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An overview of the ideas, methods, and institutions that permit human society to manage risks and foster enterprise. Emphasis on financially-savvy leadership skills. Description of practices today and analysis of prospects for the future. Introduction to risk management and behavioral finance principles to understand the real-world functioning of securities, insurance, and banking industries. The ultimate goal of this course is using such industries effectively and towards a better society....

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This course is so useful to know about finance in depth it gives more examples about the finance . It help to make more decision in finance market. It also motivate students to attract towards finance


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Pretty good intro to finance, although I felt like Professor Shiller could have explained some things more clearly. I found myself frequently going to investopedia to understand things more clearly.

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By Herman G

Nov 2, 2020

Impressive content and awesome delivery by a distinguished and awarded Professor with incredible speakers that inspires me to do better in finance application in uplifting the less privileged with the use of finance and IT by disrupting the incumbents in less developed economy like the Philippines.

As a veteran finance executive with global experience this refresher course is interesting more so with it's altruistic vision.

I would like to hear more from Robert Schiller on the strategies to move forward with his visions.

By Prerak

Oct 9, 2021

A brilliant course taught by professor Shiller. The beauty of this course is that it's incredibly accessible and therefore, a nice first step if you are curious about the markets. For it's level, it will leave with a lot of knowledge and understanding of the subjects. Another brilliant thing is that the course deals with with real stuff like investment banking, behavioral finance and what goes on in the stock markets, etc. I would strongly recommend it and am very excited to have added this course to my knowledge bank.

By Salokhiddin T

Jun 29, 2024

Taking this course has been one of best decisions that I have made so far. This is extremely long, tough, yet really helpful, informative and thought-provoking course. I would like to thank to Professor Shiller and his assistant who pops up in the middle of the video and explains complicated concepts simply, other people who contributed to the creation and uploading this invaluable course in this platform and making available to knowledge-seekers across the globe. This has been an amazing journey. Thank you very much!

By Matthieu S

Apr 8, 2020

It was a great course that gave a very broad view of finance and its concrete implications in society. Pr Shiller is a very good lecturer and manages to make complex concepts understandable. Of course, this is not a course that will transform you into a finance wizard. But it gives you a taste for this field, and a starting point to exploit further on. I must add that Pr Shiller did a good job of adapting lectures to the digital, engaging in short talks with students and leading interviews with some finance figures.

By Ojasvini

Jun 7, 2020

It is one of the interesting courses offered by Yale University on Coursera. This course strengthened my basics of Finance and in particular, of financial markets. It is designed in the beautiful way. Everything from the videos to quizzes is amazing and informative. Prof. Shiller's perspective of finance is unique in itself (must to be known). Every concept is explained with practical real life examples. And the Salon discussions are quite engaging. Really liked this course, am looking forward to more such courses.

By Priyanshu J

Jul 6, 2022

It is a brilliant course. Although, let it be understood from the beginning that this course will not make you a trader or corporate finance professional. It will definitely set you upon the path of it if that is what you aspire. But it is different in it's content and it's approach. You will learn about many facets of finance, the foundation upon which it is formed and the developments in contemporary times. Prof Schiller is a treat to learn from and I thank him and the Yale community for this exceptional course.

By Adriana P

Oct 7, 2020

When I started this course I didn't knew much about the finance world and its inner workings. What I liked most about the course was the large specter that it covered, it was a from A to Z for beginners and what it did for me is it had awakened the curiosity to learn more about the field. I also love the fact that the presentation of concepts was backed by actual examples. It helped me understand better and create connections with events and notions that I already possessed. Very helpful! Thank you for the course!


Apr 21, 2021

Professor Shiller makes this course relevant and easy to understand. Thank you Professor and I'm so happy you are the teaching this course. You speak eloquently and you explain the topics as simply as possible even if I know you're so genius. Thank you Coursera for the free course and simple to use tool. The quizzes are also worthwhile. It's something to be proud of even during this time of Covid-19 pandemic. Worth the time. Never too old to learn something new. Please continue to offer quality and free courses.

By Farah F K

Feb 17, 2023

This course has been a great way to introduce the basics of financial markets and the way it works in the practical world. The illustrations are great with historical point of view, which makes us easier to understand how the financial markets have been emerged throughout the years. The aspiring professionals who want to pursue their further career in the field of investment company, real estate, or anything related to finance, this course gives them a great opportunity to understand the implications of finance.

By Tarun r

Jul 5, 2020

Professor Shiller has a vast knowledge about his field he is an award-winning economist and gives us a deep knowledge about the course I would love to take more courses from professor Shiller as a suggestion to you can you please bring more videos of professor so that we can more deeply understand the financial markets as I am keen to learn more about the markets. Overall the course is so good I just loved professors' way of teaching. He is good and I think the best teacher in the world we love you, professor.

By Umar F

Apr 4, 2020

This course starts slow but as you enter second week, you find yourself pulled towards the charismatic explanations and wonderful examples given by the legendary Robert Shiller. It covers everything that is mildly or heavily related to financial markets. I'd recommend watching the videos in 1.25x as Mr.Shiller can seem slow to some of the students watching the videos. A comprehensive and complete course which ends with a rather emotional touch by the Nobel prize winning course instructor. Loved it, five stars.

