Dr. Jamie Wikenheiser

Assistant Adjunct Professor


    Research Description and Approach

    My primary focus centers on the medical and surgical education of new medical students. Based on years of teaching medical students, my latest project is the completion of a Human Anatomy textbook with a novel approach which allows for an integration of the material across anatomical levels of analysis.The book, Dr. Wiki's Clinical Anatomy, highlights the four major areas of anatomy: gross anatomy, neuroanatomy, histology, embryology and focuses on the practical aspects of knowing how each area relates to their importance in clinical care. Earlier research centered on pediatric cardiology: specifically, the molecular mechanisms of coronary artery anomalies. Recently, my work has shifted focus to the field of pediatric and adult urology. In pediatric urology, our focus has been on modifying the Kelly Procedure used in bladder exstrophy primarily seen in a male newborn. For adult urology, our focus has been on mapping the autonomic nerves which wrap around the renal arteries in order to understand the best location for ablation of the autonomic fibers.This research is important because of its affect on regulating blood pressure. Ablation of renal autonomic fibers is a new way of treating hypertension in adults.