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Learner Reviews & Feedback for The exposome: cracking the science about what makes us sick by Utrecht University

About the Course

What are the causes of disease? We know that most diseases result from a combination of genes and environment (nature and nurture). Our genes alone do not determine our fate. For most complex diseases, externalities - environmental factors in the broad sense - are more important. This includes our living and working environments, diet, social support and stress, pollution, and exposure to infectious agents. Exposome research is about discovering the non-genetic drivers of health and disease. Derived from the term exposure, the Exposome represents the totality of exposures we face throughout our lifetime. It also represents the biological responses that arise from external exposures. In this course, 7 researchers from Utrecht University and/or the NWO Gravitation programme Exposome-NL will offer their expertise. We will introduce you to the Exposome concept; why it’s important; how we measure the exposome; and the data sciences steps needed to establish associations with health outcomes. This course will conclude with reflections on what is needed to advance this nascent and transformative field of research. Exposome research requires transdisciplinary approaches. Therefore, this MOOC will be of interest to current and prospective students and researchers in the fields of public health, environmental health, life sciences, clinical medicine, geosciences, humanities, and social and behavioural sciences....
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By Carlos B

Apr 13, 2021

This has been a brushstroke of an absolutely essential subject to delve into the public health of each population.

By Cecil C L

Jul 13, 2021

A comment: I just want to comment that while peer reviews are good to have, they are not always well done. And I do not mean the rating given to my own assignment, but to the poor knowledge and arguments of some who dare to comment. I cite an example: "I should have included some endorsement to support what was presented." But, I must warn that in particular, my presented work is a reality and so far there is no similar proposal (that I know of). In fact, it is an Innovation work that is in the process of being applied. It is concluded then: Where can support information be obtained in this regard? It could only offer the Study and Design with the statistical models that respond to the Research question formulated for it. But that is not a requested assignment in the Course ... Best regards!

By Dhruvkumar P P

May 18, 2022

This course is the area in which humans have to act as soon as possible. It is a course that describes how the environment around us affects our internal well-being. Knowing, assessing, relating and researching the factors that impact human health are of utmost importance and this course has truly justified how complicated it is to establish their relationship. The knowledge of internal and external exposomes, big data, networking and other similar technologies will try help us to mitigate the various problems we are collectively facing as humans.