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An overview of the ideas, methods, and institutions that permit human society to manage risks and foster enterprise. Emphasis on financially-savvy leadership skills. Description of practices today and analysis of prospects for the future. Introduction to risk management and behavioral finance principles to understand the real-world functioning of securities, insurance, and banking industries. The ultimate goal of this course is using such industries effectively and towards a better society....

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This course is so useful to know about finance in depth it gives more examples about the finance . It help to make more decision in finance market. It also motivate students to attract towards finance


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Pretty good intro to finance, although I felt like Professor Shiller could have explained some things more clearly. I found myself frequently going to investopedia to understand things more clearly.

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By Koren L

Jan 28, 2023

I truly tried to take this course, but the professor is awful. I don't think there was one subject he covered and I understood from the video. I literally kept pausing the videos searched the terms on google. some of the terms i managed to understand in less than a minute, while he made them sound rocket science. i cannot continue with this course, truly expected more from it.

By Agustina G

Feb 7, 2022

I felt bored watching the videos, I was expecting something more interesting. I'm not able to consider it tolerable. The information is good at some point, but It's better to search it by my own than waiting for him to explain things in almost the worst way possible. Sorry.

By Aleksandra T

Feb 23, 2022

The course is old and irrelevant for the year that we are in! it is also not for beginners and people with no previous knowledge in finance. The quality of the videos is poor and the videos are cropped

By Robin

Nov 17, 2022

Incoherent course.

Bad sound quality.

Also, there seems to be going on some sort of phishing in the discussion forums.

By Adam

Aug 5, 2023

Not a beginner course. requires an extensive amount of knowledge of economics, statistics, and mathematics.

By Chandra P

Jun 11, 2021

Very boring professor, makes even interesting things look boring. and very slow as well.

By Paula F

Mar 11, 2021

no certificado vem escrito "sem creditos autorizados por YALE" um verdadeir golpe

By aldrish j

Apr 8, 2024

I hate that I had to buy the certificate

By Amit G

Oct 1, 2023

I recently completed the Financial Markets at Coursera, and I must say that it exceeded my expectations in several ways. This course provided me with a deep understanding of finance markets, and I am extremely satisfied with the knowledge and skills I have gained. Course Content (5/5): The course content was well-structured, covering a wide range of topics from basic financial concepts to advanced trading strategies. Each module built upon the previous one, creating a logical progression of learning. The real-world examples and case studies made the complex financial theories easier to grasp. Instructors (5/5): The instructors were highly knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter. They effectively communicated complex ideas, making them accessible to all levels of learners. Their responsiveness to questions and engagement with the students was commendable. Resources (4/5): The course provided a plethora of resources, including lecture notes, recommended readings, and supplementary materials. However, it would have been even better if there were more interactive elements like quizzes and assignments to reinforce learning. Practical Applications (5/5): One of the standout features of this course was its emphasis on practical applications. The trading simulations, investment analysis projects, and discussions on current market trends gave me valuable hands-on experience that I can apply in my career. Community and Peer Interaction (4/5): While there was an option to engage with peers through forums and discussions, more structured opportunities for collaboration and networking would have been beneficial. Certification (5/5): The course completion certificate from [Institution/Platform Name] carries significant value in the finance industry, and I believe it will enhance my professional credentials. Overall (4.5/5): In conclusion, the [Course Name] was a highly enriching experience, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone interested in finance markets. The knowledge and skills I acquired during this course have already proven invaluable in my career, and I look forward to continuing my education in this field. I would like to express my gratitude to the instructors and the Yale University for offering such a comprehensive and insightful finance market course. It has been a game-changer for me, and I can't wait to see where this knowledge takes me in my financial career. A very special thanks to Professor Robert Shiller for such a splendid and memorable experience.

By Steve S

Jul 20, 2020

While I was not forced to sign an honors pledge that I read all the readings and attended the tutorials that would have been required at Yale, I genuinely enjoyed the course. I'm grateful. Schiller came across to me as humble, but highly informed. He obviously crafted this course for Yalies, which I am not, but getting the same information that these privileged folks got (at great expense for them, but not for me) was a generous gift.

