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About the Course

In this first course of the specialization Excel Skills for Business, you will learn the essentials of Microsoft Excel. Within six weeks, you will be able to expertly navigate the Excel user interface, perform basic calculations with formulas and functions, professionally format spreadsheets, and create visualizations of data through charts and graphs. Whether you are self-taught and want to fill in the gaps for better efficiency and productivity, or whether you have never used Excel before, this course will set you up with a solid foundation to become a confident user and develop more advanced skills in later courses. The best way to learn Excel is to use Excel. In this course, learners will solve a broad range of business problems as they apply the Excel skills and techniques they learn along the way. This course uses downloadable Excel workbooks and full data sets with applied examples and practical challenge exercises. This provides learners with countless opportunities to practice their Excel skills while discovering new and useful productivity features of Excel for a variety of business contexts. Spreadsheet software is one of the most ubiquitous pieces of software used in workplaces across the world. Learning to confidently operate this software means adding a highly valuable asset to your employability portfolio. At a time when digital skills jobs are growing much faster than non-digital jobs, make sure to position yourself ahead of the rest by adding Excel skills to your employment portfolio....

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Aug 28, 2019

The course was defiantly more than I expected. It not only strengthened what I did know about Excel but it showed me several options that I was not using or haven't found. I would highly recommend it.


Jun 8, 2020

Very good teaching of fundamentals. Everything was explained in a really structured manner. Final assessment was like cherry on the cake as it helped in revisiting what has been taught over the weeks.

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Jun 27, 2021

An excellent course! The short videos explaining each concept, the mini-exams at the end of each video along with the challenge workbooks at the end of each week are painstakingly done and are awesome. Also the instructors thoroughly explain each topic and are pretty charismatic and encouraging. I recommend this course and specialization to anyone who wants to excel at Excel. Thank you for your excellent work. #Everyonesaywow

By K. N S

Jun 30, 2020

It's an amazing course and it's instructed by equally amazing teachers who beautifully guide you through the entire process. Thank you to coursera and Macquaire University for offering this course. It will help students like myself and also professionals from different sectors to get comfortable with using Excel.

Thank you to Ms. Nicky Bull and Dr. Prashant Karunaratne for their brilliant guidance throughout the entire course.

By Mubashir A

Feb 11, 2023

A heartfelt thank you to Macquarie University for providing such an outstanding and easy-to-understand course on Microsoft Excel. The practical scenario-based assessments and accompanying practice materials were instrumental in solidifying my newfound knowledge and skills. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from such dedicated and knowledgeable instructors. This course will be a valuable asset to my future endeavors.

By Shivraj K

Aug 26, 2022

Excellent course for excel. Thanks to this course, I've learned a lot about the interface of excel and got basic know-how of other excel uses and functions. Instructors are good as well. They've made learning easier with a proper explanation of everything, Detailed notes, and marked assessments. My heartful thanks to Coursera for making learning possible in the best and easiest way possible. It is best for online learning.

By Martin V

Apr 16, 2021

Though very basic, I found the course both enlightnening and at times challenging (I did not score 100% the first time every time in the assessment quizzes). The course touches on pretty much all aspects of basic Excel usage and the material is presented in appropriate length videos with concise explanations. The workbooks makes it easy to follow and practice with further practice in the Challenges. Practice makes permanent!

By Israel A

Oct 7, 2019

The course is a great one.I really enjoyed every moment of the lesson, it really seem like fun to me more than learning. Unlike other online courses where learning can be so frustrating, the instructors for the course were very clear and distinct.

For the first time in a long time, I am giving a review because it was earn and not to seem supportive. Every moment spent on this course was really worth my time.


By Julia

May 27, 2022

This is a bit emotional for me. For years I was kind of afraid of excel and postponed learning about it until a job opportunity was dependant upon me knowing how to properly use excel. THIS course is abolutely excellent, so well explained. Just fantastic. It is well worth the money spend and I would like to thank the team at Maquire University for this course. Thank you :) you have literally changed my life for the better

By Gediminas S

Sep 24, 2020

Great for begginers or for someone who have worked with excel previously, but haven't touched it in a while. I though I will just rush through everything, because there would be just a lot of theory. But to my surprise there were a lot of tasks which required to download workbooks and complete tasks in them to get correct answers. So there were a lot more practical tasks than I expected from onlice course and it was GREAT!

By Irene v d M

Aug 30, 2020

This was exactly what I needed. As a self-taught, basic level user this course has given me the fundamentals to understand the tool and to leverage it's utilities much better. It has given me confidence to start exploring the functionalities and to make more of my data. Many thanks to the instructors Nicky and Prashan, you really made this feel like a direct learning experience even though we have never met in a classroom.

By Banita D

Oct 7, 2022

I had an amazing journey, so far. The instructors, Prashan Sir and Nicky Ma'am, had just the trick to get me hooked to the course. The curriculum was expertly designed for beginners like myself, where they picked up every topic from the base, explained everything with detail. I'm boosted up to cover the rest of three courses.

P.S. I wanted to thank for the Financial Aid. It was very kind of you, I'll forever be grateful.

