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Intermediate Level

Experience with externally-funded research, or plans to join a scientific team or to lead funded research projects.

Approx. 20 hours to complete

What you will learn

  • Assess the importance of management and leadership skills, and identify approaches to optimize resources when building a research career.

  • Identify key financial and administrative responsibilities for researchers, including regulatory compliance, financial reporting, and budgeting.

  • Understand how to effectively manage a research group: hire new people, manage existing employees, and engage teams to cultivate a positive culture.

  • Compare key responsibilities for mentors and mentees, strategically build mentorship teams, and enhance mentorship using coaching and sponsorship.

Skills you will gain

MentorshipResource ManagementClinical ResearchTeam ManagementLeadership
Shareable Certificate
Earn a Certificate upon completion
100% online
Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.
Flexible deadlines
Reset deadlines in accordance to your schedule.
Intermediate Level

Experience with externally-funded research, or plans to join a scientific team or to lead funded research projects.

Approx. 20 hours to complete

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University of Colorado System

Syllabus - What you will learn from this course


Week 1

1 hour to complete

Researcher Management and Leadership Training

1 hour to complete
4 videos (Total 17 min), 4 readings
4 videos
Take Action to Maximize your Course: Do this First3m
Hear from Course Faculty (OPTIONAL)2m
Course Teaser: Why Researcher Management & Leadership? (OPTIONAL)2m
4 readings
About the Team: Research Management and Leadership Training10m
Course Development Grants (OPTIONAL)10m
Basis for Training Program (OPTIONAL)10m
Learning Partner10m

Week 2

4 hours to complete


4 hours to complete
33 videos (Total 177 min), 3 readings, 1 quiz
33 videos
Anne Leadership Behaviors - 1. Contrasting Leadership Theories5m
Anne Leadership Behaviors - 2. Measuring Leadership Practices5m
Anne's Story (OPTIONAL)8m
Anne Leadership Behaviors - 3. Kouzes & Posner 5 Leadership Practices10m
Rich Q&A Interview on Leadership Practices (RECOMMENDED)19m
Rich's Story (OPTIONAL)5m
Vik Leadership Lessons - 1. Leadership Challenges & Key Approaches3m
Vik Leadership Lessons - 2. Make Mistakes and Strive for Resilience3m
Vik's Story (OPTIONAL)7m
Vik Leadership Lessons - 3. Get the Right People on the Team3m
Vik Leadership Lessons - 4. Build Culture & Trust on Team3m
Vik Leadership Lessons - 5. Take a Big Picture View4m
Vik Q&A Interview on Leadership Lessons (RECOMMENDED)11m
Mark Engaging Executives - 1. Getting Advice2m
Mark Engaging Executives - 2. Listen & Hear3m
Mark's Story (OPTIONAL)1m
Mark Engaging Executives - 3. Be Direct & Follow Up2m
Mark Engaging Executives - 4. Look Forward & Manage Yourself3m
Mark Q&A Interview (RECOMMENDED)3m
Prem Leadership - 1. Leading Scientific Projects / Collaborations1m
Prem Leadership - 2. Start with Productivity Plans & Choose Collaborators4m
Prem's Story (OPTIONAL)5m
Prem Leadership - 3. Build Your Professional Reputation3m
Prem Leadership - 4. Teams & Delegation2m
Prem Q&A Interview on Scientific Leadership (RECOMMENDED)12m
Jose Scientific Leadership - Get Help to Face Challenges & Change Mindset4m
Jose's Story (OPTIONAL)1m
Jose Q&A Interview on Scientific Leadership (RECOMMENDED) 3m
Nee Kofi on Leading International (Multi-site) Studies (OPTIONAL)12m
Nee Kofi's Story (OPTIONAL)2m
Nee Kofi Q&A Interview on International Collaborations (RECOMMENDED)5m
Nee Kofi Message to his research community (OPTIONAL) 36s
3 readings
Links: Kouzes and Posner (OPTIONAL)10m
Links: Referenced Reading (OPTIONAL)10m
Professional Development Goals10m
1 practice exercise
Leadership Assessment30m