While I am an investor with monies I never expected to be responsible for when I was younger, the synthetic grasp of the financial markets is simply all the more valuable to me. This is a case where the more we know, the more we have ears to hear. Agreeing with all his perspectives or those of Yale as a cultural community is not necessary for me to benefit from this overview.

I appreciated the careful selection of interesting shorts, rather than just a sequential taping of an actual course. The addition of non-lecture vignettes was helpful, and lowered the monotony of the lectures.

The quizzes and assignment were quite doable, and the ability to re-take them until I got a passing grade was appropriate for me as an adult learner.

One comment I would add is that the choice to pursue financial capital first or to apply one's gifts to add value to the world now is not so straightforward as Schiller suggests. If you place your focus on finances first, that will enhance your chances of reaping a financial harvest. If you instead place your focus on reaping a relational harvest, the human capital you invest in may far outweigh any finances you forgo.

Likewise I would add that moral hazard besets all participants in financial markets. Anyone who believes themselves immune has only increased their risk. We always deceive ourselves first before we deceive anyone else, and we are all most easily deceived by the people who know us most intimately.

By Mahmoud A I

Mar 24, 2024

I recently completed the online course on financial markets, and I wanted to share my feedback on the experience. Overall, I found the course to be incredibly informative and engaging, largely due to the professionalism and expertise of the instructor. First and foremost, the instructor's delivery of the course material was exceptional. They had a knack for explaining complex concepts clearly and concisely, making it easy for learners of all levels to grasp the information. Their smooth delivery style kept me engaged throughout the course, and I never felt overwhelmed by the content. Moreover, the instructor's friendly demeanor created a welcoming learning environment. Despite the technical nature of the subject matter, they managed to make the course enjoyable and approachable. I appreciated the instructor's willingness to answer questions and provide additional clarification when needed, further enhancing the learning experience. One aspect of the course that stood out to me was the abundance of factual information and real-world examples provided. The instructor didn't just stick to theoretical concepts but also illustrated key points with practical examples from the financial world. This approach helped me better understand how the concepts we were learning applied in real-life scenarios, which is invaluable for anyone looking to navigate the financial markets. In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed taking the online course on financial markets. The instructor's professionalism, smooth delivery, and friendly demeanor made for an exceptional learning experience. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to gain a better understanding of the financial markets. Thank you to the instructor for their dedication to teaching and sharing their expertise with students like myself.


Aug 2, 2023

I am writing to express my appreciation for the “Financial Markets” course that I recently completed. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it to be very informative and engaging. The instructor, Mr. Robert Shiller, was excellent and did a great job of presenting the material in a clear and concise way. I also appreciated the variety of learning activities that were included in the course, which helped me to solidify my understanding of the material.

I believe that this course has significantly improved my knowledge. I am confident that this knowledge will be valuable to me in my future career.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning more about auditing. The instructor is knowledgeable and engaging, and the course content is well-organized and informative. I am grateful for the opportunity to have taken this course, and I believe that it has been a valuable addition to my education.

Here are some specific things that I appreciated about the course:

·The instructor was clear and concise in their presentations.

·The course content was well-organized and easy to follow.

·The variety of learning activities helped me to solidify my understanding of the material.

·I felt like I was able to learn at my own pace and in a way that was most effective for me.

Overall, I had a very positive experience with the “Financial Markets” course. I believe that it has been a valuable addition to my education, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning more about auditing.

Thank you again for the opportunity to have taken this course.

