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Welcome to Foundations of Virtual Instruction! This course will help you 'up' your game and develop the advanced skills and techniques that elude even some of the most experienced virtual teachers in the K-12 space. Examine pitfalls and learn how to overcome them by focusing on the fundamentals that have the most significant impact on student learning in a blended or online environment. When you complete this course, you will be able to: • Craft virtual learning experiences that align with your student's needs. • Set up a learning environment to get to know your students, and they get to know each other. • Use a variety of online tools to provide feedback and personalize the learning experience. • Identify at-risk students and employ effective strategies for teaching them. • Compare and contrast online and face-to-face learning communities. • Apply strategies to make virtual courses more human....

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Nov 18, 2020

I am very thankful to all the creators and developers of this course, It really gave me the opportunity to understand the terminologies, legalities and a lot more,

Once again Thank you very much!!


Oct 25, 2020

The readings are interconnected throughout the lessons, making it easy for me to understand the lesson completely. More interactive materials aside from discussion prompts are recommended.

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By Ruben S

Apr 16, 2020

The material is decent, but outdated (in 2020). Also, it's very US-centric in terms of school systems, funding, legislation etc. I would say the course has little value if you're not a USA-based K-12 teacher.

By Mujeeb U R A

Jun 26, 2020

It is a nice course specially for the beginners in online learning. However, a lot of links are outdated i would recommend the course moderators should check those out and provide with updated links.

By Stefan R

Jul 10, 2020

It's a nice overview, but overly specific to the US context (which is also part of quizzes etc). I hope and expect the following (more in-depth) courses of this specialization will be better.

By Joel V

Jan 1, 2019

I find the video a little old-fashion and the supporting material hard to navigate.

Content however was great, at the exception that it is no so easier to apply to non US-audeince

By Arun P

May 12, 2020

The course has given a lot of new insights to Virtual Instruction. The course is well designed and the contents are appropriate. It is more focused towards US schooling.


May 23, 2020

Videos are too lengthy and downloaded ppts have no content as such to be referred to. Instead of voice-over, video will be more interactive.

By Ivan C

May 5, 2020

It's way too focused on US legislation, which sound completely unuseful for students abroad and provided little to no value at all.

By Krzysztof F

Jul 15, 2017

Some of the content does not relate to policies and regulations anywhere outside the USA. Otherwise the course is very informative.

By Julio C T R

Jan 2, 2020

I suggest that the course does not have videos of more than 10 minutes, nor that the exams are of more than 15 questions

By Suresh G

Oct 8, 2020

The course has a significant US leaning and needs to be more Global in content and delivery

By Malleswara R B

Aug 17, 2020

Not much useful. Practical aspects of the virtual education have to be improved.

By Remi E d L

Aug 15, 2020

The course needs to be updated, and needs to be less focused on a US context.

By Austin M N L

Oct 12, 2016

This was a good course, a little hard to follow at times but very beneficial.


Mar 4, 2022

Aburrido, no es un buen ejemplo de un curso Virtual

By Dalia A

Jun 21, 2021

want more examples of virtual learnings


Aug 4, 2020

Excellent Course, but little tough.

By Amit K

Aug 11, 2020

no words

By Jessica S

Jun 24, 2020



Aug 18, 2020


By Tamieka R

Jun 16, 2022

The amount of information given is great. The way the information was given was poor. For a course that emphasizes student interaction, engagement, different ways to present information, etc., it followed none of the advice. ALL the information is disseminated via readings. Hours and hours of reading. Even one video per module would have helped break up the monotony. Having a face talking, even in a recording, can make a difference for visual learners. Hearing a voice talk about the information can help auditory learners. The presentation of this course is very weak.

By Dale Z

Apr 14, 2020

Some engaging content but much of it is out of date, particularly some of the different platforms for virtual education. Very American-centric during some weeks with the focus on funding and legislation. Quizzes are common sense or recall of very specific facts eg. which school wouldn't get funding under x model.

By Karolina F

Jul 27, 2020

It was too much laws, and LMS examples. I do not need this to be a good teacher. I am glad this course is over, and am looking forward to other ones.

By Prathibha M

Jul 3, 2020

Did not add beneficial meaning to my progress as a virtual educator. The quizes felt more like trivia than application of knowledge.

By Vineeta R

Sep 1, 2020

It was not as good course as the following courses in Virtual teaching specialization package.

By Seema N

May 2, 2021

For a virtual instruction course its too textual and does not use any virtual tools or videos