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Learner Reviews & Feedback for 学会如何学习:帮助你掌握复杂学科的强大智力工具(Learning How to Learn) by McMaster University

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About the Course

本课程将介绍各领域专家所使用的学习方法,他们包括艺术家、文学家、数学家、科学家、运动员和很多其他领域专家。我们将学习如何使用两种不同的大脑模式,以及大脑如何封装(“chunks”)信息。我们还将介绍能力错觉(illusions of learning),记忆技巧,对付拖延症的方法,以及研究表明能帮助我们掌握困难科目的方法。 无论您在所学领域是专家还是菜鸟,您都可以使用这些方法,改变自己的思维模式,重塑自己的人生。如果您是所学领域的专家,通过学习大脑认知的底层知识,您可以进一步提高自己的学习能力,您将了解反直觉的考试技巧和见解,从而能够更高效地完成作业和习题。如果您在学习中遇到困难,系统有效的学习技巧将帮助您将走上正轨。无论您希望学习什么内容,这门课程都可以作为您的指南。...

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Aug 29, 2018

课程很清晰地展现出学习的过程 专注加工+组块的掌握+转化为长时记忆 同样也给出了很多有用的技巧,如何对付拖延症的方法,番茄时钟+专注过程 不要过多在意结果\n\n当你一开始看这个课程的时候,可能会觉得这些技能和技巧,一开始就知道,但是,知道并没有对你的学习带来帮助,而这门课程将学习的过程再次展示,和记忆 应对拖延的技巧,会给你新的启发。再次了解学习的过程以及对照自己学习中的问题,会给你很大的帮助!

Mar 12, 2018

A really amzing course which helps me a lot improve in other subjects. I encourage everyone should take this couse before taking any other course.\n\nBy the way, thanks for the lecturers and coursera.

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By lin

Aug 30, 2018

课程很清晰地展现出学习的过程 专注加工+组块的掌握+转化为长时记忆 同样也给出了很多有用的技巧,如何对付拖延症的方法,番茄时钟+专注过程 不要过多在意结果

当你一开始看这个课程的时候,可能会觉得这些技能和技巧,一开始就知道,但是,知道并没有对你的学习带来帮助,而这门课程将学习的过程再次展示,和记忆 应对拖延的技巧,会给你新的启发。再次了解学习的过程以及对照自己学习中的问题,会给你很大的帮助!


Dec 25, 2017

Excellent! Listening to the lively and empowering words of Dr. Oakley and Sejnowski, I gained a deep insight into the learning process. Also, I learned to tackle procrastination and prepare for exams.

By toby w

Mar 12, 2018

A really amzing course which helps me a lot improve in other subjects. I encourage everyone should take this couse before taking any other course.

By the way, thanks for the lecturers and coursera.

By 刘晓

Jun 24, 2019


By David L

Oct 16, 2017



Oct 1, 2017

A very useful and inspiring course make me understand myself more on how to progress on learning. The teachers taught the course in a very easy-to-access way for students, and also very interesting.

By ibaratori

Jul 7, 2019


By 王楠

Sep 11, 2020


By 廖文哲

May 18, 2019


By Eva S

Dec 25, 2017

This course is very interesting, eye-opening, helpful, and handy. It provides the academic explanations on how our brains are working, and most importantly, how these understandings help us to interprete our behaviors and then change our behaviors. It also provides a lot of hands-on skills and tips that we can immediately use and change our behaviors and habits. Another aspect I like about this course is that the videos provide the real "essence" of the knowledge points and they are presented by the professors in a very neat, straight-forward, and clear way. It's easy to remember and of course, with the help of all the tips in the course, it's even easier to use them just in learning this cours. Finally, it provides large numbers of external readings which broaden my knowledge and provide me more opportunity to learn deeper by myself. As what has been said by Professors, I need to be responsible for my own learning. Of course, I cannot become an expert in how to learn, but with the help of the instructions, practices, readings, and teaching to others, I think I will become a wiser and more effective learner. Thank you so much for your wonderful sharing on this remarkable course!

By 张露

Apr 10, 2021

Thank every professor, assistant and brilliant scholars from the interviews, this course offered me a number of inspiring ideas and effective approaches to solving problems in learning process, broadened my horizons as well. It's been a precious opportunity to obtain perspectives and suggestions from so many outstanding and talented persons, THANKS again.