By Shafin A

Mar 13, 2021

This course was incredibly enriching and highly relevant. Professor Shiller uses a very seamlessly integrated methodology of combining high quality lecture videos with accompanying texts and PowerPoint / PDF files to deliver his content. The structure includes his charismatic personal lectures, discussions with students (called Salons), teaching assistants, use of a whiteboard (chalk and talk), suggested readings, discussion board posts and more. The course keeps one vigilant by having to participate in pop-up questions (during the lecture videos), end of lesson quizzes, peer-reviewed written assignment, and a comprehensive final exam. Most of all is the beauty of understanding the vast complexities of financial markets with great historical and current relevance, introduction to many fundamentally important financial terms and enough coverage of quantitative analysis to direct scholars who are interested to search for and improve these skills. I have to admit that this is not an easy course, particularly for people who might not have an adequate background in the discipline of finance, but I don't think it is meant to be a substitute for a semester long course in finance (intermediate or advanced). Rather, it soaks the sponge of learning enough to enthusiastically yearn for more. My only regret was not being able to take a face to face course directly under him, which of course, would have meant being a student at Yale, and towards that impediment I also thank Coursera and the accompanying folks who made this education possible. Thank you, Professor Shiller!

By Karabey T

Oct 9, 2023

I recently completed the Financial Markets course, and I must say it was an outstanding learning experience! The course content was not only comprehensive but also delivered in a highly engaging and accessible manner. The instructors were not only knowledgeable but also passionate about the subject matter, which made the learning process enjoyable. What I appreciated most about this course was its practical approach to understanding financial markets. It provided valuable insights into the workings of various financial instruments, trading strategies, risk management, and market analysis. The real-life examples and case studies helped me apply the concepts I learned in a real-world context. Moreover, the course materials were well-structured, and the online platform was user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and access resources. The quizzes and assignments were challenging but fair, helping me solidify my understanding and measure my progress throughout the course. I also found the peer discussion forums to be a great addition. They allowed me to interact with fellow learners, share insights, and gain different perspectives on financial market topics. In conclusion, this Financial Markets course exceeded my expectations. It not only equipped me with a solid foundation in financial markets but also boosted my confidence in making informed investment decisions. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to enhance their knowledge in this field or anyone interested in the world of finance. It's an investment in yourself that's truly worth it!

By sam j

Feb 11, 2020

the first time thank you, Mr Robert Shiller, his lessons

Financial Market

Understanding the Financial Markets

Financial markets play a vital role in facilitating the smooth operation of capitalist economies by allocating resources and creating liquidity for businesses and entrepreneurs. The markets make it easy for buyers and sellers to trade their financial holdings. Financial markets create securities products that provide a return for those who have excess funds (Investors/lenders) and make these funds available to those who need additional money (borrowers).

The stock market is just one type of financial market. Financial markets are made by buying and selling numerous types of financial instruments including equities, bonds, currencies, and derivatives. Financial markets rely heavily on informational transparency to ensure that the markets set prices that are efficient and appropriate. The market prices of securities may not be indicative of their intrinsic value because of macroeconomic forces like taxes

Some financial markets are small with little activity, and others, like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), trade trillions of dollars of securities daily. The equities (stock) market is a financial market that enables investors to buy and sell shares of publicly traded companies. The primary stock market is where new issues of stocks, called initial public offerings (IPOs), are sold. Any subsequent trading of stocks occurs in the secondary market, where investors buy and sell securities that they already own

By Quiana B

Dec 21, 2017

Absolutely the BEST MOOC I have taken to date. I am in the process of a slight career change and needed pertinent background information to begin pursuing a higher degree in my new chosen field - namely Economics and Finance. This course was PERFECT for such an endeavor. I learned a wealth of information that I could immediately apply to both every day financial situations and to understanding the current state of the global market as a whole. I truly wish that Yale would offer more such courses on this topic on the Coursera platform. The professor's lectures and round-table student discussions were clear, concise, and provided an immense amount of insight into this field. Thank you, Prof. Shiller for presenting such an amazing course to the general public. I am also so pleased that this MOOC offered Honors quizzes, to truly test the knowledge that was applied. There is a written assignment for peer review, which was based on a current global financial topic, and I am so glad that it was needed to complete this course. Once I read the material and had to apply the knowledge that I learned throughout the course, I surprised even myself as to what I had acquired from the lectures and how passionate it made me regarding the subject at hand. Overall, great course from a highly prestigious school and a teacher that seems truly sincere about his field and sharing his experience with all. THANK YOU!!

