Lu Yang is a professor of literature and aesthetics in Department of Chinese, Fudan University, Shanghai. His primary fields are literary theory, aesthetics, and cultural studies. He is a member of China Writer’s Association, and one of the directors of China Literary Theory Association, and Chinese Society for Aesthetics. His publications cover subjects extensively such as literary theory, deconstruction, medieval aesthetics, and cultural studies, including Medieval and Renaissance Aesthetics ( Zhong shiji wenyi fuxing meixue, Shanghai Wenyi Press, 1999), Interpreting Postmodern Texts: Derrida and Foucault ( Houxiandai de Wenben Chanshi: Delida yu Fuke, Shanghai Shenghuo-Dushu-Xinzhi Joint Publishing Company, 2000), An Introduction to Cultural Studies ( Wenhua yanjiu daolun, FudanUniversity Press, 2006), Aesthetics of Death ( Siwang meixue, Peking University Press, 2006), and The Specters of Derrida, (Delida de Youling, Wuhan: Wuhan University Press).