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International Communication and East Asian Affairs (3)
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International Communication and East Asian Affairs (3)

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Annie Jieping Zhang
Jilung Hsieh 謝吉隆
HuiMin Chen

Instructors: Annie Jieping Zhang

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June 2024


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There are 5 modules in this course

Greetings, aspiring journalists! Welcome to the realm of non-fiction reporting in the Mandarin-speaking world. Throughout this module, we will delve into the essence of non-fiction reporting, uncovering its pivotal role in shaping public discourse and understanding societal narratives. By exploring various reporting models and their applicability in diverse contexts, you will gain invaluable insights into crafting compelling narratives that resonate with audiences. Furthermore, we will sharpen our skills in selecting topics that not only capture attention but also illuminate pressing issues within Mandarin-speaking communities. By the end of this course, you will refine your ability to identify impactful stories and craft them into insightful journalistic content. Join us as we explore the power of non-fiction reporting in the Mandarin-speaking world and globally, equipping ourselves with the tools and knowledge to understand and articulate the complexities of contemporary journalism with confidence and skill.

What's included

7 videos1 assignment

Hello, everyone! Welcome to International Broadcasting and we are excited to have you in this course and looking forward to providing you with further understanding about Taiwan’s media landscape and its development. In this class, we will share with you what international broadcasting is and the lecturer is going to use some personal experiences to share with our learners. So you will understand the basic concept of the history of radio, radio before and after the Cold War and the recent development. Besides the lectures, there will also be a quiz after you finish this course. It is intended for your self-evaluation.

What's included

6 videos1 assignment

This module will introduce methods of stance detection and sentiment analysis in public opinion analysis. Besides understanding the challenges such methods may encounter through real-life examples, this module will introduce a Google Sheets extension and guide learners in using this extension to identify public opinion stances with large language models (LLMs). The course will provide practice examples and actual step-by-step tutorials to let learners experience the capabilities and usability of such tools. Furthermore, this module will also present case studies of stance detection in Chinese, allowing learners to experience the cross-lingual abilities of LLMs and the opportunities they present in overcoming cross-linguistic barriers in past international communication research.

What's included

8 videos3 readings1 assignment

In this class, we will learn the difference between cheap fakes and deep fakes/ AI generated images. First of all, we will use image reverse and google maps as the tools to search the original photo or understand the context of the related event. Compared to this “real” information, we can verify altered photos and out-of-context footage. Secondly, we will learn the trend of AI-generated and Deep Fakes. Through fun quizzes, you may feel how difficult it is to tell if the images are real or fake. Then, we will learn the open source tools and the tips to spot the AI-generated and Deep Fakes. The goal of this class is not only learning the practical tools and skills to verify the footage/ images, but also to cultivate media literacy and how to practice the verification SOP.

What's included

6 videos6 readings1 assignment

What's included

1 assignment


Annie Jieping Zhang
National Taiwan University
1 Course26 learners
Jilung Hsieh 謝吉隆
National Taiwan University
1 Course26 learners

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