By Isaac A S D

May 8, 2020

I thing this course was very useful as an introduction to financial markets. The professor is very enthusiastic and committed to what he teaches. Its a pity that there are people that things this course is a waste of time. If you want to know what I think about this people, you can use Google Translator as an example that you can search for what you don't know on the INTERNET.

Por mi parte este curso me fue muy útil como introducción a los mercados financieros, lleno de ejemplos y que cambió mi perspectiva de los mercados financieros.

He leído las opiniones del curso y son muy variadas, pero hay una en especial que me molestó demasiado. Un sujeto llamado James R. dice ser doctor (no se en qué) y tener casi 20 años de profesor titular (quien sabe donde). Se la pasa criticando el curso alegando que hay muchas cosas no explicadas o que no se encuentran en el curso. Sin embargo, creo que basta con poner la definición en Internet para encontrarla. Si bien muchas formulas no están explicadas, estoy seguro que la razón es porque para poder explicar de donde vienen se necesitaría más teoría. No se si la gente no es capaz de leer antes que este curso es para principiantes, lo importante es entender los conceptos como tal, ¡SABER QUE EXISTEN!, esta diseñado para personas que no tienen conocimientos avanzados en finanzas ni economía.

By Alex J

Sep 3, 2023

I recently had the privilege of enrolling in the "Financial Markets" course on Coursera, led by the renowned Professor Robert Shiller. This educational experience has been nothing short of exceptional, providing me with a profound understanding of the intricate world of finance.

Professor Shiller's course structure and teaching methodology are highly commendable. The content is meticulously organized, starting with the fundamentals of financial markets and gradually delving into advanced concepts. This structured approach ensures that learners of all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals, can benefit from the course.

One of the course's standout features is its commitment to real-world relevance. Professor Shiller draws upon his extensive expertise in the field to incorporate current market developments and practical examples into the curriculum. This not only makes the content engaging but also immediately applicable in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

The course covers a broad spectrum of financial instruments, from stocks and bonds to derivatives and alternative investments. Professor Shiller's ability to simplify complex topics is exceptional. He breaks down intricate concepts into digestible components, making it easier for students to grasp and retain the material.

By Nermeen N

Jul 5, 2020

Professor Robert Shiller is WONDERFUL!

I am so proud of this certificate. After much deliberation, I decided to develop my interest in financial markets by enrolling in this course. A challenging journey of seven weeks, 19 quizzes, and one assignment taught by the Nobel Prize winning renowned economist Robert Shiller whom I most admire. And how rewarding it has been! I loved learning about ideas, methods, and institutions that permit human society to manage risks and foster enterprise. About risk management and behavioral finance principles so that I can understand the real-world functioning of securities, insurance, and banking industries. Professor Shiller’s ultimate goal and unabating message was to teach us how such industries can effectively build better societies and how innovations in finance can enhance financial equality for generations to come. One would think that a course on financial markets would be boring, I couldn’t disagree more. I learnt so much about the world around me and how it’s all interconnected. I learnt about human psychology and how that influences economic bubbles (or as Professor Shiller prefers to call them; epidemics), and how they burst into great recessions. So challenging, and so enriching. I am very happy today.

By Winnie W

Jan 15, 2019

Great course! This is my first time using the online study platform Coursera to join a single course, and I would like to say it is a nice engaging experience for me when learning the course. I really appreciate the Coursera Platform for providing us the opportunity to study the course from the prestigious professor and university.

The course financial market for me is an excellent courses to involve in the financial backgrounds and basic financial instruments. The course does not dive too deep in the mathematical side but more likely to be the outline and theory side. The most great bones point for the course is that Professor Shiller included so much real life scenarios and single cases into each theory and definition, which really helps me understanding and memorizing the content.

