Dr. Terrill Frantz is an Assistant Professor of Management at Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS). He joined the faculty of PHBS in 2010. He has 20 years of corporate experience in global investment banks (Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan) in New York, London, and Hong Kong, and in consulting for organizations in industries, such as chemicals, US presidential politics, and numerous SMEs. His academic specialty is in Organization Behavior during M&A, with a primary research focus on Post-Merger Integration—he has published numerous academic articles and book chapters on the subject. Dr. Frantz has a life-long orientation in software technology, finance, and international business management, buttressed by both work experience (Asia-Pacific Operations Officer for Technology at Morgan Stanley, Assistant to the CIO at Morgan Stanley, etc.) and advanced degrees from the Stern Business School, New York Univ., and two Doctorate degrees (Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon Univ., and Organization Change from Pepperdine Univ.). His first Doctorate dissertation (Pepperdine University) is entitled, “Patterns of Change in Organization Performance.” And the second doctorate thesis (Carnegie Mellon University) is entitled, “A Behavioral Theory of the Merger: Dynamics of the Post-Merger Integration Process.” Prof. Frantz has lived in China (Hong Kong & Shenzhen) for 12 years.