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Course 1: Grammar and Punctuation Do you need to review English grammar? Have you forgotten the grammar you once studied? If so, this course is perfect for you. The first course in this specialization is a refresher on some tools needed for good writing. It will help prepare you for the other courses. You will need about 10 hours to complete this first course. Writing is a skill and to learn a skill well, you need to practice. In this course, you will watch short video lectures and then practice and discuss what you have learned. Make sure you take good notes and use the peer discussions to ask questions. Then you'll be able to remember the rules you learn in this course when you start writing essays in the next course. After completing this course, you will be able to: - identify the correct verb tenses to use - use commas effectively - utilize several different sentence types - write more effectively in English Please note that the free version of this class gives you access to all of the instructional videos and handouts. The peer feedback and quizzes are only available in the paid version....

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Nov 5, 2020

The course was so fascinating and it deserves everybody's time and effort. I have really enjoyed it and will confidently recommend it to anyone who is looking for a course on grammar and punctuations.

Jul 2, 2020

This course was very helpful. It refreshed my memories and made me go back to so many things I thought I would never remember. It helped my writing skills a lot to. A big thank you to the instructors.

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May 15, 2020



Apr 23, 2020


By Shankari R

Apr 17, 2020


By Li J

Oct 26, 2019


By Mohamed A A

Aug 28, 2019


By Shamil Y

Sep 21, 2016


By whitehairpin

Feb 15, 2016


By mustafa a

Jan 19, 2016


By Santos

Jan 9, 2016


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Jan 2, 2016


By valdecir a a d o

Oct 2, 2015


By Sai k

Jul 4, 2020


By N H

Jun 8, 2020


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Jul 9, 2020


By Ali Y

Apr 8, 2016


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Feb 8, 2016


By Trinity P

Feb 19, 2021

I thought some of the course was a bit contradictory to other parts, either that or some things were not explained properly. I also found it unhelpful that assignments could not be reviewed/rectified where any errors had been discovered by the learner. I do not find the peer graded assignments helpful or fair at all, as we are all learners, and so peers can leave feedback that is completely incorrect for the student to learn from and I have found that this encourages others to join in, thinking they can follow someone elses "review", in order to appear knowledgeable. For the student who does not realise the feedback left for them is incorrect, this sets them on the wrong path of thinking their work is wrong, when in fact it is correct. Peer reviews are supposed to be made by experienced and qualified people, not learners. I have also found the Coursera "help" completely unhelpful, never managed to get any help whatsoever so far, just fob offs. Would not pay for Coursera Plus again, won't be renewing it.

By Bin S

Mar 19, 2016

Review comments:

What I learn most form this course is parallel structure and sentence variety lessons in Week 4.

[Parallel Structure]

It uses some conjunctions like and, but, both....and..., not only...but also...

[Sentence Variety]

Use the different 4 types English sentence style, simple, compound, complex and compound-complex to enrich your writing. In addition, adverbs, prepositional phrases (like in the morning), other transitions (furthermore) could be used to create variety. At last, combining the short sentences, medium sentences (10-15 words) and long ones (20-40 words) will also make your writing alive. Some other tips will also help like repeating key nouns, using synonyms, saying things in different ways.

- Use different sentence types

- Start sentence differently

- Use different sentence lengths

- Use synonyms effectively

Considering sentence variety will be the last step when you revise your essay, so do not do it in the begining.

By Sharon S

Feb 17, 2016

Good course, although no proctor or supervision at all. No place to go for questions or help.

Please be aware this is primarily designed for non-native english speakers. This was not clear to me when I joined. And although the content is thorough, it is dull and the assignments uninspiring.

If you want to know more about grammar, good (be sure to bone up through, because she assumes a lot about what you might remember from high school and for those of us over 40 ... hmmm).

If you want to feel inspired to write something of value and interest to yourself or others, not so good.

Over all I would not recommend this course or series of courses. And would suggest seeking out a course that has some kind of proctor or supervisory help available.

By Lingfei T

Nov 9, 2015

This course is helpful and I have learned quite a bit about punctuation and sentence structures.

However, while things like tense are important, to be able to differentiate 12 tenses contributes relatively little to typical academic writing. Rather, I have had trouble with seemingly simple questions such as when to use past tense and when to use present tense in a literature review. But these aspects are probably the most useful when it comes to pracital writing. It would be helpful if these issues are addressed.

Also, the use of articles is a common weakness for a lot of students (to "the" or not to "the"). It is helpful to include this component too.

By Kay

Jan 20, 2016

Good Course for examining some English Grammar closely

The course breaks down some aspects of English grammar and punctuation very nicely and has relevant practice exercises.

I wish the course covered a slightly wider variety of topics or went into slightly more depth of explanation. The title "grammar and punctuation" is misleading in that only a few topics are covered. However, I believe someone learning English or reviewing academic writing would definitely benefit from going through this course. I am a native speaker, and I certainly learned a few things. :)

Thank you Professor, TA's and Coursera!

By Paula S

Feb 24, 2021

The instructor videos for this class were excellent. However, almost none of the vocabulary practices worked correctly and peer reviews from classmates who struggles to write sentences in English were not helpful. I was taking this as a punctuation brush up. English is my native language. I think the practice quizzes need to be repaired before the course is offered again and peer reviews need to also be reviewed by an instructor. I also wanted to take the final quiz again, as I had missed marking one question, but my course was marked as completed, before I could do so.

By Claire

Apr 5, 2016

It's a good course with some interesting resources. Most of the practice resources use Flash and one of the assignment submissions is inconsistent with the other submission formats. The content of the course itself is 4.5 stars. For me there is one element that I wish had an explanation or somewhere to ask about it. Instead I'll need to search the internet for an answer and hope what I find is correct!

By Rachael H

Feb 11, 2016

I think this is a good review for someone who has the basic in English grammar; however, if you're an ESL student or English-speaking person (who need to start over in grammar).

Study first before starting this course.

A lot of the feedback in the forum, I found to be poor except when it came from an English-speaking person.

You get a lot of: " OK, Great, etc..", no real feedback.

By Madhubanti G

Oct 19, 2015

I would have liked some more depth in the course. While the course name says "punctuation", it deals only with commas and to a small extent, with semicolons. The assignments and practice exercises need to be tougher. Also, given that this course is taken by students from all over the globe, it should mention that the "serial comma" is not mandatory in all writing styles.