Dmytro Orlov

Professor, Head of Division


Prof. Orlov has background in the engineering of thermo-mechanical processing technologies for metallic materials fabrication with a core expertise in the design of deformation processing based techniques. The primary scope of his laboratory within LTH is the engineering of novel hybrid, composite and mono-materials with hierarchical structures architectured from atomic- through to macro-scales. His present research interests and ongoing research projects are focused on the design of Mg alloys for biomedical and light-weight mobility applications, multi-scale architectured structures with topological control of their heterogeneity, and the development of relevant characterisation techniques, including electron microscopy and in-situ methods at large-scale research facilities. These aim improving sustainability and socioeconomic prosperity of people in Sweden, Europe, and beyond. Dmytro is Professor and Head of the Division of Materials Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering (LTH) in Lund University, Sweden. Among other professional activities, at present he has a joint appointment as a Senior Scientist at the University of Nova Gorica in Slovenia and serves as a Chair of Magnesium Committee and a member of Powder Materials Committee at The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS), USA.