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This course will highlight the most interesting experiments within the field of psychology, discussing the implications of those studies for our understanding of the human mind and human behavior. We will explore the brain and some of the cognitive abilities it supports like memory, learning, attention, perception and consciousness. We will examine human development - both in terms of growing up and growing old - and will discuss the manner in which the behavior of others affect our own thoughts and behavior. Finally we will discuss various forms of mental illness and the treatments that are used to help those who suffer from them. The fact of the matter is that humans routinely do amazing things without appreciating how interesting they are. However, we are also routinely influenced by people and events without always being aware of those influences. By the end of this course you will have gained a much better understanding and appreciation of who you are and how you work. And I can guarantee you that you'll learn things that you'll be telling your friends and family about, things that will fundamentally change the way you think of yourself and others. How can you resist that?!...

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Nov 27, 2021

Perfect start. This motivates me to learn more. Prof. Steve is my favorite teacher now. Couldn't have asked for a better person to teach me. Scratched the surface pretty well, now time to dive deeper.


Jan 25, 2021

I found this course very interesting and interactive. I especially enjoyed the week of extra videos where we went into detailed psychological concepts like dreaming. Thank you for an amazing 12 weeks!

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By Nazeediya Z

Nov 23, 2020

One of the best courses for a starter, comprehensive and interesting which in turn motivates one to learn Psychology in depth. Professor Steve Joordens is an excellent teacher, professional, concise. Professor presented the course so well that captured the focus of the students and made it very interesting with detailed explanation and provided various links to understand the subject further. I would take this opportunity to thank Professor Steve Joorden and Coursera Team for the excellent work.

By Csilla H

Apr 21, 2021

I was satisfied with and grateful for the knowledge I have gained during the course. Prof. Joordens' lecturing style and passion always made my day. Unfortunately I've missed my feedback on the last peer-graded assignment as I cannot get access to the forum :the course seems to have been closed although there is a week left to watch the extra videos. Anyway, it is just a little frustration at the end, which cannot overshadow the value I received. Thank you

Csilla Halászi

By Olimpia O M

May 26, 2021

It is an extraordinary course, I have really enjoyed learning with Professor Joorden, he is a great communicator. I thank you for the great EFFORT you have made synthesizing your knowledges in 25-30 minute videos, great job¡ thank you for that! I come from a totally different sector but I have always been interested in psychology, this course has more than fulfilled my expectations. Thank you for that! I hope I can participate in another Professor Joorden course soon.

By Pratibha V

Oct 7, 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Prof. Steve Joordens' style of teaching is very captivating. He makes the process of learning, a kind of fun activity. He helps the learners to understand the concepts, with the examples, which are easy to relate to. He also helps the learners to expand their horizon through excellent reference links. Thank you Prof. Steve. And, thank you Team Coursera, for providing such a wonderful learning experience through a wonderful teacher!

By Eleanor L G B

Jun 3, 2021

A very fun-course, interactive, and informational. I really learned a lot from this course. It has taught me the different types of personality, perception, behaviourism, insight therapies, and cognitive functions of the Psyche. It even delves deeper into the Theory of Mind especially on how to overcome stress and anxierty through self-awareness. Further elaborates on how humans behave, ineteract, anf evolve. Also explains diagnosis for certain kinds of disorders

By izamiel m k v

Jan 30, 2022

realmente me encanto, el nivel de exigencia es acorde al prestigio de la universidad.

me gustaría si que hubiesen más clases en español , seria bueno.

que sean de más tiempo en cuanto a semestres, por ejemplo de uno o dos años, pero es genial aprender y lo mejor de todo el coste que tiene es buenísimo ya que en países como e el que yo vivo(chile) acceder a algo así es imposible por lo caro y la educación muy mala.

por esa razón decidí inscribirme aquí.

By Patrick H

Jul 24, 2019

The course was very in depth and varied. Lots of topics were addressed, accompanied by plenty of material to view and/or read. I really liked the essay assignment of week 10, it really gave me the feeling I had to work hard and get out there and present my obtained knowledge. I didn't expect this from an online course, and to me this is a big plus! Also, great job by professor Joordens! Can you say "about" one more time with that Canadian accent? :-)

By Shikha

Jun 4, 2022

This course is very exhaustive and detailed. It has really changed my perspective of looking at things and also helped me to understand myself and those around me in a very different way. For anyone wanting to understand more about psychology I would say this is the course to take. It covers a wide range of topics. The kind of passion and interest that Professor Joordens brings into the course makes all the difference. Highly recommended course.

By Namrata W

Jun 30, 2020

Professor Steve Joordens has been one of the most influential professors I have met until now. This course cemented my love for psychology and I could also look at the basic concepts of psychology with a unique perspective as professor helped me understand it better with relatable and relevant examples and events. Overall, I would recommend this course to anyone even remotely interested in psychology as by the end of it, you will surely love it.

By Zhazira I

Mar 18, 2020

This a fascinating course! This course one of the best online courses I've ever taken. Prof. Joordens is amazing, the way he presents and explains the topic really impressed me. The course is well structured, each lecture is supported by additional links to videos and readings. I really enjoyed the course, every week i learned new things, got understanding why people behave in a certain way and found answers to many questions i had. Thank you!

By Guillermo

Aug 11, 2020

I would really like to appreciate the effort of Professor Steve Joordens in making this MOOC , I have been a long time seeking a comprehensive introduction to psychology via books or internet but never had the big picture that this course has given me, from here I can dig deeper on selected concepts.