And I got an advice for the platform as well, the single videos and ppt slides are separate with each other, when I study them one by one, sometimes I cannot found the inner logic for each tiny topic and sub-point. Maybe the platform could provide something like the outline for each module to guide the study and show what the connection among all the single topic is.

Thanks for all the staff and Professor for providing great course for us.

By Frank H

Sep 22, 2021

I have always been a fan of Professor Robert Shiller at Yale University and I think he ranks up there with the greatest economists of all times such as Adam Smith, John Maynard Keynes, and Joseph Schumpeter based on his efforts to enhance the concept of behavioral economics and finance as it relates to financial markets and society in general.

As we are well aware, we live in a world where 'Financial Capitalism' is the bedrock of everyday life, and while in the past couple of decades there has been a fixation on data and quantitative analysis in the area of Finance, Economics, and Investing, what the 'Financial Markets' course has enabled me to magnify is the importance of concepts like qualitative analysis, financial institutions, human nature and human capital which should be considered critically in addition to accessing data, equations and efficient market theories that tell part of a broader story in financial decision making.

I am thrilled that I took this brilliant course and I am confident of the impact that will be made from the principles and insights learned from this course!

By Chan W K

Apr 12, 2020

I thought the course was very useful, contemporary and insightful. Professor Shiller clearly explained all the concepts well and did a good job in linking financial theories to real-life practical events. The course is certainly not at the beginner's level as it touched on certain topics well beyond the undergraduate level. Being a course offered by Yale University, it is no surprise that the contents were structured within the US context, with acts and statues originating from the US's jurisdiction. The only shortfall I felt in this course is that a number of questions in the quizzes were skewed towards an economic approach rather than from the finance perspective, with these set with a finance tone initially but ended up with how it produced various economic effects. Otherwise, the entire course was an excellent opportunity for learners wishing to pursue a career in finance or anyone having an acute interest in this field.

By Tom S

Feb 2, 2023

It is an excellent course, the teacher is great and the subjects discussed are much more diverse than I originally thought they would be, it manages to not only teach about finance but also about how it can be used as a tool for good, it discusses the morality of finance, what are the regulations and how they come to be, the importance of said regulations for the market, what is the purpose of financial products, what are the different types of products and the different financial theories.

It goes from general to specific which greatly help memorizing with the numerous examples and stories told across the course.

I really felt the passion of Mr Shiller for finance and he managed to transmit it while keeping what I would consider to be a neutral stance regarding the numerous subjects discussed and pointing out the good and bad in whatever was being talk about. I am glad I was able to take this course.

By Satyanarayana K

Jan 28, 2020

I recommend this course for everyone who has a grasp on high school math. It is important to understand the world we live in, we can not ignore the markets since they affect our lives. Some of the material has practical use, such as mortgages. It is also useful for you to make decisions about your 401k accounts. There were some critical reviews that claimed the math was not explained in detail. It is true that you will need to work out the math by hand yourself to get a full appreciation. Please use the forum to get help or even discuss the math in detail, I have seen fellow students who knew enough to explain. There are quite a few mentors and some students who can explain if you are stuck, there is a recommended text book that has the math worked out in detail. The historical perspective and linking of concepts of insurance, valuation, behavioral effects, and regulation is quite coherent.

By Dayger C

Sep 8, 2017

This is an essential education for everyone, finances touch every nation, community, families and individuals. Finance should be teach from a very young age and I think will make a big difference in our world.This course is base on a high advance level is not about treating investment as a gamble base on luck, it is about how have a prudential planning and basic knowledge and to have purpose driven life that we can use our finance knowledge to make a difference in life, and what I learn the most the realization of the importance of risk-management. "The problem with finance is a high inequality in this field. Some people make a lot of money, but on the other hand, you have to give it away. This is another thing about this course. If you make a lot of money in finance, it's a game, you enjoyed it, now give most of it away – that's going to be a theme." Robert Shiller (Excellent Professor)