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Do you want to know why Data Science has been labelled as the sexiest profession of the 21st century? After taking this course you will be able to answer this question, and get a thorough understanding of what is Data Science, what data scientists do, and learn about career paths in the field. The art of uncovering the insights and trends in data has been around since ancient times. The ancient Egyptians used census data to increase efficiency in tax collection and they accurately predicted the flooding of the Nile river every year. Since then, people using data to derive insights and predict outcomes have carved out a unique and distinct field for the work they do. This field is data science. In today's world, we use Data Science to find patterns in data, and make meaningful, data driven conclusions and predictions. This course is for everyone, and teaches concepts like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks and how companies apply data science in business. You will meet several data scientists, who will share their insights and experiences in Data Science. By taking this introductory course, you will begin your journey into the thriving field that is Data Science!...

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Feb 23, 2020

Terrific introduction to the Data Science course. Never expected but was extremely excited with the quality of content, speakers and a very honest attempt to making this course interesting.



Jun 26, 2020

I throughly enjoyed the course and the fact that everything was explained thoroughly. I always enjoyed Dr. White's personal experience with Data Science as well as other Data Scientists point of view.

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By Utkarsh Y

Dec 27, 2018

The Course answers the question which the title says. It is a very basic course, and no skill can be learned from this, but it provides insights from actual people who are working /teach data science.

By Ethan B

Dec 18, 2021

The only reason it isn't a 5 is because it makes you do a final peer assessment with the grade posting outside of the free trial period which is super weird. Good foundational course other than that!

By Felipe J

Jan 11, 2019

Describe que es la ciencia de datos y los medios para lograrlo, que debe contener un informe científico, como así también cual es el papel de un científico de datos, sus cualidades y características.

By Luis O L E F

Oct 23, 2019

Good as an introduction to what data science is and what can be done with it.

Eventhough it is supposed to be an introduction, it could contain a lot more of different tecniques used in data science.

By Lorena M

Dec 17, 2020

It is a really nice, gentle, and non-intimidating introduction to Data Science. Basic concepts are beautifully explained and demonstrated. Murtaza Haider is brilliant and inspiring. Thank you, IBM!

By Selegmz S

Apr 27, 2020

if you are unknown to the data science, this is right for you. it introduces you the basic role of data science, the professional pathways, its involvement in global scenario and future prospectus.

By Shane W

Nov 28, 2019

A nice synopsis of the "big ideas" in data science. Helpful orientation for people who know about data science primarily as a buzzword. Organization is good, explanations are clear, pacing is fine.

By Siddhartha B

Feb 16, 2019

Through this course I could understand the complete picture that a data scientist is expected to see. Really recommend this course for someone who wants to understand what Data science is actually.

By Hector B A

Nov 12, 2021

I liked the course, however, on the results for the quizzes and exams, It would be nice to have an explanation of why an answer is incorrect or correct to learn from our mistakes and acheivements.

By Nilay V

Mar 17, 2021

Important and interesting but probably doesn't need its own course. Fairly short, but could have been even shorter. Quizes and were fairly relevant to the material taught but not spot-on, frankly.


Mar 14, 2020

This course gives you the brief of the subject "Data Science" (like what all tools are required, what are the application, projects, presentation and documentation) and the role of Data Scientist.

By Chris C

Jan 17, 2022

While often literal answers from the textbook - this was a good introduction for those with no prior knowledge of the topic. The book IBM uses is a good reference, I do recommend getting a copy.

By Maximilian H

Oct 25, 2022

Good introduction into the field of Data Science. Some Exam Questions stick too strong to the offered readings - wanting you to remember small details, which does not benefit the learning path.

By Shania S

Apr 12, 2020

The captions are not consistent with the video. For certain areas there were inconsistencies between questions asked and video content however overall it was a beneficial and informative course.

By Shubham Y

Mar 1, 2020

This course will ultimately develop a interest to dive in deep in the field of data science,the course will not cover in depth but will give you an overview about what actually data science is.

By Furkat G

Jun 10, 2019

Good insights for beginners, but could be improved by adding more exclusive and interesting readings to give a better understanding of Data Science. Overall, a good start point for beginner:)

By Christian N

Aug 24, 2022

That was a good introduction to the concept of data science, data scientist and every other concept used in data science. I spent good time learning here and i'm in a rush to meet next steps!

By Kishore T

Feb 18, 2021

It is a good introduction to Data Science. Short but informative. Sometime I felt like the Quiz questions were very specific to the excerpt and outdated info but overall it was a good course.

By Edwar J L C

Jan 28, 2020

I liked how the course introduced many concepts, and the methodology made the learning process smooth, however, I would have expected a bit more depth to give it 5 stars. Still, I enjoyed it.

By Avula V K R

Nov 28, 2019

It was a good course for getting an idea about what is data science and what do data scientists do. The IBM Watson studio example provided in this course is outdated and needs to be reviewed.

By Hassen S

Aug 20, 2022

The course enriched my knowledge of Data Science and I am happy to be introduced to such intresting field of study.Also it gave me a good idea of what career i should persuade in the future.

By Padma P

May 16, 2020

This is a very good course for beginners. It gives a good understanding for those just stepping into the big varied world of data science. Must take course to orient oneself into this space.

By Justin P

Dec 24, 2019

Wasn't a fan - pretty basic, but I guess necessary. I would have given a 5-star rating because I don't know how else this could have been accomplished but my personal experience was 4-star.


Apr 22, 2020

it was an amazing experience with this course. I learned a lot about data science and i got motivated by this introductory course. This will help me in further getting deep into the course.

By Emily-Rose E

Sep 2, 2019

This course is a great introduction to what Data Science is. It is not super hard or very long. It could be a little more involved or a little more detailed, but otherwise is a great start.