Week 3

5 hours to complete

Finance and Administration

5 hours to complete
40 videos (Total 197 min), 4 readings, 1 quiz
40 videos
Tim Grant Terms & Reporting - 1. Administrative Responsibilities for Research Leader1m
Tim Grant Terms & Reporting - 2. Notice of Grant Award4m
Tim Grant Terms & Reporting - 3. Terms & Conditions "Fine Print"3m
Tim's Story (OPTIONAL)6m
Tim Grant Terms & Reporting - 4. Progress Reports & Conflicts of Interest6m
Tim Grant Terms & Reporting - 5. Public Access Reporting3m
Tim Grant Terms & Reporting - 6. Clinical Trials Reporting & Effort Reporting4m
Tim Grant Terms & Reporting - 7. Human Subjects & Vertebrate Animal Research 4m
Tim's Q & A Interview on Administration & Reporting (RECOMMENDED)23m
Alison Regulatory Compliance - 1. Regulatory Compliance Top 10 Tips2m
Alison Regulatory Compliance - 2. Administrative & Regulatory Team3m
Alison Regulatory Compliance - 3. Protect Original Data3m
Alison's Story (OPTIONAL)7m
Alison Regulatory Compliance - 4. Reduce Potential for Bias & Follow the Protocol4m
Alison Regulatory Compliance - 5. Feasibility Assessment & Continuous Training4m
Alison Regulatory Compliance - 6. Avoid Authorship Disputes 3m
Alison Regulatory Compliance - 7. Manage Data Storage & Protect Clinical Data4m
Alison Regulatory Compliance - 8. Manage Conflicts of Interest3m
Melanie Financial Administration1m
Melanie's Story (OPTIONAL)2m
Melanie Q&A Interview on Managing Scientific Integrity (RECOMMENDED)5m
Tim Budgets - 1. Processes to Track Spending & Challenges2m
Tim Budgets - 2. Functional Budget: Expense Categories, Problems, & Tips6m
Tim Budgets - 3. Personnel Expenses2m
Tim Budgets - 4. Managing Subcontract Budgets3m
Tim Budgets - 5. Financial Management for Clinical / Animal Studies1m
Tim Budgets - 6. Carry-Forwards & No-Cost Extensions 3m
Tim Budgets - 7. Creating a Functional Budget: "Overhead" Costs5m
Tim Budgets - 8. Allocating Expenses Over Time4m
Tim Budgets - 9. Use Expense Details to Update Functional Budget4m
Tim Budgets - 10. Reconcile Functional Budget with Financial Detail Report5m
Tim Budgets - 11. Functional Budget Summary & Recommendations2m
Tim Q&A Interview on Budget Management (RECOMMENDED)20m
Pam Decision Mindset - 1. Administrative Decision-Making & Mindset (OPTIONAL)2m
Pam Decision Mindset - 2. Consider the "Scout" Mindset (OPTIONAL)3m
Pam Decision Mindset - 3. Decisions are Problems to Solve (OPTIONAL)2m
Pam Decision Mindset - 4. Comparing Alternative Solutions (OPTIONAL)4m
Pam Decision Mindset - 5. Implement Solutions & Manage Bias (OPTIONAL)3m
Pam Q&A Interview on Common Administrative Mistakes (RECOMMENDED)8m
4 readings
Link: Journal Reporting Guidelines (OPTIONAL)10m
Sample documents in Budget Lecture10m
Galef TEDTalk link (OPTIONAL)10m
Professional Development Goals10m
1 practice exercise
Finance and Administration Assessment30m

Week 4

3 hours to complete

Management - Part 1: Starting a Research Team

3 hours to complete
24 videos (Total 140 min), 2 readings, 1 quiz
24 videos
Anne Setting Expectations - 1. Start Right on New Employee Day 15m
Anne Setting Expectations - 2. Use Structured, Documented Guidance5m
Anne Setting Expectations - 3. Tips to Communicate Progress & Priorities9m
Anne Setting Expectations - 4. Communication Protocols & Team Culture4m
Anne Setting Expectations - 5. Get Better with Feedback36s
Rich Q&A Interview on Management (RECOMMENDED)11m
Stephanie Lab and Project Management3m
Stephanie's Story (OPTIONAL)2m
Stephanie Q&A Interview (RECOMMENDED)7m
Janine Hiring - 1. Decision to Hire, and When3m
Janine Hiring - 2. Type of Person / Position to Hire5m
Janine's Story (OPTIONAL)5m
Janine Hiring - 3. Write Job Description & Plan Interview Process4m
Janine Hiring - 4. Job Applicant Screening Process3m
Janine Hiring - 5. Planning Interview Questions5m
Janine Hiring - 6. Check References Every Time2m
Janine Q&A Interview on Hiring (RECOMMENDED)21m
Nanette Management - 1. Manage Your Staff, Project & Self1m
Nanette Management - 2. Manage your Team2m
Nanette's Story (OPTIONAL)5m
Nanette Management - 3. Manage your Project4m
Nanette Management - 4. Manage Yourself2m
Nanette Q&A Interview on Leadership & Management (RECOMMENDED)20m
2 readings
Lab Statement Examples (OPTIONAL)10m
Professional Development Goals10m
1 practice exercise
Management Assessment - Part 1: Starting a Research Team30m



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