Ulrika Wennersten

Assistant Professor


    Ulrika Wennersten is a lecturer at the Faculty of Law. Her main interests are Intellectual Property Law and Market Law. She has extensive teaching of teaching in different levels within the field of Intellectual Property Law, Market Law and General Business Law.

    Before joining the Faculty of Law, Wennersten worked as a practicing lawyer with a law firm and before that she was a law clerk in the Court of Appeal, Hovrätten för Övre Norrland, Umeå.

    She graduated from the Faculty of Law at the Uppsala University She holds an LLM in Intellectual Property Law from Queen Mary and Westfield College, London University and obtained a PhD from the Faculty of Law at the Lund University with a thesis on Intellectual Property and non-commercial societal interests (“Immaterialrätt och skydd av samhällsideal”, Media Tryck 2014). Wennersten is also a co-writer of the textbook ”Grundläggande immaterialrätt” (Gleerups 2011).