BTW, the translation in Mandarin version is sometimes misleading and a bit terrible so it jeopardized many students' apprehension probably. Hope there will be improvement.

By shan x

Dec 23, 2020

Learning how to learn is a brand new subject for me. I do Learn something that I didn't know or notice before. For example, I didn't realize that sleep well could be a critical step of learning and upgrading your brain. Moreover, learning how your neural system works also help me have a good understanding of learning. And I benefit from some intervewing videos and relative reading materials. In conclusion, It is a good experience to spend time on coursera.

By Deleted A

Nov 16, 2019

Thanks a lot!!! It is so helpful to learn how to deal with the procrastination, I have suffered from this for few years. I feel myself difficult to finish any course even this one, but once I think of what the lecture said, I become clear about something. And this is the first course I finished in coursera, it make me feel the sense of accompolishment. I think now I will be more couragable to take other course and take the future challenge!

By 周倚凡

Nov 5, 2017

这门课程真的太棒了!我推荐所有人抽出一点时间完成这门课程!因为我们一生都在不断学习,好的学习技巧能够帮助我们更好的学习新知识。For many times we just know we have to learn, but we don't actually know How to learn, this is something even more important than the subject or concepts we want to learn, this is the basic the fundamental thing.I think this class has great influence to my further learning.Thank you Dr.Barbara Oakley! Thank you Dr.Terrence Sejnowski!

By Yijun Y

Feb 23, 2018

Learning how to learn is the first step of learning. Through this course, I understand the different modes of study and find the suitable learning method for me. The course is carefully designed and involves mini test after every section. This helps a lot for me to test myself of understanding the concepts.

Highly recommended to those who want to be more efficient on learning! Thank you!

By 赵亮

Nov 15, 2016

It's a very helpful course for me to broaden my vision of study.There are so many useful and practical methods that can improve our learning efficiency.If we absorb those ideas which are important to ourselves,and practice those techniques,then transform them into our own skills or knowledge,most of us will succeed in the end.Thank u

By 王中吕

Mar 28, 2021

It is a very good course, which has relieved a lot of learning problems that have been bothering me. Knowing the difference between the concentrated mode and the divergent mode, I hope to improve the learning efficiency more effectively through the tomato learning method. Also hope to learn more effective learning methods and means.

By 李鑫

May 29, 2018



By Zhenyu Y

Sep 27, 2017

great lesson taught me how to learn effectively and systematically. the course helped me build a scientifc way of learning. there is a old saying: More preparation may quicken the speed in doing work.

although i`m a adult missing a lot of chances and time to learn, i still believe learning is a longlife thing.

By 王恺

Nov 25, 2016




By Ava C

Mar 17, 2018

非常喜欢这门课程,我觉得自己痴迷其中。我不仅在网上学习,也买了相关的书籍学习。课程中关于学习方法和脑科学的研究成果更新了我的许多观念,我将把学习成果应用于我接下来所有的学习生涯中。Babara Okley 教授、Sjwenoski 教授既平实又深刻的讲授令我受益良多,我十分欣赏他们的风格。在课程中进行分享的各位成功的学习者的分享也让我感到十分兴奋!因为在这个网络时代,我可以足不出户感受全世界最优质的学习资源,接触到我在日常学习生活中本无法触及的优秀人才和他们的成果,我非常感恩!我会继续在Coursera上学习其他课程。

By 严庆泽

Feb 24, 2018


By Su L

Mar 10, 2020

Great! You do not need the knowledge from Andrew Ng's Machine Learning course to get start. And this course is much more clear than the Neutral Network part of Machine Learning course. Would like to know more about relevant packages in Python.

By Francy W

Oct 20, 2016

I really enjoy this course, ecause it really helps me to understand my brain and it also tells me how to lean thingd better. Besides the videos, quizzes are very good reminders of the main points that have been talked about. Mo

By Bei Z

Apr 30, 2016

it is very helpful. especially the test after learning, help me to test whether i understand the topic. the most sweet thing is the website provide multi-language scripts. learning knowledge as well as learning english