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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Introduction to Accounting Data Analytics and Visualization by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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About the Course

Accounting has always been about analytical thinking. From the earliest days of the profession, Luca Pacioli emphasized the importance of math and order for analyzing business transactions. The skillset that accountants have needed to perform math and to keep order has evolved from pencil and paper, to typewriters and calculators, then to spreadsheets and accounting software. A new skillset that is becoming more important for nearly every aspect of business is that of big data analytics: analyzing large amounts of data to find actionable insights. This course is designed to help accounting students develop an analytical mindset and prepare them to use data analytic programming languages like Python and R. We’ve divided the course into three main sections. In the first section, we bridge accountancy to analytics. We identify how tasks in the five major subdomains of accounting (i.e., financial, managerial, audit, tax, and systems) have historically required an analytical mindset, and we then explore how those tasks can be completed more effectively and efficiently by using big data analytics. We then present a FACT framework for guiding big data analytics: Frame a question, Assemble data, Calculate the data, and Tell others about the results. In the second section of the course, we emphasize the importance of assembling data. Using financial statement data, we explain desirable characteristics of both data and datasets that will lead to effective calculations and visualizations. In the third, and largest section of the course, we demonstrate and explore how Excel and Tableau can be used to analyze big data. We describe visual perception principles and then apply those principles to create effective visualizations. We then examine fundamental data analytic tools, such as regression, linear programming (using Excel Solver), and clustering in the context of point of sale data and loan data. We conclude by demonstrating the power of data analytic programming languages to assemble, visualize, and analyze data. We introduce Visual Basic for Applications as an example of a programming language, and the Visual Basic Editor as an example of an integrated development environment (IDE)....

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May 30, 2020

It teaches us the basics of data analytics and it is very progressive. There are assignments to help us understand and practice the methods being taught. This allows us to have first-hand experiences.


Nov 6, 2021

I have learn a lot of solid knowledge about Data Visualization, Excel VBA, and programming hints from this course. I recommend this course to those who wants to skill up on Excel and Data analytic.

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By Alex E

May 23, 2021

The practice exercises were just great! I am left with only a few questions unanswered after watching the videos. The material is very well explained and shown. I could easily understand complicated subjects after watching the examples and doing it together with the teacher on my computer.

As for the theory I found that the teacher was trying to pack more information in one course than it could possible be ingestible, and for my opinion he succeeded, but it just a lot of information! In one video the teacher was explaining about Visual Basic functionality and in the next video about Machine Learning and Clustering. At some point I started to stop the videos and make some notes and when I finished the course there were 33 pages of notes!

Also, as a not native English speaker I found it hard to interpret all these small nuances in questions in quizzes.

The last point I want to mention is that this course definitely requires some previous experience with Excel and math background as well.

And finally, I want to say BIG thanks to Ronald Guymon for his outstanding work!

By Md. S I

Feb 7, 2021

Accounting is not just crunching numbers using traditional journals. Automation is the new norm now. I must say this course offered what it promised to deliver. If you are an aspiring accountant of the future, this course is a must for you. Great job Illinois!

By Christopher A

Aug 28, 2019

Excellent content! Instructor was amazing...interesting and comprehensive. Assignments were excellent as well, though peer-review was impossible because no one kept up with me in the course.

By Michael P

Feb 21, 2020

Excellent course, well structured, taught by a subject matter expert, suitable for individuals with executive background as well as middle-level and junior learners. Highly recommended.

By Mak J W

Jun 16, 2020

I absolutely love the way Professor Guymon carries out his online module. Most of the videos have given me interesting insights into accounting analytics which I am confident of utilizing it in the future. I would also like to comment on how the video has captured my attention through the sceneries, interesting features of the school as well as interviewing people in the accounting data analytics field. Thank you for this fantastic online experience.

By Mok W Q R

Jul 4, 2020

This course had exceeded my expectations! It really knows what the focus of the course should be. There are many things to learn in data analytics and the professor of the course did a touch and go on those advanced concepts and kept focusing on how to present the data which was done so with superb clarity was so apt. I will definitely rewatch the videos and apply what i have learnts!

By Mark A

Jul 7, 2021

One of the best accounting analytics and visualization courses I ever took. I highly recommend anyone who wants to gain deep knowledge and understanding related to accounting data analytics and visualization. Thank you Professor Ronald Guymon for your amazing explanation.

By Zong H T

May 31, 2020

I think that the course is interesting and the pace is comfortable to learners. I just wish that that can be more practice and pdf/word docs of lecture notes to make the content more organised. Kepp up the good work!