By Zann S

Jan 4, 2022

never ever used excel or anything similar before but lessons were easy to follow and pretty engaging, and i think most will be able to complete in less than 6 weeks. was concerned that the lessons would not be catered for macbook users but was pleasantly surprised that many mac shortcuts alternatives were given, and i didnt encounter any hiccups as an macbook user. think this course will be very helpful at my workplace!!

By Gianfranco R C

Jun 30, 2020

Excelente curso, es bastante basico para el que ya usa excel, pero enseña mucho para el que va iniciando. Yo domino ingles y español, tristemente el que no sabe ingles no va a poder curzarlo.

Excellent course, it is quite basic for those who already use excel, but it teaches a lot for those who are just starting out. I am fluent in English and Spanish, sadly the one who does not know English will not be able to study it.


May 20, 2020

Perfect online course for study by yourself, especially for the confinement of COVID-19 and for adapting the new world after COVID-19. There you can learn the basic and essential tools of Excel. Once you finish your course, it's time for the intermediate course. I am going to try the second one, so how about the next course, I will let another comment about the second one. Keep going because learning never will obsolete

By Marc J D

Jun 15, 2022

I have experienced some online platforms that offer tutorial in using Excel and out of all of them, I can say that this course was the best. They clearly taught the basics and functions of the tools and formats in Excel. The assignments, quizzes, and asssessment exams really test your understanding in using Excel. This also helps the student really apply what they have learned to necessarily answer the given questions.

By Karishma K

Sep 28, 2020

I would say that I learn quickly all the bigest as well smallest tools, options and hidden settings to how to create a massive sheet in just a few minutes. Add graphic, formatting to your Excel worksheet to look more professional and representative.l learn a lot and enjoy through the course.cannot wet to use my skill in my further studies and in future. I enjoyed through the course videos and extra work is too helpful .

By Augustin P

Jun 1, 2019

I have finished a course in Excel essentials or as I would say a beginners course. I learned a lot although it took me some time to finish, but now I feel confident in working in Excel when it comes to basics and as I go again through the course for revision, I am really satisfied with my usage of shortcuts on the keyboard. I will for sure keep learning and continue developing my skills through the intermediate course.

By Grzegorz S

May 14, 2018

This course is great, because in short time it's possible to obtain real-life skills, useful in every day work with spreadsheets (actually, what I'd learned for instance in week 2, I applied straight away in my job, making life little easier for myself and my workmates). One remark though - if you decide to take this course, install Excel on your computer, online version is not enough to complete it without any stress.

By ionela f

Mar 16, 2022

At first, I thought it would be just an online simple course that wouldn't engage too much in actually teaching you something but after I started it I changed my opinion. Great website if you want to learn a new hard skill. Perfect for Beginners with Microsoft Excel. I Can say that I have truly learned how to use the essentials in Excel. I recommend it 100%.

Thank you, Coursera for making my life easier as a student.

By Md F R

Jun 23, 2020

I have explored many tutorials to learn these things but couldn't ever be able to find out such this tutorials.This course is designed in such a beautiful manner that any student having just abc knowledge of computer skills & english language can easily be able to perfom the course successfully.My Strong Gratitude to the instructors for putting a tremendous effort to help a student a better understanding. Thank You!

By Manzur A

Feb 24, 2021

I had an excellent time with this course. As I am a beginner in Excel, I found the teaching methodology in this course excellent and very ingenious. I did not know myself that there could be such fun way of learning Excel. In some portions, e.g. Print and Charts, I wondered how are they going to devise tests and assignments for such portions, but they did a brilliant and creative work with these as well. Kudos !!!

By Munshi A M

Apr 26, 2020

This course was exceptionally good. I knew many things but learn a lot of tools which i did not know before this course. The course was designed in a fantastic way. If a person does not know anything about excel can learn a lot of things from this course and can be able to use the learning in any one's day to day life. It was amazing doing this course. I recommend people who want to improve their skills in Excel.

By Julia

Jan 2, 2020

I really enjoyed doing the Excel course and learned so much. I so much enjoyed the explanation and then doing the assignment after. This really helped me with practicing and I aimed to get all the questions right. If I get one wrong, I would go back to the video listen again and repeat the test. I definitely recommend this course for students or professionals who want to sharpen their knowledge. Thank you so much

By 정희현

Jun 7, 2019

I knew nothing about Excel and had zero confidence in using it. But this course changed it over. I strongly recommend this course for anyone who feels like they know barely anything about Excel. It might feel a bit too essential from time to time but you'll soon realize such essentials will help you boost through other more difficult tasks! Looking forward to taking different courses in Excel Skills for Business!

By Leslie G

Oct 27, 2018

An exceptionally well planned out introduction and overview to the fundamentals of Excel. Although I had business proficiency from on the job learning, this first segment already proved to be of solid value and filled in several gaps in my execution as well as speed of execution. I am very pleased with this course already and greatly look forward to the next segments. This is a very well done learning process!


Sep 21, 2020

The Course was top class with very challenging assessments on every video. The subject was well narrated and broken down into much required weeks. The stress on practice was perfect and very much need. It's very important to learn the right terms and tips than to just learn on the job as we do mostly.

Nicky is very engaging with her voice and smiling face. She kept me hooked on the content and is easy to follow.