Professor Aneez Esmail

Professor of General Practice


Aneez works as a clinician in an inner city practice in Manchester. He is a Professor of General Practice at the University of Manchester and the Associate Vice-President for Social Responsibility & Equality and Diversity. He is also Director of the National Institute of Health Greater Manchester Primary Care Patient Safety Translational Research Centre.

Aneez qualified as a medical practitioner from Sheffield University in 1982. He completed training as a general practitioner in 1987 and as a public health physician in 1992. He obtained his PhD from the University of London in 1996.

Aneez is a health services researcher and clinician and has published extensively on areas related to public health and primary care. This includes work on prevention of cot deaths, epidemiology of solvent abuse, preventing paediatric admissions and evaluation of telemedicine. He is best known for his work on racism in the medical profession and on patient safety in primary care.

Aneez teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate students and supervises PhD students. He has been involved in the teaching of public health at the University of Manchester since 2005 and was the Director of the Masters in Public Health Programme from 2006-2010. He contributes to teaching on primary care, communicable disease control and clinical epidemiology.

Aneez has sat on several national working parties looking at the issue of racism in the medical profession, patient safety in primary care and on assessment of doctors. He was Head of the School of Primary Care at the University of Manchester, between 1996-2001. He was the only medical advisor to Dame Janet Smith, the appeal court judge who was Chairman of the Shipman Inquiry between 2001-2004. He is an active trade unionist and was President of the Medical Practitioners Union (a trade union of doctors working in the NHS) from 1997-2003.