By Sheah D Z

Jun 12, 2020

Very insightful session on how to get the best picture out of huge data. I certainly like the homework as it gave me time to practice on certain items. I highly recommend to those who take

By Alison Z

Nov 8, 2019

one of most insightful data analytics courses from the finance perspective, very good intro coursera for both business professional and IT professionals

By Lim J H G

Jun 4, 2020

Useful for those interesting in learning more about data analytics using Excel! Might be a little content heavy towards week 6 but it was interesting nonetheless with plenty of hands-on assignments.

By Amelia S

Jun 29, 2020

The lectures are very well structured and the flow of each lectures flows great

reference support and reading material is very satisfying

Presentation support such as drawings, slides, cartoons is very interesting

the way the lecturer teaches is very passionate and very interesting

the speed of the lecturer is suitable to my ability to listen and comprehend

the voice and pronunciation are clear and easy to understand

the material taught is very useful, interesting and up to date

By Anna K

Nov 4, 2020

This is a great intro course for accounting data analytics and visualization, like the title states. It involves a combination of technical, analysis, and practical skills. Great for those with an accounting background looking to learn more about the application of analytics and visualization in the field. Professor Guymon's passion for the subject material is palpable and he presents the material in a clear and digestible manner. Looking forward to completing the specialization!

By Maria M S

Sep 4, 2020

Really love the courses! I've been in accounting field since college to work, but never been informed (well) with data. This course provides sufficient materials to understand about data analytic and visualization with accounting/finance data. Some of the materials are pretty difficult to understand, especially that I have bad skill in statistic, but the instructor is very great at explaining details. Thank you!

By Damien C L S

Jul 2, 2020

Thank you, Professor Ronald Guymon! Introduction to Accounting Data Analytics and Visualization is an immersive experience. The combination of discrete data and excel can result in visually appealing presentations such as Scatter Plots, Box and Whisker Diagram, and Pivot Tables. The implementation of the Regression Line (best-fit line) helps to derive values of R Square, Significance F and P. Kudos to you!

By Gypsy G G

Aug 5, 2020

I’ve been working in audit since I finished my degree (about 4+ years now) and this course expanded my view on what potential path I can take that will allow me to learn and hone new interests without having to leave behind acquired technical skills from my job. This is a great program and I highly recommend this!

By Bradford M

Jun 15, 2022

Great course in learning VBA, Pivot Table, Tableau, Regression and Logistical Regression, Analytical Mindset with the FACT Framework (F-Frame the question, A-Assemble data, C-Calculate results and T-Tell others about results). So much for a refresher and much to learn. #data #tableau #dataanalytics

By Maria M

Jun 27, 2021

Thank you Illinois, Coursera, and Ronald for this amazing course. I can learned about excel analysis (before this I never know about scatter plot and regression can really impact to analyze data) and this is very useful for my job as an auditor. Can't wait to join the next course with python!

By Kan L

Jul 9, 2020

I really like how there were demonstrations on using Excel & Tableau, where the data sets are included in each module for us to practise the skills ourselves. The lessons are also extremely engaging & useful. I enjoyed this course thoroughly & am now better skilled in using Excel!


Jul 7, 2020

Very informative course. Skills learnt in this course are definitely applicable to the future.

Course content is not very heavy and relatively interesting. Learn more about data analytics and how to use Excel better, which is the key takeaway for this course.

By Kevin B

Sep 7, 2021

I really enjoyed this course, and found the instruction to be very clear, relatable, and easy to apply. They really took the time to explain the why behind the concepts, and show how to manually calculate. Overall it was a great course to take.

By Dedunupiti G S K

Aug 19, 2022

A beginner to statistics will face some difficulties in understanding some concept as they are not well explained. Best thing is to search for some youtube videos to understand them. But overall a great Introduction to Data Analytics.


Jun 28, 2022

This course equipped me with new skills in accounting data analytics. The best thing is that it explains the typical statistical concepts in a crisp clear and interactive manner. It helped me immensly in accelarating in my current job.

By Badal S

Oct 13, 2020

I have been an Accounting student for 5 years and never had an idea of how closely accounting and Analytics are related. Huge thanks to Prof. Ronald Guymon for such a terrific course on accounting analytics. Loved this course!

By Lim J N G

Aug 11, 2020

Prof was very clear and everything is explained in fairly simple terms, in an easy to understand way. Piqued my interest in the topic and would love to explore in my free time in the future. Thank you Prof Guymon!