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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Negotiation Fundamentals by ESSEC Business School

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This course gives you access to negotiation practical tools and best practices gathered by Professor Aurélien Colson & his team from assignments in more than seventy countries and in a wide set of sectors, be they services, industry, high tech, or public organizations. In an interactive manner, this course will help you, among other topics: get prepared for any negotiation; avoid traps; know how to prompt value-creating partnerships; structure an effective negotiation sequence; bargain in an efficient and respectful manner; overcome deadlocks; and much more! Indeed, negotiation is not simply about deciding who gets what now – it is first and foremost about creating productive, fair, and therefore long-term partnerships. This course guides you through innovative and proven approaches – “win-win…but not at any price”. Together with its specialization, this course will lead you towards high impact and sustainable negotiations at all levels, whether finding solutions to people management issues, sealing a deal on a sales package, or entering into high-level strategic or political negotiations involving multi-party stakeholders....

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Jul 4, 2021

As a beginner this course is easy to understand the fundamentals of negotiation. The course also makes it easier to understand the different components that makes up negotiation that are very subtle.


May 20, 2020

Aurelien is literally an excellent instructor. Also, the video design, clarity, organization of material, is perfect. Besides, quizzes and assignments composition are entirely matched with the course

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By Ed S

Apr 16, 2020

I can't believe there are so many positive reviews for this course. The videos are short and concise, but every step is another '10-point process' to follow, or another '10-steps to an agreement'. The mandatory tests provide no feedback, and some rely on peer-assessment: if there are NO peers to assess, or to assess your own work, you cannot continue with the course, and there are no moderators or admins active either.

By Chelsea L

Jan 9, 2019

Most of the lectures consisted of the professor listing 10 steps for each subject. I have taken the Art of Negotiation, Negotiation Essentials, and How to Become a Principled & Persuasive Negotiator on Coursera. The latter (from Yale) is really the only one worth taking.

By Heather L

Jul 21, 2020

This course is horrible. It doesn't work for visual learners because all it is is a guy talking for 4-7 minutes at a time. i'm not even sure some of the test questions are accurate. Some questions might not have even been talked about in the course material so you are sifting through all 4 weeks of information to dissect what he said and how reinterpret it to answer the final exam questions.

By Anna O

Oct 12, 2018

The course is very good and provides a structured approach on how to negotiate efficiently however, to me it seems that the Quiz introduces some notions/definition that have not been covered in the course (ex linkage, white elephant.. in the Final Quiz)

By Mushtaq G

Jan 29, 2021

This course is extremely helpful for resolving the issues of daily life. I really enjoyed this course, it has helped me to guide many other to resolve their disputes in a better and productive way.

By Yaki M

Nov 21, 2018

I couldn't take it any longer...

This is the third negotiation course I have attended in Coursera, and the least productive one.

The problem lies in the instructor failure to produce examples from every-day life or their experience. This makes his lectures a monologue rather than a lesson: He is TELLING us, but not TEACHING us.

I wend through the first 2 weeks and then started skipping through the lectures of week 3. It's the same strategy time and again: he is telling us what to to and what to avoid, but without concrete examples.

By Natalia C

May 25, 2017

Absolutely amazing course! I would be glad to go for another course of Professor Aurelien Colson, and to learn deeper communications, tactics, relationships parts, to work with cases. The course is very well structured and presented, very practical and has very useful real working methods. I have quite big experience in negotiations but anyway for me this course is very useful and is very precious and I'm going to implement it into my life. Strongly recommended!

By Rengin A

Aug 5, 2019

A very well-structured program, provides so many details in a very systematic approach that enables you to remember all of them easily.

Especially the road-map of the preparation phase is great.

Thank you very much.


By Sabah F

May 21, 2020

Aurelien is literally an excellent instructor. Also, the video design, clarity, organization of material, is perfect. Besides, quizzes and assignments composition are entirely matched with the course

By Ryan D

Jan 29, 2021

I have been doing sales and Negotiating for years, never felt confident. now after stated learning in detail on negotiating, and hopefully will continue learning the remaining course.

Thank you

By Cristina M C M

Jun 16, 2020

It has been a course that has helped me understand the subject that I did not know formally. I really liked the learning I got through each week, it was not easy for me to understand this topic. Now I understand that negotiating is something I do every day and at any time and I can be prepared for that moment, taking into account many more variables, thus expanding my options and overview of situations, people, and places.

By Lee J

Apr 13, 2020

It's one of the best negotiation course I have ever taken up. The methodology taught in this course is structured, relatable, and most of all, applicable in a real-world context. On top of that, the assignments are well thought through and engaging, looking forward to progress to the next course on International & Cross-Cultural Negotiation.

