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Popularized by movies such as "A Beautiful Mind," game theory is the mathematical modeling of strategic interaction among rational (and irrational) agents. Beyond what we call `games' in common language, such as chess, poker, soccer, etc., it includes the modeling of conflict among nations, political campaigns, competition among firms, and trading behavior in markets such as the NYSE. How could you begin to model keyword auctions, and peer to peer file-sharing networks, without accounting for the incentives of the people using them? The course will provide the basics: representing games and strategies, the extensive form (which computer scientists call game trees), Bayesian games (modeling things like auctions), repeated and stochastic games, and more. We'll include a variety of examples including classic games and a few applications. You can find a full syllabus and description of the course here: There is also an advanced follow-up course to this one, for people already familiar with game theory: You can find an introductory video here:

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I would have preferred a more mathematically rigorous treatment of the subject. Nevertheless, this was a great course — the instructors expounded all concepts with exceptional clarity and engagement.


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The course is generally good. The exercises however are not very well explained. Furthermore, it would be nice to have a pdf from the course in order to be able to study independently.

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By Abhishek K J

Dec 3, 2017

Amazing Course, Excellent content, detailed explanation and examples for all appropriate cases. The course does require a rigorous thinking exercise but I believe that as a essential part of Game theory and the fun part too.

By Akshay S

Jul 16, 2017

Very informative and insightful course. The content was also really nice though difficult to understand sometimes if proper attention is not given. Thanks to the faculty for designing this and providing the relevant content.

By Michael B

Dec 27, 2017

One of the best MOOCs I've ever taken. Explanations were clear, the instructors were personable and clearly put a lot of effort into making the material accessible. The free textbook for reference was very very appreciated!

By Darren R H

Aug 7, 2023

Excellent course. A bit dry at times, but persevere, and it's rewarding. The assessments are challenging (for me), but caffeine and plenty of crunching worked. It has real-life applications that are practical to undertake.

By Ruocheng Z

Jun 22, 2022

It was a very productive and remarkable experience for me in the past weeks, I really learned a lot things, some of them were a bit difficult for me, however, I managed to solve the problems. Appreciated teachers' efforts.

By Nitish S

Nov 22, 2021

It was a fabulous course. Me being just a learner for knowledge didn't care much about the maths and calculations but the mental model as a whole to see what should be the action in most cases without mixing emotions.

By Zhouningnan

Aug 27, 2016

Great for completing the course~

Thanks for the detailed and clear description from the three Professors.

Without this course, I have no opportunity to learn such things because no one will teach me in such clear way.

By 李俊宏

Aug 11, 2018

This course is not hard but fairly interesting, the only thing that bothers me in this course is that the teacher talked about some difficult concepts without detailed explanation, yet it still arouses my interest.

By Dyutimoy C

May 18, 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and I learnt about something that was completely new to me. Overall, it was a great learning experience for me and I take away a new found interest in game theory from this course.

By Dongho S

May 8, 2020

Top, top course! Gave me an understanding of things that we easily overlook. I'm surprised how Game theory allows us to understand the decision making in a systematic and mathematical way. Really brilliant course!

By Breno S

Nov 2, 2017

There is more than I expected of mathematical notation, which is kind of annoying to me, but I guess it is necessary. The way of thinking in game theory is just fascinating, a good tool for better decision making.

By kevin m

Mar 8, 2017

Great course. Learned about a whole new concept that I had not really known about. Changes my view about decision making in a scientific manner. Somewhat practical but may have a subtle impact on everyday life.

By Rahul C

Jan 27, 2019

Would've preferred a little more maths, delving into the proofs of the theorems stated. Apart from that the course was fabulous, a lot of topics were introduced and the videos were really thought provoking.

By Pronoy P

Jun 28, 2023

This course helps us develop the concepts of Game Theoretic priniciples from the very basics. It also includes questions to practice which helps to self evaluate yourself while understanding a concept.

By Anna J

Apr 24, 2020

This is a really helpful course which provides me with a basic understanding of game theory, its applications and ways to solve certain games. Huge thanks to the professors who made these recordings.

By Juan J L R

Jan 16, 2021

las actividades de practica de diferentes juegos fueron muy enriquecedoras junto con los comentarios de las mismas, por lo que se debe seguir implementado con mas fuerza este tipo de actividades.

By Hongming H

May 19, 2020

It is a very useful course, it helps you get the idea about Game theory. Because of this course, I am starting to get the idea about Game theory and want to continue my study in this area.

By Ngoc D H

Aug 15, 2022

A very in-depth and useful introduction to Game Theory and the different types of interactions between multiple stakeholders. The examples used are varied and serve to simplify the theory.

By Lucas M

Jun 2, 2020

I recommend this course for everyone want to have a more rational thinking.

I did not find it easy, and I needed some extra studies regarding math, but totally worth it.


Lucas M.

By Venkatraman R

Oct 9, 2016

Exceptionally very good course - Must for anyone who is doing research on Control systems using game theory !!! Kudos to all the three professors !!! Will definitely do Game Theory 2 !!!

By Kanishk J L

Nov 18, 2019

In my opinion, this had one of the best compilations of materials available. The concepts were cleared with clarity, and the quizzes were a perfect application of the theory understood.

By Fan W

Oct 5, 2023

One of the best courses I have ever taken in Coursera. Very informative and clear. It will fundamentally change how you think about the world! The exercises are also fun and inspiring!

By Rajan A

Dec 10, 2021

Remarkable course; every concept is deeply explained and I really appreciate the engagement activities & rigorous learning. I can't wait to see what I do with this newfound knowledge!

By Zainal M

Jun 6, 2022

this is a very interesting course i ever join. it's very practical and train our brain to use logic when decide on something. i'm very excited to continue my course to Game Theory II.

By 苏恭超

Mar 1, 2018

I found this course very interesting . Thanks for all the tutors for their excellent explanations and many examples given in classes to help me understand key concepts in game theory.