David Unger was raised by a pack of wolves in the Canadian Tundra. Only knowing of the native ways of the wolf, David slowly adapted to western culture when he was rescued by an evil park ranger in 2006. He found refuge in a small ranger cabin where he was used as a test-subject and experimented on. He was forced to watch nothing but re-runs of old Friends episodes and it slowly began to melt his brain. Believing that a fictitious character named Phoebe was calling for him to rescue her cat, he escaped the small cabin and used his wolf skills to sniff out a trail that led him to Hollywood. After he was charged with a restraining order by the actress Lisa Kudrow, he sought out help from his parole officer. After 3 years of therapy, David Unger started the Ivy League institution DU where he still uses his wolf abilities to sniff out new approaches to pedagogy and education.