Mary McNeil

Team Lead, Governance Global Practice


<p>Mary McNeil is a former Team Lead in the Governance Global Practice at the World Bank.&nbsp; In that capacity she provided strategic advice on the mainstreaming of citizen engagement and open and accountable governance throughout the Bank’s portfolio.&nbsp; She was the Task Team Lead for development of the <a title="Link:" href="">Global Partnership for Social Accountability</a> and the <a title="Link:" href="">Affiliated Networks for Social Accountability</a> and has been involved in citizen participation, community-driven development, and social accountability throughout her 20-year career at Bank. </p> <p><a></a>She is the author of, <a href=""><i>Demanding Good Governance: Lessons for Social Accountability Initiatives in Africa</i></a><i> </i>and founding editor of the Bank's <a href=""><i>Development Outreach</i></a><i>. </i>&nbsp;Past positions include managing global programs on community empowerment and social inclusion and civil society capacity building (World Bank Institute), and operationally in the water and sanitation and urban sectors. &nbsp;She has worked in all regions, including managing country-based programs in Ghana, Bosnia, the Philippines and Tajikistan.</p> <p>Before joining the Bank she was a journalist at <a href="">Congressional Quarterly</a>, the <a href="">Smithsonian Institution</a> and the <a href="">National Academy of Sciences</a>. &nbsp;She holds a MA in Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, where she was the Joel Leff Fellow in Political Economy, and a BA with honors from Wake Forest University.<br></p>