Wounjhang Park



Dr. Park's research is centered at discovering new optical phenomena and applications using nanoscale materials and structures and has currently three major thrusts: energy harvesting, nonlinear optical devices and nanomedicine. For energy harvesting, Dr. Park is developing a new type of photovoltaic devices that can efficiently convert heat into electricity by using novel nanostructures. Dr. Park is also developing nonlinear devices operating in the mid-infrared region for sensing, communications, and switching. Finally, Dr. Park is developing multifunctional nanoclusters that can enable a new imaging and therapeutic approach for bladder cancer. This technology allows for cellular level detection and targeted treatment of bladder cancer. Ph.D. in Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA (June 1997) Thesis: Optical Properties of Thin Film Phosphors, Advisor: Prof. Christopher J. Summers B.S. in Physics, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea (February 1989)