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Effective Altruism, Princeton University

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About this Course

Effective altruism is built on the simple but unsettling idea that living a fully ethical life involves doing the most good one can. In this course you will examine this idea's philosophical underpinnings; meet remarkable people who have restructured their lives in accordance with it; and think about how effective altruism can be put into practice in your own life. All the features of this course are available for free. It does not offer a certificate upon completion....
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56 Reviews

By Eli Haftmann

Oct 31, 2018

Very interesting!

By Jaime Lugo

Oct 26, 2018

The course a very good start, with interesting information on how to make ethical decisions.. however it never provides a clear conclusion to the topic and it moves to the charity topic, focusing entirely on the efficiency and reasons to give money to charities, without discussing further the principle of charities to begin with.

Effective Altruism is much bigger than just charity works, therefore i am not pleased with the program's agenda and emphasis on charities.

By Idan Arush

Jun 27, 2018

one of the best courses on coursera

By Samuel Guirado Borrego

Jun 20, 2018

Great course. Lots of interesting speakers and resources

By Paula Taborda Castaño

Jun 10, 2018

So refreshing and necessary! Thank you! <3

By Nicola Dias

Mar 30, 2018

I really enjoyed the course and it went beyond my expectations. The best part for me were the discussions Peter had with the various guests.

By Julio L. Banfi

Jan 23, 2018

Excellent material on a much needed topic. The course brought together a good number of strong and important ideas, well backed by research and with very interesting and relevant guest speakers.

By Florian Weimert

Dec 27, 2017

Excellent course, great experience, thank you so much to offer this course.

By Phoebe Sitara

Nov 09, 2017

Want to think and act in an broader and much more responsible way? They this course is for you.

By Andre Williamson

Sep 14, 2017

An excellent course on philosophical topics related to altruism. Also, a practical guide that can help steer charity from less to more worthy causes.