Not only have online courses led to new adventures and an unexpected new career, but Pat has also improved her productivity and quality of life with the courses featured here.

Not only have online courses led to new adventures and an unexpected new career, but Pat has also improved her productivity and quality of life with the courses featured here.

Recommendations from a lifelong learner

No matter what your field of interest, these courses can improve your potential, creativity and health, leading to a lifetime of learning satisfaction.

Pat discovered Coursera after retiring from the paid workforce in late 2012. Her husband was working through Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning course and thought she might be interested in some online courses. It would also be a change from the gardening and crafts she had planned for retirement.

Pat happily enrolled in an astronomy course, but soon crashed and burned in the mathematics and physics required for the course. Instead of trying to pass, she just watched the videos about the stars and planets, then enrolled in other courses. Most were much easier than that first astronomy course. The gardening and crafts were neglected as Pat pursued her new passion.

Since then, Pat has completed more than 100 online courses, set up her blog – Online Learning Success, and is now employed part-time with Class Central, which catalogues courses from course providers around the world. She has even had a small part in a MOOC and climbed a bridge with Barbara Oakley!

Why Pat recommends these courses

In Learning How to Learn, Barbara Oakley’s passion for learning is infectious. The Pomodoro Technique is excellent not only for learning, you can also use it to start and finish any unwelcome task. And that’s only a small part of the course.

Learning How to Learn for Youth serves as a helpful refresher – you don’t have to be a young person to enjoy it. The course includes some engaging activities not found in the first course.

Mindshift gives learners the tools and confidence to branch out and try a new career. Look out for me in video 1–5 Mastery Learning!

Frequent small wins add together so you can achieve your goals. In The Science of Success, you create your own action plan.

Ignite Your Everyday Creativity shows that everyone can think creatively. I discovered a big stumbling block in my thinking while taking this course. Overcoming it helped me improve my creative thoughts and find solutions where previously I would have simply said, “It can’t be done.”

In A Life of Happiness & Fulfillment, Dr. Raj’s boundless enthusiasm and jokes connect with learners all around the world. Do this course, try the activities, and find more happiness in your life.

Take Sit Less, Get Active to learn plenty of simple ways to increase your activity and why we should keep moving.

In Sleep: Neurobiology, Medicine, and Society, you’ll learn about the disastrous effects of not getting enough sleep on individual health and society as a whole, with increased medical costs and lost productivity.

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