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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Real-Time Embedded Systems Concepts and Practices by University of Colorado Boulder

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About the Course

This course can also be taken for academic credit as ECEA 5315, part of CU Boulder’s Master of Science in Electrical Engineering degree. Course Description: In this course, students will design and build a microprocessor-based embedded system application using a real-time operating system or RT POSIX extensions with Embedded Linux. The course focus is on the process as well as fundamentals of integrating microprocessor-based embedded system elements for digital command and control of typical embedded hardware systems. Lab Description: The course requires the student to install embedded Linux on the Raspberry Pi ARM A-Series System-on-Chip processor. This course must be completed using a Raspberry Pi as an embedded system (headless) not a PC running Linux. You will however find Linux as a useful host development system or Windows with an SSH terminal access tool such as Putty, MobaXterm, or equivalent....
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By michael w

Feb 21, 2021

Lecture videos and excises are OK. But please, reorganise the sequence of the quizzes and assignments! Because some of the quizzes cover some points too early, and those points will be mentioned in the future sections one or two weeks later. Also there are some assignments which appears so late, that I thought we should have already finished it up in the previous weeks! (e.g.,Assignment 4 :Pthreads with CPU core affinity in Linux to Emulate AMP, which I think should have been done in Week2 or Week3 already) Other things including the knowledge and skills taught in the lectures are basically quite good, so I will give an total of 5 stars, thanks:)

By Cesar O

Feb 21, 2021

Excelent practical & introductory course about RT embedded system and how to implement a Rate Monotonic schedule and see his feasibility, by his LUB and exact study, whithout getting too much in detail about the teory. Using POSIX extension in Linux, AMP emulation with affinity with the easy to get going Raspberry Pi.

By Shi Z

Mar 21, 2021

Inspiring course contents. Assignments clarity to be improved.

By Erick J

Apr 20, 2021

It is not easy to understand what they ask for in assignments. There are many comments about it in the first assignments.

By Maurice E E

Mar 9, 2021

Assignment descriptions could be clearer

By Mohamed H O

Sep 29, 2020

It needs a good knowledge of POSIX in the beginning. That was not stated in the course description. I was searching for resources to learn POSIX. Also the first assignment is asking to submit syslog file. It assumes that all learners know what a syslog file is. Also, the assignment output format is not clear.

By Richard K

Dec 24, 2020

order of the lectures is rather messy: some topics are taken as being discussed but which only follow much later in the course.

there is a lot of repetition in the lectures: some concepts are explained in code reviews and twice within the lectures.

By Alejandro R

Apr 3, 2021

The content is interesting although a bit repetitive. The assignment descriptions are very unclear and unorganized.

By Keith T

Jun 30, 2021

T​he lesson plan felt haphazard, and for many of the assignments it wasn't clear what was being asked of you until you saw the rubric used to grade someone else's assignment. I expected much better.

By David J

Feb 10, 2021

This course is horrible! In the first week, the "instructor" provides very little actual information, provides you four of his own projects that you can review all on your own with no guidance. Oh wait, you can only access own of the projects, the other four are locked away on the university's FTP server. But don't worry, your frustration isn't over yet, when you attempt to work with the one that is actually available, the instructions are so vague and unclear that you'll spend more time trying to figure out what you're supposed to be doing, and how to submit it in a way that is successful, that you'll have spent more time on that, then listening to the instructor. Complete waste of time and effort!!

By Kell S

Dec 12, 2020

This course is the worst stay away!

The structure is a mess, a lot of videos without even a hint of why the solution is good.

Lots and lots references to #read the manual", so why do I need the course? I already knew where to find tons of hard to read texts,

No credentials to download material needed to pass exams

I've wasted countless hours trying to understand what to do. It's not the subject matter that is hard, this course makes it hard :-c

I'll try to get a refund