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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Android App Capstone by Meta

About the Course

This course gives you the opportunity to demonstrate the skills you have gained throughout the Android Developer Professional Certificate program. You'll do this by developing an Android app to order food from the Little Lemon restaurant. In other words, you'll create a solution to a real-world problem. At this point in the program, you've gained all the skills you need to successfully complete this project. But you might need to refresh your memory when it comes to the previous courses in the program. For that reason, each module in this course will take you through a brief recap of relevant content from previous courses in the program. And, don't worry, there will be links too so you can review content in more detail if necessary. In this way, you will be guided through the process of building the Little Lemon food ordering app which allows you to show off your Android development skills. By the end of the course, you will be able to: - Set up a Jetpack Compose application - Commit a project to a Git repository - Plan the UI and UX of an application - Set up a navigation hierarchy between app screens - Create a user onboarding flow - Develop a food menu user interface On completion of the Capstone Project, you’ll have an interactive mobile application that you can share with recruiters and impress potential employers with. This is an advanced course, intended for learners with a background in Android app development. And, it always helps to have a can-do attitude!...
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