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About the Course

Through dynamic video lectures and practical application questions, you will learn about the Foundations of Healthcare Systems Engineering. In this course you will learn about the current lack of synchronized, efficient, and integrated healthcare systems, which are some of the drivers for improvements to healthcare delivery. Also in this course, you will learn about the different types of systems and how they are translated to the healthcare field for appropriate systems engineering process applications, with exemplars. Upon system type articulation and mapping, the systems engineering approach will be introduced to help begin the process of: 1) investigating healthcare challenges, needs, and requirements development; 2) developing system concepts, that are derived from requirements, and then realized in physical and process form; and finally, 3) the establishment of means to verify, validate, and deploy healthcare systems that address the need and meet requirements. Applications and exemplars will be provided....

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May 8, 2021

Helps to understand the systems engineering for any of the important product we are going to made and also to how we need to solve any kind of problem and the solutions we are going to give.


Jul 7, 2021

A great course, helps to understand the concepts in Systems Engineering and really enjoyed learning about the intricacies of Healthcare Systems and how we can reimagine healthcare delivery.

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By Qusai A K A A

Oct 2, 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed this course, Dr.Matthew went through it in a systematic approach that all clicked rather nicely in module 4, maybe one day this course will lay the foundations of a solid healthcare system in Jordan!

By Mason Y

Jan 5, 2021

excellent and very interesting subject , even i will watch all the materials again and again to add more to my knowledge .

By Joy R

Feb 21, 2021


Good course. I need to get my certificate. thanks & regards to the instructors.

By Jasfer J

Oct 1, 2020

This is useful, especially in the Philippine context. We need a healthcare systems engineering program.

By Pawan D M

Jan 16, 2021

I find thi course great introduction to the field of Healthcare Systems Engineering.

Thank you.

By Manuel H

Nov 13, 2020

From my point of view it focusses too much on general systems engineering and too little on its application to healthcare systems. Yes, there are some examples, but I have missed a global approach. I did learn some interesting concepts but on the whole I felt there was too much repetition along each week's material.

On the technical part, sound quality was at best below average; most of the times it seemed as if the lecturer was coming to and going away from the mic while speaking. I also missed in-lecture quizzes like other Coursera courses have, just to stop and reflect on what had just been taught. In general, I believe there is a lot of room for improvement.

Thanks for offering the course, nonetheless. I think it may show a starting point for people without any knowledge of Systems Engineering.

By Roopa D

Feb 12, 2022

Too basic if coming from an engineering or having 2+ years of work experience in an IT engineering role

By giovanna j m

Jan 28, 2023

Only word for this course EXTRAORDINARY.

The way this course gave me space to talk about this field, and estimulated me to develop a different mindset.When you are thinking about this field you don´t realize the amount of things that take place on a successful healthcare system.

Listening to the two amazing speakers and seeing the differences of the different national healthcare system, really changed my perpectives, being born and raised on Brazil , where we have SUS , that is a public heathcare system that deliveries healthcare to the whole population and is managed by the government for free , that even thought needs some changes to delivery a better healthcare to the patients, it´s better than most of the countries in the world.

To be honest i fell even more in love with this field.

By Joelle P

Dec 18, 2020

This course was very well designed and written. Audio was easy to follow and slides were helpful without being too cluttered. I've taken other courses on this platform that are adapted from longer curricula to abridged certificate courses and they feel discombobulated and disjointed. This was a perfect fundamentals course that provided a clear well rounded view of healthcare systems engineering.

By Kerry W

Nov 14, 2020

Impressively thorough content and technical instruction about systems engineering principles applied to healthcare delivery. I can confidently say that I was provided with new, rich, conceptual knowledge that I can use to elevate my perspective and skillset as a Doctor of Public Health, where systems thinking and systems improvement is a necessity. Thank you, professor Montoya!

By Diane C

May 29, 2021

Very impressive course I ever take so far. English is not my mother language and yet I could understand 90%. DR Matthew has put all the main into slides. I especially love to see he move around with his cursor and teach simultaneously. Strongly encourage al beginner take it without doubt.

By Aedrian A

Jan 1, 2021

This course is a comprehensive introduction of a field that can transform healthcare. While the contents can prove challenging to the uninitiated, at the very least, it provides a bird's eye view of what healthcare systems engineering is about and what it can offer.

By Rachel B

Mar 19, 2021

Wonderful and inspirational. The professor reiterated the points in exactly the right way to connect all the dots. Will make you want to work in healthcare systems engineering. Make sure to watch the last video, which ties everything together nicely.

By Prathanya S C B B

Jul 8, 2021

A great course, helps to understand the concepts in Systems Engineering and really enjoyed learning about the intricacies of Healthcare Systems and how we can reimagine healthcare delivery.

By Mahesh J

May 9, 2021

Helps to understand the systems engineering for any of the important product we are going to made and also to how we need to solve any kind of problem and the solutions we are going to give.

By Nol N

Jul 27, 2021

Great wholistic course that covers systems engineering thoroughly. I learned a lot about how systems engineering will be useful in healthcare to potentially save lives.

By Syed S

Nov 3, 2021

I've liked learning about healthcare systems engineering as a healthcare technology management professional, and I'm hopeful about its future potential.

By Zeenat F Y

Mar 28, 2022

Was very informative for a beginner looking to study medicine+engineering and what's better than to have a session course with John Hopkins University.

By Sarah A

Jan 23, 2021

This was a great course. Really enjoyed learning about the intricacies of healthcare systems and how we can reimagine healthcare delivery.

By Marvinson F

Nov 2, 2020

Awesome foundational course on healthcare systems engineering, well applied engineering concepts in a health systems perspective.

By Juan A A R

Jan 4, 2021

Se aprenden y fundamentas términos y procesos para solucionar problemas que se presentan en el día a día en el campo de la salud

By Xavier R H

Sep 8, 2021

This course was a wonderful introduction into healthcare engineering. Very informative and interesting.

By Elias N

Nov 21, 2020

Very interesting course that could help a lot in good Engineering of the Healthcare Systems


Jun 16, 2021

The instructor took a complex subject and broke it into bite size pieces! Great course!

By Christopher L

Feb 17, 2021

Really informative of the health care industry and planning of biomedical technologies.