By Cecilia M E

Mar 4, 2018

This is a must to take if you want to specialize negotiation. It is very insightful and love the pacing and the teachers on the videos. The assignments are also challenging enough to think harder, not to mention the graded and practice quizzes! Will definitely recommend to my friends.

By Gustavo S e S R

Feb 6, 2019

I confess I underestimated the fundamentals of negotiations and started this course on second module, but after I notice I was a bit lost with simple concepts, I came back to this module and got impressed, it is just amazing!

By Nurfauzlyn S

Jul 4, 2021

As a beginner this course is easy to understand the fundamentals of negotiation. The course also makes it easier to understand the different components that makes up negotiation that are very subtle.

By Maarten H

Aug 29, 2018

Very thorough. The quizes are at times a bit unrelated to the material covered in the videos but I suppose that if you buy the book, things are more clear.

By Abhimanyu G

Jun 8, 2020

The course is pretty good and builds up the basis for any sort of negotiation, which could be extended with practice. The video lectures are well placed and cover almost all points for the quizzes directly. The only issue I felt is at times multiple choices questions were very harsh, most options look correct until closely examined. Also, there is no partial make for choosing some correct options from all, which is bad, as the purpose of this MOOC is not solely to cramp each and every detail. It would had be really helpful if partial marking was available. Other than that, no issues.

By Luciano M

Apr 23, 2022

The course provides the foundation of negotiation and helps individuals to think about not only business oriented negotiation, but also real-life situations that everybody faces on a daily basis.

SImple, but effetive tools are provided in order to prepare for the negotiation. Of course the negitiation effectivness depends on the recurring application of such tools.

To me, the most valueable concept provided is to make learner aware that every situation has the potential for some degree of negotiation. This is a giveaway that I will keep in mind forever.

By Anastasia R B

Aug 11, 2018

That's a really great MOOC. Everything is clear and understandable. Subtitles and scripts make it enable to translate unknown words, but you even don't need it, because the teacher pronounces every word very clearly. This MOOC is for everyone. It doesn't mean if you want to work as a negotiator or just have enough skills to negotiate with your clients or going to prepare to interview.

Cases are really interesting. It's the practical part and it was very helpful to get the theory just right. Thank you for this MOOC.

By Nnenna A O

Dec 8, 2020

I find the course contents quite enlightening and the delivery very natural that I felt like one on one class room lecture. As a learner the notes helped me go back to review what was unclear from listening only.

I am confident that I will be able to negotiate and close a deal or convince any party to accept my solution on the table or my Solution away from the table by adhering to the ten principles of effective negotiations learned from this course. The lecturer’s style made learning easier.

By Affissou P A D S

May 31, 2021

I really enjoy Learning this Negotiation MOOC. It provides a good introduction to the world of negotiating. Professor Aurelien Colson lecturer style made learning easier as he was clear and concise...strait to the point. Cases are really interesting. They can be used for everyday’s a buyer or as a seller...even for the job interviews. Thank you for have making me more confident and empower in this competency. I will buy the book.

By GELY@315

Dec 14, 2022

Un cours très riche et pratique. dès l'introduction du 1er module, on apprend déjà. Et l'enseignent est très clair dans ses explications et avec des exemples bien pratique qu'on peut aussitôt exploiter dans un cadre bien réelV.Bravo pour ce progrès ! vraiment un cours adapté aux besoins de chaque négociateur qui se veut reussir dans ses démarches à entreprendre pour discuter un accord et conclure une affaire .

By Mitha W L

May 4, 2020

I take this course because I want to know more about negotiation. As a fresh graduate, negotiation skills will help me in preparation for a job. I enjoy learning here because the material is explained in detail and clearly by Professor Aurelien Colson. Each week we will also be given a quiz that is useful for practicing our understanding and the assignment is given also to make us more understanding.

By Ignacio N

May 27, 2021

The course provides a good introduction to the world of negotiating and lays out a simple to understand and use checklist. If anyone is interested in further exploring, I strongly suggest reading the book to accompany the course. I felt some of the material was a little too rushed but with the book, you can delve deeper into the contact. Prof. also mentions which chapter pairs with each class.

By Chiara M

Sep 6, 2021

Essec is one of the most vibrant experience I had on coursera from European Universities. This course - not my first with ESSEC- was intense and very high skilled, challenging somethimes, but I learned a lot for my daily life at work. Negotiation is really everywhere and adding value avoid conflicts and taking in mind trade off is really a good exercize for making your mindset better!