By Megan

Dec 12, 2017

Very interesting course. I learned a lot- about the history of typography, the importance of digital typography today, how to design a poster, different typefaces and their uses and meanings, etc. Highly recommend as an intro to typography class! Some knowledge of InDesign is helpful.

By Jory H

Aug 7, 2020

I really enjoyed this course! It really helped me to see type as a medium for creating an interesting compositions. I also really enjoyed learning about and exploring the history of type, it gave me a new respect for those who design typefaces and am eager to continue learning more.

By parvez a

Oct 27, 2016

I wish I would have found this course a little earlier in my career. I can now justify my usage of typeface in any projects.

The course is short and well thought.

I would really appreciate if there can be more assignments to design a brand identify, user interface, magazine layout etc.

By Jenny T

Sep 30, 2020

As a newbie in this area this course makes me realize the importance of typography in all aspect of our designs. Types can express more than its contents, It can express feelings. The lessons are great and it cover a lot of material in a short way. I enjoyed every week. Thank you!

By Mitali D

Sep 3, 2018

The course is very helpful and makes you develop a lot of typographic skills in just 4 weeks. The assignments are very interesting and helps in developing design skills and improves design thinking. The lectures are very explanatory and cover all the important areas of typography.

By Natasha G

Dec 27, 2016

Dear Teacher,

thank for your perfect introduction and explanation of the Typographie.

I really enjoyed all 4 weeks. It was my pleasure to learn from you! Very understandable videos and i learned a lot! Thank you! I will enroll further :) I wish you all the best in your future work!

By renata i

Dec 11, 2020

i really enjoyed this course's curriculum, and learned a lot about typography as a whole as well as little rules I had not previously known. It was disappointing however how much plagiarism i encountered as well as receiving mostly single word critiques on my own submissions.

By Robert I

May 26, 2020

This course exposed me to the basics of typography - the instructor provided historical and current day uses of type. The videos in the 2nd & 3rd week were loaded with lots of information, maybe this should have been spaced out a bit more. Good course overall, I recommend.

By Kristina

Apr 9, 2016

The course gives fundamentals of typography in a clear and very interesting way. I adore the structure of the course and the lector's speech. The content is extremely useful. Every designer and editor should know those things. Mostly they don't even if they think they do.

By Soh W K

Oct 9, 2018

Excellent, now I am equipped with a deeper understanding of Typography. The applications of these knowledge can provide very nicely produced emails, publications, posters, etc. I never thought I could design Text so nicely and neatly, and artistically whenever I choose.

By Amanda V

Apr 13, 2020

I did not think I was going to like Typography, but I loved the course and learned a lot. Everytime I see signs or any form of type, I see more than just a billboard or text. If I type something, I double check that it is denotative and connotative and legible. Thanks!

By Yiyang Z

Jul 10, 2017

My favorite course in the Graphic Design specialization. The course is very informative, structured, and well-edited. I really enjoyed Anther's lectures. In addition, the mentors and the instructor responded to questions in the Discussion Forum thoroughly and promptly.

By Camila V T

Nov 6, 2016

Muy buen curso, cumple con todo lo necesario para ser una excelente manera de introducirse a la tipografía. Cada unidad es muy sencilla de seguir y cualquier puede aprender y realizar los ejercicios. Además, las presentaciones y material visual son de alta calidad.

By Jekaterina K

Jan 31, 2021

This course helped me to understand how to decorate or present text in the right way and suitable for the meaning behind it. I am sure that these skills will be developed in future projects in this area and will help me improve my skills and knowledge even more.

By m a

Oct 7, 2020

With the Introduction to Typography course, I learned a little about the specific vocabulary, the origin of some typographic families and that there is a huge potential in relation to texts that can be explored at any time, in any type of piece. Really enjoyed.

By Sherly N G

Nov 23, 2016

The typography is well- explained. The important typeface history also covered. It will be very useful to those who will become a typographer. it suits for beginner well. thanks, sir. i learned about the typography well. Your assignments are very helpful to me.

By Daniel P

Aug 9, 2016

Claro, conciso. Cualquier persona a quien le guste la tipografía aprendería de este curso. Esta introducción permite agudizar la apreciación de la tipografía como el lenguaje no verbal de la escritura, y explorar el potencial estético y expresivo de las letras.

By Erik M

May 3, 2017

Great courses for pretty much everyone. I'm a marketer, not a designer but I still found it very useful, as sometimes I still have to work with typgraphy a bit. This is a great introduction to typography for designers, copywriters, marketers and everyone else!

By Doug W

Apr 29, 2019

This is a fantastic course! The video lectures were exceptionally concise and always compelling. The assignments were very effective in providing opportunities to explore and apply the ideas learned in the lectures. A wonderful learning experience all around!

By Muhammad Q

Dec 25, 2020

This course gives you the primary knowledge to dive into the ocean of typography. It is quite helpful. Only thing I find intimidating is that instructors do not grade your assignments. Overall I find it quite helpful. The Teacher has a very relaxing voice.

By Mubashir Z

Dec 18, 2020

The course was well designed, it has covered all parameters regarding typography, I was already a graphic designer, but the terminologies used was never before, this really enhance my knowledge about typography...Thanks to Cal arts and specially instructor