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This design-centric course examines the broad question of what an interface is and what role a designer plays in creating a user interface. Learning how to design and articulate meaning using color, type, and imagery is essential to making interfaces function clearly and seamlessly. Through a series of lectures and visual exercises, you will focus on the many individual elements and components that make up the skillset of an interface designer. By the end of this course, you will be able to describe the key formal elements of clear, consistent, and intuitive UI design, and apply your learned skills to the design of a static screen-based interface. This is the first course in the UI/UX Design Specialization, which brings a design-centric approach to user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design, and offers practical, skill-based instruction centered around a visual communications perspective, rather than on one focused on marketing or programming alone. These courses are ideal for anyone with some experience in graphic or visual design and who would like to build their skill set in UI or UX for app and web design. It would also be ideal for anyone with experience in front- or back-end web development or human-computer interaction and want to sharpen their visual design and analysis skills for UI or UX....

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Mar 31, 2020

This course is very useful for a beginner who is looking for the basics of UI/UX course.

This course will give you the basic idea of interface design which very important for its advanced studies.


Dec 31, 2021

I never thought this is possible. I am very grateful to Coursera and Calarts. This is a starting milestone to changing my career life for better. I am ready to pursue more and more with your support.

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Jan 25, 2021

This is amazing! I was able to have a basic foundation of UI theoretically and it really helped me to have some sort of guideline when designing an interface. However, I think the speakers could talk a little bit about the design trends and aesthetics because I still find most students who have no background in graphic designing seemed a little lost.

By Tay R T

Dec 26, 2020

For a beginner without any experience in graphics design, the course content is a great introductory course to UI design, although you should be prepared to spend much more time than stated for each assignment. A common complaint about this course is in the peer-review assignments, and it might be difficult to obtain high-quality reviews from others.

By Ziad A S

May 7, 2020

The course is very good theoreotically as it explains how is the designing process accomplished to make a usable and functional interface that the user don't feel lost or stressed while using it.

Big Thanks to Mr Worthingtion and the Calarts institute for offering me such a great knowledge.

Looking forward to take 3 more courses in this specialization!

By Lina s

Apr 25, 2020

The course was interesting. Earlier I have studied Html, Css and Javascript, so now it was very useful to study also UI design. I will continue with the specialization to gain a more complete knowledge. However, the course was too easy even for beginners level. It could have contained more quizzes. It was nce to see peers' ideas and designs.

By Fabienne P

May 9, 2020

The course in general is great! Everything is explained perfectly, the videos are understandable, I liked the reading parts as well with interesting articles. What doesn't work that great is your peers that grade you. Two times I had to resubmit my submission because there I didn't pass because of bad reviews. Apart from that, great course!

By Meiliana K

Jul 30, 2020

It is a very good course from Cal Arts. The instructor able to conveys the material clearly and it is easy to understand! I also like how they show us visually with animation and interactive images instead of using only text. Overall, I learn the material well & interested to complete the remaining courses for this UI UX specialization.

By Regine Y

Jan 23, 2021

This course is best for those with a graphic design background and wants to upskill themselves and advance in a design career. The course is very informative and quality; covers all the fundamentals such as the relationship between UI&UX, usability, look&feel, mood&style, etc. Not forget, you get to engage with other amazing learners.

By Daria

Dec 25, 2019

It is a nice course for people who are very new to UI design. Do not expect to learn what is "beautiful" and what is not as this course is focused on basic rules of UI - not the design trends! I am satisfied with the topics.

What I missed here is feedback from instructors and maybe more live examples!

Great course to keep you on track.

By Sophie X

May 24, 2020

This course is a very basic level for beginners. I love the course which is very detailed, analysable, and logical. The assignment is very helpful to understand how to make good UI design. The only thing is the assignment example is not very practical and trending. Also I hope professional faculties can review students' assignment.

