BSc Computer Science

University of London

Career Outcomes

The BSc Computer Science helps you develop a widely applicable skill set in computing with strong programming and mathematics skills, as well as wide ranging skills in project management, effective presentations and teamwork. Graduate with a portfolio of work fit to present to potential employers. Depending on your chosen pathway, you can focus on particular areas of interest such as machine learning, web development, data science and video games.

The explosive and ever-growing use of technology in business and commerce means that there's a whole range of different career possibilities for computing graduates. In terms of job opportunities and salaries, the IT sector is well ahead of most other industrial and commercial sectors.

With the BSc Computer Science, you will be able to apply for a range of computational and mathematical jobs in the creative industries, business, finance, education, medicine, engineering and science. Typical job titles include:

  • Application programmer
  • Mobile App developer
  • Web developer
  • Video game developer
  • Film special effects and post-production
  • Computer music/sound engineer
  • Interface designer
  • Systems analyst
  • Database manager

I’m interested in a career in media. How will this degree work for me?
“Unlike traditional degrees in music/film/media, which teach students how to use tools to manipulate media, this degree teaches you how to make your own tools for working with media. You gain a much deeper, applied technical understanding of digital media as well as having opportunities to work creatively with media.” Dr Matthew Yee-King, Programme Director

Career Services

The University of London Career Service offers career development to all students, whatever their careers stage: career starter, career developer or career changer. Our outstanding insight and understanding of what employers are looking for is enhanced by research with input from alumni and employers.

As a current student you can access a diverse range of online support including digital platforms to help improve your interview skills, international vacancy portals to help you find your next role and career micromodules to improve your job-hunting skills.

In addition to accessing online resources you can benefit from our highly experienced Careers Team through live career webinars and career drop-in sessions. There are also a range of employer-led events, plus opportunities to connect with our global network of alumni.

You can improve your graduate career prospects and enhance your degree transcript by completing the new Career & Employability Micro-Modules available on the University of London Virtual Learning Environment and developed by the graduate recruitment and professional careers experts at The University of London Career Service. On completion of each micro-module, you are awarded a Career Futures Certificate of Completion which will be recognised on your degree transcript. 

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