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About the Course

Kickstart your learning of Python with this beginner-friendly self-paced course taught by an expert. Python is one of the most popular languages in the programming and data science world and demand for individuals who have the ability to apply Python has never been higher. This introduction to Python course will take you from zero to programming in Python in a matter of hours—no prior programming experience necessary! You will learn about Python basics and the different data types. You will familiarize yourself with Python Data structures like List and Tuples, as well as logic concepts like conditions and branching. You will use Python libraries such as Pandas, Numpy & Beautiful Soup. You’ll also use Python to perform tasks such as data collection and web scraping with APIs. You will practice and apply what you learn through hands-on labs using Jupyter Notebooks. By the end of this course, you’ll feel comfortable creating basic programs, working with data, and automating real-world tasks using Python. This course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn Data Science, Data Analytics, Software Development, Data Engineering, AI, and DevOps as well as a number of other job roles....

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Nov 17, 2019

it becomes easier wand clearer when one gets to complete the assignments as to how to utilize what has been learned. Practical work is a great way to learn, which was a fundamental part of the course.


May 16, 2020

The syllabus of the course takes you in a roller-coaster ride.

From basic level to advance level and you won't feel any trouble nor hesitate a bit.

It's easy, it's vast, and it's really usefull.

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By vaishali k

Jul 31, 2022

The practical knowledge provided by this course is very good.But sometimes the lab environment doesnot responds.

By Pratik K

May 13, 2022

Basic are covered really well, but few topics like web scrapping looks like bit discoonected from current course

By Shalvi P

Aug 19, 2019

Very Intresting course and after doing this course my knowledge about python and data science raises very much.

By Tejal W

Sep 28, 2022

Rest API and Webscrapping felt difficult while learning. Difficult to understand. Please give as many examples

By Carlos b

Jun 28, 2021

Muy Bueno, La parte de Python enseña mucho, se deberia potenciar el Web scraping, creo que fue demasiado básico

By Carlos P

Jan 28, 2020

The final project was a bit disappointing, it was too easy and didn't cover much of the material of the course.

By Nikhil C C

Oct 22, 2019

Everything is IBM Watson. Please reduce IBM product recommendation and let us learn concepts to apply anywhere.

By Wayne K

Apr 16, 2020

Not a bad course. Not real intense. Sometimes instructions are hard to follow but good for a casual learner.

By mahesh C

Apr 13, 2020

course is very basic it would be better adding more quizzes on pandas and NUmpy , I can volunteer if required.

By Blazej K

Mar 10, 2020

It was a very good course, but the last two modules and the final assingment were, in my view, too difficult.

By Bhoomi A

Nov 10, 2022

i personallylike this course very much as it gives me information about python and also let me how to use it

By Marcos F

May 16, 2021

Great content, some issues with the external sites to do the labs, but nothing that will impact the learning.

By Achille M L

Apr 24, 2020

Nice course oscillating between theory and practice.

Maybe NumPy could have been more detailed with exercises.

By Palash S S

Mar 28, 2020

Absolutely great experience of learning, learnt fundamentals of Python, data structures and python libraries.

By Bruno I

Jan 22, 2020

Pretty cool. The student can learn the foundation to apply in any real problem (Python core / Pandas / Numpy)

By Denis C

Nov 16, 2018

Even if I am not fluent in Python after this course, it was one of the most efficient training I did so far.

By Shuyan L

Jan 23, 2023

im not confident about my skills even after i finish the certificate. Maybe because its quite introductory?

By Afonso R

Mar 18, 2021

Week 5 topics on APIs and Web scraping feel a bit rushed, but otherwise a great introductory Python course.

By Harsha R

Oct 11, 2020

A very well designed course for Python beginners and if you want to refresh your knowledge at a brisk pace.

By Jesus R

Jul 6, 2020

The instructions for the final assignment were incomplete, so it was difficult to move on to the next task.

By vipul a

Jun 28, 2020

Hey folks!

This course gives us a clear understanding of concepts related to Python for Data Science and AI.

By Shubhojit S

Aug 22, 2019

It was a good introductory course for anyone interested in learning Data Science using python from scratch.

By Tijani S

Sep 29, 2021

This course is really a crash course for Python, has it breakdown python function inclusive web scrapping.

By David G L

Mar 26, 2020

It was a little complicated to understand the steps to follow in Watson in the last point of the last lab.

By Stijn v H

Mar 15, 2020

I would love to see more practical projects early on so you really remember all the functions/methods/etc.