MSEE Pathways to Enrollment

Complete a pathway series—3 courses in one of our electrical engineering pathway specializations—to gain admission.

Start today. No application required!

MSEE Pathways to Enrollment

Complete a pathway series—3 courses in one of our electrical engineering pathway specializations—to gain admission.

Start today. No application required!

You're on your way to earning a Master's Degree!

With performance-based admission, there is no application process—complete the work at the required level and you are admitted to the master’s degree program regardless of your previous academic or work experience. No transcripts, tests, minimum GPAs, or application fees are needed to enroll in the program.

Ready to start making progress toward your degree? Follow the steps below:

Step 1

Choose one of the following Electrical Engineering pathway specializations*

*courses within each specialization may be completed as non-credit or for-credit but must be completed as for-credit to enroll.

Step 2

When you're ready, enrollOpens in a new tab and pay tuition through CU Boulder to access the for-credit versions of the required pathway courses to qualify for enrollment.

Please note that if you have started in non-credit, there will be additional content to complete in the for-credit version after you enroll and pay tuition.

Step 3

Within your selected pathway specialization, complete the three required for-credit courses and the additional course material with a cumulative average of 3.0 or higher.

Why upgrade?

  • Get support: Connect with course facilitators with significant industry experience via office hours.

  • Network: Gain access to the community Slack channel, alumni services, and in-person community events held nationwide.

  • Be official: Get an official University of Colorado Boulder transcript for all completed for-credit coursework.

  • Unlock opportunities: Access exclusive assignments, online library, and career services

  • Get admitted: Complete all three for-credit courses from a pathway specialization to qualify for admission into the master's program.

Not sure where to start? Explore MS-EE open content courses.

Are you interested in electrical engineering, but are worried you do not have the prerequisite skills? Test your abilities and practice required skills by taking a non-credit course first. You can upgrade later to a for-credit course and pay tuition to earn standalone credit, a graduate certificate, or the full MS-EE degree.

Here are some courses you can start with:

Active Optical DevicesOpens in a new tab

Developing Industrial Internet of ThingsOpens in a new tab

Embedding Sensors and MotorsOpens in a new tab

Optical EngineeringOpens in a new tab

Power ElectronicsOpens in a new tab

Semiconductor DevicesOpens in a new tab

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