Kris Plachy

CEO and Founder & Instructor, Leadership Coach, LLC &


Kris V. Plachy is the CEO and Founder of Leadership Coach, LLC. She is a 20+ year veteran of leading and managing high performing teams. During her leadership tenure, Kris was consistently recognized as one of the top management performers in her organization. She attributes her success to a strong belief that the only way to achieve outstanding results is by investing greatly in individual and team development. Kris has a Bachelor’s degree from San Diego State and a Masters in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix and is a Certified Master Coach. She is the published author of “Change Your Think: An Unexpected Way to Think About Managing People”, “5 Truths for Thinking About Difficult People” and “How to Coach Difficult People in Six Steps.” Through her work at Leadership Coach, LLC, Kris teaches exceptional coaching skills to people who manage and coach others. She also teaches management and leadership coursework for the UC Davis Division of Continuing and Professional Education. Through Leadership Coach, LLC, Kris offers her clients executive coaching for individuals, dynamic group workshops and engaging keynote speaking sessions. She has developed a unique niche, in that she helps leaders deal with and handle what’s “difficult”. Our ability to negotiate our challenges lie within the very definition we give them. Her coaching work is informed by the belief that everyone has the capacity to improve their leadership performance, if provided ongoing tools, resources and perspective. She believes that the key to transforming organizational performance is through the sustainability measures that are offered through effective coaching. We can do a much better job at developing coaching, management and leadership skills in our leaders Kris realized the depth of need we have in our management ranks for development and investment. Leadership at work and in our lives is paramount if we are going to achieve the results we desire. Her goal is to work with organizations, teams and individuals to develop strategies for immediate and exceptional results!