Torben Hansen is a Professor of Metabolic Genetics at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research, University of Copenhagen. He is also adjunct Professor of Molecular Diabetology at the University of Southern Denmark, and since 2005, he has been responsible for molecular genetic diagnostics at Steno Diabetes Center in Copenhagen. Professor Hansen’s major research interests are the pathophysiology and pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes and obesity, identification of genetic determinants for both mono and polygenic components of type 2 diabetes and obesity and the impact of the gut microbiome on disease and health. He is involved in both pre- and postgraduate educational activities at the Universities of Copenhagen, Århus and Odense and for more than 10 years he has participated in educational courses in China and India. He is Head of the Graduate PhD programme “Basic Metabolic Research”, University of Copenhagen, and Chairman of The Education Committee, The Danish Diabetes Academy. Professor Hansen has been an invited speaker at numerous international scientific meetings, and he has published more than 350 original peer reviewed papers. H-index 58. Citations >16,000.