By Andie M

Aug 22, 2020

Learned a lot. Found that using Sketch was easier for me than using the suggested Adobe apps. I'm not a huge fan of the peer grading because some peers don't care as much to give feedback or let you know why they gave you a less points. I love the way we learn through videos and the "Save note" button. Very very helpful.

By Ariya G

Aug 3, 2020

I loved this course as a Graphic Designer, I found it quite easy to follow and complete. Good video tutorials. I would love if the peer review system was more refined with more specific yes/no answers and less subjective value marking. But I guess that is also a true reflection of of life as a designer anyway. :P

By Art O

Apr 5, 2021

I thought these courses were well put together, obviously the instructor has an interest in the material and in how to present it in a way that is accessible and relevant to students at all levels. The assinments focus the content presented and the emphasis on presentation is a good standard.

By Deleted A

May 10, 2021

Course is really fantastic thus far. My only critique is that the video should have buttons for skipping forward/backward for 10 seconds. I found that often I wanted to rewind the audio slightly and the only way to do so was to use the timeline which is not user friendly in my opinion.

By Mariana V

Apr 30, 2020

This course is suitable as the first approach to UI/UX specialisation, teaching the basics of graphic design applied to UI design. The only problem about this course is the evaluation, relying on other students who may have or not knowledge and experience enough to grade in a fair way.

By Diego S P

Jun 6, 2020

Content-wise is great. However, I would just suggest a different approach to the videos production. Having someone talking, and maybe showing example materials instead of the black screen with text and simple examples... I found at some point hard to keep focused on the videos.

By Deleted A

May 11, 2020

Course was good with basics to the User Interface design. It gave an opportunity to the learners to act as an Peer reviewer that enhanced the learner skills and knowledge on the subject. Over all course was good but lacks in-depth about the usage of colors for various scenarios

By Mate P

Apr 6, 2022

No professional peer review, other course mates rate each other's work. Acquiring the necessary softwares to complete the practical tasks were difficult and time consuming for me. Otherwise good course, you will learn what to keep in mind when working on an application design.

By Haroula M

Mar 17, 2020

A nice introductory course to UI design. I really enjoyed the videos and the complementary reading materials. Also, it is easy to follow. The 5 star would come, when the assignments were a bit more demanding. A good course for everyone who wants ti structure his knowledge.

By Jacqueline M

Mar 15, 2021

This course was good. The peer review grading can be a hit or miss. Meaning some who review your work doesn't give an accurate score or are too lazy to provide helpful feedback. It would be nice if the professionals/professors could provide feedback for the assignments.

By Nishi C

Apr 29, 2019

The course provided a great step-by-step introduction to User Interface Design. I would have loved some more readings/video resources but it was still an enjoyable experience to work on the assignments and I learned a lot more while grading the assignments of my peers.

By Lindsey N

Dec 10, 2020

Overall, I think the videos are well done, easy to follow, and easy to stay engaged. The assignments are straightforward and I would recommend this course to a friend. At points I was bored as a full-time designer but, found lots of valuable information in the course.

By Ananya G

Feb 23, 2021

This course is really very well designed and step by step allows you to create interesting frameworks. I would suggest it to all who those who have even a slight interest in designing should opt this, but be careful in getting done with your assignments beforehand!

By Antonio S

Feb 15, 2019

Really liked the course. Thanks for making it so concrete and relevant. It is simple to follow through and clear indications for the assignments, although there could be a bit more support from the staff in terms of the aesthetic aspects to make better designs.

By Santiago N

Jun 17, 2021

Es buen curso introductorio al diseño de interfaz de usuario; videos breves pero muy concisos respecto al contenido, al uso de las formas, el porqué de las mismas. Me hubiese gustado que haya más ejemplos reales, pero aún así se logra comprender el contenido.

By Kelsey B

Apr 26, 2020

The instructor was very easy to follow and understand. The reason I am giving this 4 stars is the peer graded assignments. If the person who is grading your work gives you a poor grade even though you followed the directions, i don't believe that to be fair.