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About the Course

Welcome to your final course in Become and EMT! Prepare for the National Registry exam. The title for this course is a little bit misleading. We do hope that at the completion of this course that you feel more prepared to take the skills portion as well as the written portion of the national registry exam. More than anything else, however, our greatest hope is that we have given you the knowledge and tools to provide high quality patient care once you are certified as an EMT or once you achieve whatever level of patient care provider you aspire to. I think many of you have experienced in school or other training the difference between knowing the information needed to pass a test and being able to apply that information to a real life problem. We want you to be able to apply your knowledge! To accomplish this, there will be videos from prior courses to review, links to the national registry patient care checklists, and you will use these resources to complete a series of patient care scenarios that challenge you to apply what you have learned over the past 5 courses. The next couple of weeks are designed to stretch your knowledge and guide you to apply it to potentially real patient presentations. In addition, you will have the opportunity to practice peer review on the care plans that your fellow learners put together. Not only does this provide you the opportunity to see what other people would do in a similar situation but also reinforces your understanding of the material. Good luck and have fun with this last portion of the specialization!...

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Nov 23, 2020

thank you guys so much and i appreciate the effort and time taken to answer and review my assignments and also thank you guys so much for the opportunity in making this course available


Feb 14, 2023

Excellent overview and detailed presentations. The team of Denver Health really put care into putting this program together.

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By Joao P L A

Jun 22, 2020

I don't believe I need my peers to review my assessment . I have been studying hard and why do I need people that isnt taking it serious to evaluate me, can I please have one professor to finish my assessment. I ready every answer under the EMR Scope. sorry but one more time,, I dedicate 10 hour of my day to study.. all my friends are in the bar now..

can I just have my grade to keep going forward please..

Sad that the person that review my didn't even look it.. doesn't even know how to ready. for every assignment I recognize with Good job, detail, gave great feedback about attention to detail,,, never never never do something expecting your peers to review you cause anyone will work hard as you do, 1 in million ..

By Jennifer T

Feb 28, 2021

*****BE WARNED. After spending money for the full course, and completing all Modules, with 93+ average, and wanting to attend bootcamp, they only answered 2 out of around 12 emails, I lost confidence in them and found a different center to get practical training and exams. It seems like they are only happy to accept my monthly subscription fees but not very interested in me actually attending the bootcamp. (despite the $1,000 fee!) International Students beware! This being said, Its a great program if you are only interested in learning and not wanting the NREMT certification to make a career change. ALSO the instructor NEVER replies to questions ****

By Beh

May 17, 2020

You have to get people to review your submissions with is great but it is irresponsible for the instructors to not supervise this. Peer review is a great learning experience from peers but it should not be used as an excuse for the course developers to be 100% hands free. Not to mention no penalties are given for those who purposely review incorrectly on other legit submissions. I was lucky to not fall into those categories. I hope the course developers will invest some experts or veterans to review our submissions at the end. That will then be highly valuable.

By Michaela G

Jul 2, 2020

This specialization offers really great information. However, I feel like I wasted months of my life working my ass off to be prepared for the hands-on skills days. It's really unfortunate that even though you submit work on time, you have to rely on peers to grade your work, which can in-turn sabotage your ability to get the last certificate you need to completely finish the specialization. I'm just thankful I was approved for financial aid and didn't have to pay to have my time wasted.

By Laurence V

Jun 13, 2020

Excellent program - specially this module, it ties everything together so well.


Sep 19, 2019

A great way to revise the entire EMT course in just 4 weeks.

By Raymond G

Dec 20, 2020

I appreciate all instructors that gave me the necessary help and knowledge that I needed to graduate from this three month EMT course It was a great online course. Amazing instruction from start to finish. With an excellent staff that is there to help you succeed!

I also wanted to thank you for everything. This course was the best course I've ever taken. I think I studied more in the last three months than I did in all the college courses I have ever taken thanks again for all your help.

Raymond Guy

By Michael K

Jan 1, 2022

Trying to drop the course before starting, since I was attempting to find out about the specialization being covered by my university. Coursera does not allow a person to unenroll, so I guess my rating is a zero, but I am forced to give one star.

By Greg S

Sep 14, 2019

Great instructors throughout the series! There are a few problems with the mechanics of the course, including a few in-line quizzes that malfunctioned, and it can be hard to get a peer review in the last course (Course #6), but in general the course operated very well.

By Andre J U

Jan 4, 2021

It is a good course. However, the scores you can receive and thus your completion are dependent upon the skill of your peers who check your tests.

By Jared P

Sep 29, 2022

Rest of the program is wonderful, but the peer-reviewing system is not efficient and students are waiting weeks for their final grades, which is costing them more money if they are paying for the certificate and potentially inhibiting them from taking the in-person skills course.

By Marvin C W

Oct 11, 2020

This full Specialization Course has been excellent! It has an been incredible learning experience. The instructors are great examples to follow, and the knowledge they shared is impressive! Every aspect of learning has been fantastic. The content is very compact but extensive and well laid out for students wanting to take on a new career path. Along with this, so many resources are provided for you to advance your knowledge, and the training exercises really get you engaged into the field. To this I say a massive Thank You!

By Vivian E M d l G

May 1, 2021

I've taken the New Mexico EMT exams and this course will get you prepared for the EMT-Intermediate level. An amazing course. For those new to the medical field, this is a great way to get an idea of what ER medicine is about. Finally, what an amazing surprise to have the level of instructors. wow and thank you

By Anna A s

Feb 16, 2021

Thank you to my instructor s it's been a great journey learning

I have learn so many skills in this course it last a lifetime even if I don't get to be an emt what I have learn will always be with me thank you guys so much I am starting to miss u guys already

By Luke B

Oct 19, 2020

Course was pretty good!!!! The lessons were rigorous and I was able to expound on prior knowledge. I would recommend this course for future and current EMTs and First Responders. I would also recommend this course for rural Volunteer Fire Departments.

By Kathleen K

Jun 14, 2021

I am really enjoying this course! I find the instructors are thorough and easy to understand.

My only question at this point is how to get in touch with the instructors so I can have my application signed off for the national exam. ....

By Toni R

Apr 1, 2021

I have no desire to take the NREMT, however I feel this course has really upped my knowledge as an EMR responder. Thank you to all involved in the course. I really appreciate it.


Lt Toni Russell

By Atricia H

Nov 24, 2020

thank you guys so much and i appreciate the effort and time taken to answer and review my assignments and also thank you guys so much for the opportunity in making this course available

By Daniel

Feb 15, 2023

Excellent overview and detailed presentations. The team of Denver Health really put care into putting this program together.

By Nnamdi O

Dec 28, 2020

Very insightful and enjoyable course. Absolutely educative and understanble with coursera

By Andy P

Nov 23, 2020

LOADS of knowledge, easy to watch and very in depth. Recommend to everyone I know!!!!!

By Kayli J

Mar 7, 2021

I've learnt so much from this course! I absolutely enjoyed everything about it!

By Jaleesia S

Oct 12, 2020

This was truly a very informative course.

By Jakob B

Aug 21, 2020

Great course with very good instruction

By Leanne F W

Nov 23, 2020

Thank you!!! I enjoyed these courses!