By Ankit S

Jan 1, 2018

This course of 'Financial Markets' by Prof. Robert Shiller was one of the best courses I've been studied so far. The curriculum and syllabus of the course was brilliantly designed and the quizzes gave a good overview of the chapter. Prof. Robert Shiller is very brilliant in his field, I personally thank him for teaching this course and I want to congratulate him for his successes in the financial markets. I think this course will help me to think in a wide variety of ways in the 'Financial world and systems'.

By Jorg v G

Jun 3, 2019

A very extensive course with a macro overview of many financial terms and regulations. I really liked the fact that the history of many financial acts, regulations etc was explained. In this way you can understand why certain financial instruments were created and mostly still used today.

Professor Shiller is all knowing and a great host to talk us through. Even though I am not a financial specialist I enjoyed the course a lot and it has given me great insights.

Thank you for all who made this course possible!

By Adelaide L

Jul 24, 2023

I enjoyed the Professor's multidisciplinary approach to finance while drawing on real-world examples. The course also includes interviews with Roger Ferguson and Lei Zhang as well as a guest lecture by Georgia Keohane on innovative finance. Initially, I had taken the course to better my understanding of the interplay between law and finance, but what piqued my interest were the topics of finance and risk management directed to resource allocation and the achievement of social and environmental development. 

By Gabriel E

Mar 15, 2021

I enjoyed this course I feel that I learned a lot. In particular, I appreciated Shillers willingness to question the dominant economic belief that humans are rational and the markets are guided by some ineffable and omnipotent invisible hand. That logic has gotten us into a world of trouble.

Also found navigating the course a bit difficult when compared to other courses on Coursera. After finishing the last lecture I had a hard time getting back to the peer graded assignment to complete my peer reviews.

By Timothy E T

Apr 19, 2020

Laden with humor, passion and humility, Prof Shiller manages to distill the complex world of finance into something more meaningful, relatable and ultimately an enjoyable learning journey. There's also this certain degree of quality ranging from the lectures and content, the inclusion of a helpful fellow class rep, post-lecture discussions and even guest lectures that complements the modules included in this course. Special thanks to Yale and Coursera for making this accessible to the masses. Thank you!

By Emmanuel O

Sep 18, 2019

The best thing i ever done this year is taking this course,the lecturer was very analytical and superb,every inch of the course was educative,informative and enjoyable kudos to all the staff that made this possible.I learnt a lot of new techniques as a financial tools related to both financial markets and others globally.A very deep insight into financial world globally deepens and broaden my knowledge about the nitty-gritty of FINANCE.Prof.Robert shiller you are the best include the rest of the staff.

By Haocheng X

Jul 7, 2020

generally, it is a great course for beginners to get to learn about the finance field as well as some other economic aspects; however, at the same time, Prof. Shiller presents some very unique opinions and perspectives on some things that may look regular to others, so it is an awesome opportunity as well to refresh these topics and gain some interesting ideas and thinking on them from a world-known economists Robert Shiller. Plus, it is a free course. I would say it's worth taking it. It's fantastic.

By Sophie C

Jan 25, 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this course. Professor Shiller has a particularly engaging teaching style which made learning the content all the more interesting. I now feel much more confident in my understanding of key financial concepts and the role of markets in the world around us. I also felt the assessments were really useful in marking my progress in each module and that the peer-assessment in Week 4 also tested my ability to discuss the benefits of financial markets in the real world.

By Krista T

May 30, 2018

Excellent, comprehensive and fairly challenging course on financial markets, mainly due to the breadth of topics covered. Professor Shiller is an engaging lecturer and has a refreshingly balanced view of finance - he does not just preach efficient markets but talks about democratizing finance and innovating for good. The Chalk Talk sessions are helpful in understanding some of the (more mathematical) theory. To get the most out of the course I would recommend an introductory textbook to accompany.

By M.Hoang N

Jan 29, 2024

This course is highly beneficial, particularly for individuals seeking a deeper understanding of financial markets. It comprehensively explores various aspects such as real estate, investments, futures, and more, presented in a well-organized manner. While some terms may not be explicitly explained, conducting additional research, perhaps by consulting online resources, can enhance comprehension. I believe that post-lesson research is an essential part of the learning process for any student.

By Zeeshaan A

May 29, 2020

This course gave me an opportunity to Explore & Exposed to the global financial industry, world & economy, financial markets, finance as core & building the niche, financial innovations, behavioral finance, finance as a technology invention/innovation, finance as skills/career & it is everything about finance. It is holistic about finance as a domain. Thanks to the team of Coursera & Yale University in enhancing my Knowledge by educating & building the necessary skills in finance as a whole.

By Việt H H

Sep 29, 2022

The course provides fundamental information on many aspects of financial markets. Although it is mostly about the U.S. system, it also includes a lot of examples from different countries around the world. The most important idea is that finance is necessary and important to manage risks, incentivize people, and manage resources to make things happen. The teacher and assistants in the course have been really helpful, and the quizzes also helped me understand and remember the knowledge better.

By Haoyan L

Mar 12, 2022

I took this course after I completed my CFA Level II exam, and I realized that all the topics covered in this course were covered in my CFA curriculum. Still, I got to learn it again from distinguished professor Rober Shiller and developed new perspectives. All the knowledge I learned before taking this course started to make more sense, and I also enjoy the way Prof. Shiller teaches. I would recommend this course to anyone who has basic financial knowledge and shares enthusiasm for finance.