Really recommend it and thanks to Coursera, University of Toronto Scarborough and all the people participating in discussions and rating essays!


Aug 9, 2020

The professor or guide is one of the best teacher I have ever seen, he makes every this real easy to understand and the best part is that he not only teaches but shows you how the theory really works in the real life. It is evident that professor Steve Joordens is passionate about his teaching and is very knowledgeable. The quality of content and material in this course shows that prof has really worked hard for creating this lecture series.

By Mihika M

Jun 23, 2020

This is my first ever course in Coursera and it was honestly a fascinating experience. Steve Joordens taught me so much, I hadn't even learned all this in my college. He explained some deep and dark points but somehow managed to make me smile in every lecture. I have been listening and seeing him for almost 9-10 weeks now and I already miss him! I really hope he comes up with more psychological courses. Thank you for everything sir. :)

By Sahar A

Jan 4, 2021

A journey of mind emotions, and behaviour was amazing with Professor Steve. The way he describes each and everything in short amount of time is indescribable. I love to learn more from him as well. Mind has power to change our thoughts, emotions, & behaviour but we need to understand the trick of debt. ; ).

Thank you coursera to provide us excellent teachers and many only courses.

Thank you professor for such a wonderful Mind journey.

By Miran S

May 29, 2017

Prof Steve Joordens' course was really interestingly structured. Right from the history of psychology, to neuroscience, to some of the most radical kept my interest going. Steve was also easy going and not pedantic. He had a sense of humour. I loved the course and recommended it to others who have taken it too. In fact, because of this course I have gone ahead and signed up with other psychology courses with Coursera.

By Ravisha K

May 21, 2017

In this course, psychology has been taught in a very lucid manner by Prof. Steve Joordens. I have enrolled for this course as am preparing for one of the toughest exams in India (UPSC CSE), and have opted Psychology as my optional subject. Prof. Joordens' style of teaching has simplified the subject topics and made it more interesting for students like us who have no formal academic background in Psychology. Thank you Sir.

Best Wishes.

By Jasmine K

May 17, 2017

Steve Joordens is an amazing professor and offered much more than a standard, although comprehensive, curriculum. The way in which he so intimately involved himself with the students was incredibly impressive and an effective teaching strategy in better engaging interest. I enjoyed this MOOC so much I will be keeping an eye out for any public lectures Joordens may be giving in Toronto, where I live. Without doubt, a 5 star course!

By Vo M T

Apr 14, 2021

A great course by Professor Steve Joordens who has a lively teaching style with a good sense of humour. This course has given me an overview of psychological concepts and lays a solid foundation to continue my higher study of Psychology. The materials provided by the Professor as extra sources of reference are really helpful, too! Highly recommend this course to anyone who are keen on or curious about world of human psychology!

By Aakanksha B

Jan 8, 2018

Extremely informative. The course is structured and well organised. Explanation is given in a simple language and is easy to understand. I did not know much about psychology but doing this course has increased my knowledge as well as confidence to learn more.

The extra readings at the end of each lesson is very useful as well. Thank you so much for this course Professor Joordens. One of the best courses available on psychology.

By Rumilya

Mar 28, 2021

Он самый лучший преподаватель. я проходила на родном мне языке в местном музе тоже самое, но я не была вовлечена на столько в смысл курса, потому что не понимала всего без наглядных примеров, но на этом курсе с замечательным преподавателем я была на 100% вовлечена, было очень интересно, познавательно, и я с удовольствием его хочу пройти повторно, для закрепления знаний и уже не спеша. спасибо за такое прекрасное преподавание.

By Valeria S

Mar 28, 2019

Excelent course and exceptional teacher! The classes are very interesting and dynamic. I learned a lot of topics of psychology and how to apply them in daily life. Steve is clear at explaining complex concepts and gave lots of examples and experiments from around the world. This course gave me a better perspective of this area and make me aware of how can I make the difference and how can I help people. Totally recommended!

By Katy G

Aug 27, 2018

Amazing course. These lectures are interesting, thought-provoking and informative. Prof Joordens has an infectious love for this topic that really comes across in his lectures. The balance of lecture to supplementary material is good, and most of the time if there is a broken link there are some good replacements in the forums. Thank you Prof Joordens, University of Toronto and Coursera for making this course available!

By Marco K

Nov 27, 2018

Prof. Joordens, thank you so much for this course, it has changed my perspective and view of myself, others and the world. So much, that I was starting to ask myself:

The way Prof. Joordens communicates these concepts throughout the course and makes it relatable is so inspiring and insightful. We should strive to educate ourselves and our children with a basic understanding of how our thoughts, emotions and behaviours work.

By William M

Apr 15, 2020

Loved it! Very interesting, covers a good spread of topics for those who have not completed any academic study in this field. The lecturer's genuine love for psychology is clear, and this can make all the difference. After spending a few miserable years in engineering and discovering a love for psychology in my spare time, this has been the final nail in the coffin to make an enormous change of life direction. Thank you!

By Michael G

Jun 17, 2020

Short (on the whole !) videos delivered with enthusiasm and insight by Prof Joordens. Very easy to listen to and he has a good ability to communicate complicated info to new learners. The pace of the course is good, I was motivated to keep going over a number of weeks and was very interested in the variety of topics that are covered. The 2 x tests are good for helping you understand and check your progress. Recommended.