• Tuition and fees are subject to change. Annual inflation rate adjustments to tuition possible.
  • Additional travel expenses may be incurred for students who participate in immersion, alumni, and networking events.


Pay for your degree as you go — each time you take a course, pay tuition for that course only. If a scheduling conflict arises, you are free to take a term off and you won’t be charged during that term.

For a sample tuition payment schedule, see the “Program Length” section on the Academics page.

About the iMBA’s breakthrough pricing

The MBA remains one of the strongest credentials you can earn: in a recent survey, 81% of companies plan to hire MBA graduates this year.

Recently, the price of MBA programs have skyrocketed: costs can easily exceed $200,000. The University of Illinois — a historical land-grant public research institution founded in 1867 — is working to reverse this trend with this $22,000 MBA program.

Financial Aid & Tuition Reimbursement

To learn more about financing your degree, visit the Degrees Financial Resources Hub.

Students are encouraged to seek tuition reimbursement through their employer. We recommend that you speak with your manager or HR department to see what’s available to you as an employee.

Please see below for frequently asked questions regarding financial aid.

Coursera does not grant credit, and does not represent that any institution other than the degree granting institution will recognize the credit or credential awarded by the institution; the decision to grant, accept, or transfer credit is subject to the sole and absolute discretion of an educational institution.

We encourage you to investigate whether this degree meets your academic and/or professional needs before applying.