Tony Pujals

Senior Developer Advocate, Amazon Container Services at AWS


Tony Pujals is Senior Developer Advocate for Amazon Container Services at AWS. He is a Docker Captain, certified Docker associate, and Go programmer who is fanatical about microservices, service mesh, serverless, distributed systems, and cloud computing. With two decades of software engineering experience in Silicon Valley building Web applications, services, and APIs using Java, C++/C#, Node.js, and Go, Tony is committed to Open Source and sharing knowledge with other developers. He enjoys presenting at conferences and is the organizer for the Docker Mountain View meetup as well as a past organizer for BayNode. Tony has been involved in the Docker community since 2014 and believes that container technology is the single biggest driving force behind making modern computing paradigms, such as microservice and serverless architecture, pragmatic. He is enthusiastically committed to helping others achieve success in this exciting space.