Anna Divinsky

Lead Faculty, Digital Arts Certificate Program


Anna Divinsky is the lead faculty member of the Digital Arts Certificate Program offered by the School of Visual Arts at the Pennsylvania State University. She is also an adjunct faculty member at The University of Pittsburgh’s Studio Arts Department. Teaching face-to-face studio courses informs and inspires her approach to online teaching. Divinsky’s goal for this course is making it interesting, engaging, challenging, and inspiring for the students. The version of Art in which you are about to participate has been modeled after the course that Divinsky currently teaches through Penn State’s College of Arts and Architecture. Divinsky received a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts and Art History from the University of Pittsburgh, and a Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking from the Pennsylvania State University. In her work, she explores relationships between body, nature, and fiber. She uses silk as well as other fiber materials to create paintings and site-specific installations that invite viewers to touch and observe the work on an intimate basis. Obsessive repetitions of pattern and mark making consistently inform her work. Originally from Kiev, Ukraine, Divinsky’s art is also inspired by the memories of her childhood and immigration to the United States.