Deborah Healey has been teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language since 1976 and using computer technology in teaching since 1984. She has published and presented extensively in the area of computer-assisted language learning. She is a co-author and primary editor of TESOL Technology Standards: Description, Implementation, and Integration and of TESOL Technology Standards: Framework Document; and she has chapters on learner autonomy and software/Internet resources for language teaching in CALL Environments. She was the head of the linguist/scriptwriting team for Trace Effects, a new computer game for English language learners. She given workshops most recently in Egypt, Malaysia, Qatar, Bahrain, Colombia, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Morocco, Thailand, Palestine, and Tunisia. She teaches online and face-to-face classes at the University of Oregon's American English Institute/Department of Linguistics. Her Ph.D. is in Computers in Education.