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Linear models, as their name implies, relates an outcome to a set of predictors of interest using linear assumptions. Regression models, a subset of linear models, are the most important statistical analysis tool in a data scientist’s toolkit. This course covers regression analysis, least squares and inference using regression models. Special cases of the regression model, ANOVA and ANCOVA will be covered as well. Analysis of residuals and variability will be investigated. The course will cover modern thinking on model selection and novel uses of regression models including scatterplot smoothing....

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Dec 16, 2017

Excellent course that is jam-packed with useful material! It is quite challenging and gives a thorough grounding in how to approach the process of selecting a linear regression model for a data set.


Mar 10, 2019

This module was the maximum. I learned how powerful the use of Regression Models techniques in Data Science analysis is. I thank Professor Brian Caffo for sharing his knowledge with us. Thank you!

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By Rich

Mar 2, 2016

Very difficult. Needs homework problems guided by videos like Statistical Inference coarse to make easier.

By Polly A

May 3, 2021

Would love to "Unenroll" but can't.

Can someone please take this course off my dashboard?

By Albert B

Jan 9, 2017

To fast pace and missing lot of content to make this lesson enjoyable!!!

By Rezoanoor/CS/Rezoanoor R

Apr 20, 2020

The course was nowhere near of interesting. It was arduous and boring.

By Izabela E

Aug 12, 2016

Difficult, fast peaced and not well explained. Requires a lot of work.

By Sepehr S

Mar 11, 2016

The instructor is not good and doesn't explain things clearly.

By Daniel R

May 14, 2016

Some topics that are important, are obviated

By Joseph D

Apr 29, 2016

Coursera keeps changing my rating. Not cool.

By Ankit S

Oct 23, 2018

not effective for new learnners

By Veronica G

Jan 1, 2021

I seldom write critical comments for Coursera courses because the many courses I've taken have been quite well-designed so far. This one I feel obliged to write something, which may or may not make a difference judging by how much care was given to designing this course in the first place. From the resource allocation perspective, this course does more harm than good because the minimal amount of knowledge you gain from this course is not worth the amount of time you spent trying to figure out how the lecturer perceives and conveys statistical concepts in such a confusing way.

Bottomline: if you don't need the Data Science specialization certificate from JHU, you are WAY BETTER OFF by taking the Basic Statistics + Inferential Statistics courses provided by University of Amsterdam. I completed those two courses myself. The lecturers there truly made an effort to make the materials as engaging and intuitive as possible. You will not waste your time by taking those courses instead.

If you thought the Statistical Inference course was bad enough, try taking the Regression Models course. It refreshes your understanding about how bad a course can be. Below are some major problems:

1. The delivery of the materials is very dry. I can't tell if meaningful effort was put into creating engaging examples so that students can better understand the material. The mathematical and theoretical parts were poorly explained with inconsistent notations and insufficient elaborations about the concepts. The lecturer often jumps from very basic concepts to very advanced/complex concepts without enough transition/explanation. I had to constantly consult a friend who's very good at statistics to bridge the gaps.

2. The lecture notes are way too chaotic. Many times the PDFs provided do not match what was shown in the videos at all. Several pages in the PDFs were not covered by the video lectures, and vice versa.

3. Stepwise regression was not even covered in this course. Many students ended up using stepwise regression for the course project. Maybe students are just jumping ahead before applying the more fundamental techniques covered in this course, or maybe stepwise regression should have been covered??

4. I wish there were a lecture at the end that walks through one case study and applies most of the core techniques covered in this course. In Roger's Exploratory Data Analysis course he did one at the end and applied many things he taught in the fragmented lectures in an integrated manner. That was super helpful.

Some minor good things about this course that I did not gain from the UvA courses:

- The hodgepodge lecture provides some very interesting materials.

- The simulation examples about covariate adjustment are quite intuitive and facilitate understanding.

By Derek P

Aug 18, 2016

The course is essentially just a review of formulas with very little intuition explained to the beginner. It was necessary to use a collection of outside material from other courses and readings to learn the concepts. This course needs to be completely redone with a focus on developing a student's intuition for the material and then support this intuition with basic examples that build as the course progresses. A fundamental demonstration of how to use R to work through regression models (starting from square one) should be added so that this becomes a self-contained course. As it currently stands it is a collection of poorly integrated slides and concepts that serve to confuse the student more than educate. Other classes teach this material infinitely better.

By Fabiana G

Aug 31, 2016

I was really disappointed with this course. I took the other courses from Brian Caffo and truly enjoyed them. For the previous courses, I've always used the books and they helped me tremendously to be able to comprehend the material. There is a book for Regression Models but but it's a real mess. It feels like a draft that no one cared to take a second look. There is a bunch of wrong code and typos. The explanation doesn't go as far as it should. I had to resort to many different sources just to be able to get by the course. I hope the instructors review this course soon because it does not have the same quality as others. If they don't review it, don't bother paying for it. Try learning Regression Models elsewhere.

By Olivia U

Jun 10, 2020

This is, by far, the worse course of the whole specialization. The instructor has a talent to make this whole topic way more complicated than it is. I ended up auditing the Duke University course on the same subject to understand the concepts, as well as watching many youtube videos, which allowed me to properly do the course project (which is the only good thing about this course: applying what you've learned). I cannot recommend this course to anyone if it's not as part of the specialization.

By Lamont B

Sep 21, 2020

I tried to just deal with this course and the previous one (statistical inference) because I have been doing this for a lot of years. It's because of that, I passed this class. Those with no experience will find it hard to understand what is being taught without some additional help. Additionally, nothing that is taught is focused on in the quizzes or the final project, just some pieces, so why use those as grading methods?

By Lawrence G

Jun 5, 2020

The most worthless waste of my time this year. I learned more in an hour of browsing external sources than I did from the entirety of the course material, which was poorly structured and extremely dull. Were I not so heavily invested in this specialisation already, I would have cancelled my subscription over it.

By Robert O

Apr 6, 2016

Very little depth. I don't recommend this if you don't already have background in statistics or R. I really didn't learn anything. I mostly just gamed the quizzes and projects.

By Tom

Jul 22, 2017

Terrible. If you want to learn about regression, even in R, go elsewhere. This course damages the brands of Johns Hopkins and Coursera...anybody heard of quality control?

By Arjun N

Sep 22, 2020

Terrible. Lectures are useless and Questions are very hard. A lot of studying then comes from searching the internet, which nullifies the need of taking the course.

By Adnan B

Aug 13, 2019

This is the whole course that kind of discouraged me persuing data science field... i wish i wish i wish there was different instructor

By satakarni b

Nov 8, 2016

Not worth it for the bucks.

Instructor has tried his best to make no sense of the subject.

I would be happy for a refund.

By Stephen E

Jun 27, 2016

To be honest I don't think this is worth the money.

By Yan L

Dec 14, 2020

The instructor doesn't know how to teach.

By Shahryar N

Nov 29, 2018

The course is awfully simplified.

By Sharon E

Jul 21, 2020

Do not do this course!

By Vineet J

Jul 30, 2017

not good tutor