Long Yi is currently studying the fabrication and properties of ultra-hard coatings. She is also developing structures to give materials with a greater range of properties than is usually obtained. Multilayer structures, which were deposited by ionized magnetron sputtering, with a repeat distance in the order of nm, shows an enhanced resistance to plastic flow.

Their fabrication and mechanical behaviour is being studied by nanoindentation and transmission electron microscopy (TEM), using a novel technique to prepare TEM samples from selected regions. She also has a general interest in understanding the microstructure and property relationship and how these relate to the underlying mechansim aided by simulations.Expertise: Thin film technology; cross-sectional TEM; high resolutaion XRD (studying the reciprocal space map of the epilayers and quantifying the defects); high angle XRD and low angle X-ray reflection simulations (studying the composition and strain modulation in supperlattice structure); deformation (FEM based software to simulate the deformation pattern).

Biographical information Dr Long received her B.Eng from the Hunan Technological University. She received her master (Eng.) from Nanyang Technological University in 2000. After working as a lithographic engineer in the technology development department of Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing for one year, she was sponsored by the Overseas Research Scholarship (ORS) and Cambridge Trust, and left for the University of Cambridge to pursue her PhD studies in materials science. Dr Long is currently a teaching fellow at the School of Materials Engineering, Nanyang Technological University.